The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 612

The Crown Princess

Logan’s ears rumbled. Did he say these words? Aaron immediately reached out his hand to forcefully
cover Luana’s mouth, “Luana, have you lost your mind? I didn’t say these words!”

Luana was so scared right now that she didn’t dare say anything. She just wanted Aaron to save her
and the twins in her belly.

Anyway, Aaron is about to be king, and the twins in her belly are both Aaron’s eldest sons, what is she
afraid of? She isn’t afraid of anything, ha ha ha!

“Aaron!” At this moment, there was a fierce roar in Aaron’s ears.

He raised his head and saw Logan angrily rushing over, then raised his hand, slapping him in the face.

Aaron was unable to defend himself, was slapped to the ground, his throat tasted sweet, and
immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

But before the hit was over, Logan raised his foot and kicked him furiously. He bellowed, “Aaron, you
are a traitor! A traitor! Normally you play with women, I have to deal with the consequences for you.
Now you dare to touch my woman. Do you still have any respect for me?”

“That’s right, you don’t respect me at all. Don’t you wish for me to die quickly? When I die, become
king, then you can spend my money and sleep with my women, right? I was blind to have spoiled you
for so many years! You trash!”

After being beaten, Aaron cried out, “Dad, dad, I was wrong! Please don’t hit me! Ouch, it hurts!”

At this point, Luana ran over and pulled Logan, “Get out of the way. Don’t hit Prince Aaron.”

As if adding fuel to the fire, Logan was so angry that he yelled angrily: “You bastard, come here.
Immediately drag him down and beat him to death!”

Logan pushed Luana. She fell backward, her big belly hitting the sharp corner of the table.


Luana let out a scream. At this moment, she felt a rush of hot blood, immediately dyeing her clothes

Luana reached out and touched. Blood. It was all blood!

Her stomach hurts!

Luana immediately felt pain. She collapsed on the ground, painfully begging: “Help me. Come help me.
I’m about to miscarry. This time I really miscarried!”

Luana originally faked a miscarriage, but who knew it was a real miscarriage in the end? This is really a

Everyone wasn’t sympathetic with Luana and Aaron, on the contrary, pointed out:

“This noble family is really messy. His son sleeps with his wife happily.”

“Initially, being pregnant with twins was a good omen for our Greenland, but now I understand that it
was just a joke.”

Logan was the one who liked to save face the most, of course, he had heard these detractors.
Originally, he was very pleased with Luana’s pregnancy, thinking that he was very brave in old age.
then the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant with twins and he was even more excited.

But now, he’s suddenly cuckolded. He was painfully cuckolded. He doesn’t know how people will talk
about him in the future. He will become the biggest joke in Greenland.

Logan vented his anger on Aaron, hitting and kicking him forcefully, and soon Aaron weakly fell to the

The most tormented person is Mally. In the past two days, her two children, Clara and Aaron, have had
bad luck one by one, that really hurt her vitality.

Now it seems that Aaron’s position as crown prince isn’t guaranteed.

Molly is a very intelligent woman and patient. At this time, she didn’t dare to stand up and could. only
helplessly watch her son being beaten to death.

Logan beat to exhaustion, panting and sweating. Aaron was on the ground covered in blood, weak to
death, begging for forgiveness, “Dad… Dad, don’t hit me… Stop. Stop hitting…”

Then someone stood up,

“My lord, Prince Aaron can’t take on such a big responsibility, messing up the harem and making a big
mistake. Let’s take him to a place where the border is cold to the bone for a few years and then come

“My lord, these years, the King of Gold City has made great achievements. When he was young, he
was crowned the king of the seven districts, and now he has an effective assistant that is the Princess
of Visionary. Please appoint the King of Gold City as your heir.”

“My lord, recently there have been scandals in the royal family and public opinion has become worse.
People are talking about Molly’s popularity over the years thanks to her charms. Our lord, we’re asking
you to lock Molly into the backyard of the palace to remove the bad atmosphere and save the royal
family’s reputation!”

Molly knew today was a failure. She had planned for a long time, and spent many years of hard work,
just waiting for this day. She wanted to compete with Visionary but she lost too easily and thoroughly.

At this moment, Molly felt a dark gaze fall on her. She looked up. Logan was staring at her. Those eyes
make the hairs on the back of people’s neck shiver.

She kept coaxing Logan to take the pills, saying they were the pills that could prolong life and help him
enjoy the world, but now Joyce exposes her lie and Logan becomes wary.

Molly’s face turned pale.

Logan then said, “Come, bring down the traitor Aaron, immediately send him to the border. Without my
summoning, he will never return to the capital.”

Aaron, who was lying on the ground, couldn’t believe that his path to becoming emperor would end. like
this. He painfully dragged on the ground, struggled, and begged: “Dad, don’t. 1… I don’t want to go….
to the ghostly border. Dad…”

Aaron still wanted to speak but some of the guards quickly pulled him down.

At this time, Logan looked at Molly and said: “Come here. Bring Molly away. From now on, I will
officially name the King of Gold City as my heir. Announce it to the world.”

“My lord is wise!” Everyone shouted.

Molly’s whole body went cold. Today, she fell from the position of the favored concubine into the abyss,
losing everything, but she won’t give up just like that!

Molly was taken away very quietly and she didn’t struggle. Olive stood there looking at Molly and
Aaron’s figure, smiled faintly, and said: “King of Gold City, congratulations on being the crown-prince.
The second gift has been delivered, are you satisfied?”

Liam looked at Olive’s beautiful face, smiled, and said: “Princess, I am very satisfied.”

Molly was thrown into the backyard of the palace. Soon, the door was pushed open and someone
walked in.

Outside, someone respectfully said, “The Crown Princess.”

The Crown Princess?

Who is the crown princess?

Molly looked up and saw a slim figure enter. The figure in a black robe raised her small hand to take off
her black hat, revealing a beautiful hand-sized face. It was Olive.

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