The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 634: Slapped him

“I still have something to do. I’ll leave now.” North turned around and left.

Clara turned to look at Elvis. After North’s reminder, she also sensitively noticed that Elvis was different
to Olive.

Clara’s heart pounded. She had been using Olive to seduce Elvis, could it be that Elvis was still
attracted to Olive, even when she wore Sadie’s face?

Olive had placed all her bets on Elvis.

“Elvis do you have any thoughts about my girl?” Clara asked, as she looked at Elvis.

Elvis pursed his lips. “What do you think?”

“Although my girl has an ugly face, she has a good figure. Many men like that. Are you also in love with
my girl?”

“No.” Elvis quickly denied that he didn’t like Sadie.

But Clara was very unhappy now and needed him to coax her. “But, why are you treating her

Elvis quickly frowned. “How am I treating her differently? Don’t make trouble without reason.”

With that, Elvis raised his legs and walked away.

He was gone.

He actually left just like that.

Clara, who was still waiting for Elvis to coax her, was stunned. Did she make a mistake? Was he

Was he just impatient with her?

However, he had never treated Olive like this before.

How did he change so much when she got here? What went wrong?

Elvis stood by the window with his long legs and his two big hands were on the window. The breeze
from the sea blew his expensive shirt.

At this moment, Raven walked over and pushed him with his arm. “What, do you really like that girl?”

Raven was Elvis’s

d friend for many years. The two of them were very familiar with each other. Elvis pursed his lips and
did not say anything-

“Apart from Olive, I’ve never seen you worry about a woman before. North was right. A man bullies a
girl that he likes,” Raven said in a low voice.

Elvis felt very annoyed now. He frowned and didn’t say anything. He did not know what was wrong

with him.

Olive was clearly right in front of him, but he had lost interest and patience with her.

Now his eyes were always on that girl, her clear eyes, her slender figure, and the sweet scent on her
body…all of which he liked.

“I’ll go have a cigarette. Elvis left.

Elvis wanted to go to the cabin. At this moment, a slender figure appeared at the corner. It was Olive-

Olive was still wearing the light yellow bikini, but she was just about to return to her room.

The two of them collided and looked at each other.

Olive’s bright eyes looked at him, but she quickly looked away. She lowered her head, wanting to pass

However, she hit a wall.

It turned out that it was Elvis who had snuck and suddenly blocked her path. Her forehead slammed
into his chest.

Olive’s eyes burst into tears. She couldn’t help but reach out and rub her forehead.

At this moment, a low and unkind voice sounded from above her head, “Didn’t you want to seduce me?
Why did you lower your head and leave? Could it be that this time you want to play hard-to-get, how
did you know that I would be h ooked?”


quickly raised her head and looked at him blankly.

Elvis also stared at her pair of eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful. The first time he saw her he noticed
her eyes. It was really tempting.

He stretched out his slender fingers and pinched her small chin, “It’s a pity, because I won’t be h ooked,
so don’t dress like this in front of me anymore. You look just like a clown.”

Olive’s grievance and anger ignited in her heart. She reached out and pushed Elvis away. She even
raised her small hand and slapped his handsome face.

The crisp sound of the slap echoed, and

Elvis was slapped halfway across his handsome face.

Olive felt her palm hurt, but she did not regret it. She just wanted him to wake up!

Elvis slowly turned his handsome face back. His narrow and deep eyes were about to burst into flames.
She dared to hit him!

How dare a mere worker slap him?!

Who did she think she was?

Elvis raised his hand, wanting to teach her a lesson

His palm rushed towards her with a fierce force. Olive did not avoid him, but she raised her face to
meet his slap.

Elvis suddenly stopped, looking at her clear and stubborn eyes, his big palm stiffened.

Elvis was very angry at her for being bold, but even more angry at himself,

“Be careful next time!” Elvis warned cruelly and left.

Olive’s body softened, and she leaned against the wall to take a deep breath. Some seconds ago, she

did not feel afraid, but now she was afraid. Elvis was an uncertain king of hell.

Clara had been hiding in a dark corner to peep at Elvis’s and Olive’s activities here.

She realized that Olive was really annoying!

Clara knew that she didn’t have to wait to die before fighting back.

Olive changed her clothes and came out. At this moment, Clara stopped her,

“Sadie, come over here.”

Olive looked up. Clara was sitting with some of the CEOs, and Elvis was also there.

Elvis sat on the dark red sofa. He was smoking a cigarette between his slender fingers. The smoke
obscured his handsome face, and one could not see the expression on his face.

Olive raised her foot and walked over.

When the CEOs saw Olive, they all started to discuss amongst themselves,

“Isn’t this the beauty who was with North just now? Although her face is a little worse, her figure is hot!”

“Princess Olive, is this your assistant?”

“We really like this little girl. I wonder if Princess Olive can give her to us?”

Clara covered her mouth with a smile and said, “Of course, it just so happens that my girl has reached
the age of marriage.”

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