The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 641

He hugged her and called, “Olive” A slim body fell into his arms.

Elvis lowered his eyes and saw a familiar little face in his arms, and now this little face was covered.

in crystal-clear tears.

It was Olive.

Turns out it was her! She was crying.

Olive didn’t expect to be discovered so quickly.

Before she had time to wipe the tears from her face.

she was pulled out by him, and at this time, she bumped into his lap again.

She immediately raised her wet, transparent eyes to look at him.

Elvis looked at her too, and saw her slender, butterfly-like eyelashes quiver with panic.

Her eyes were teary, extremely pure and seductive, Elvis’s heart shook violently.

He asked in his deep voice: “Why did you come here? What are you doing?” When a person is
wronged, it is not possible to say hello.

Because the grievances were magnified, the crystal tears in Olive’s eyes fell down like pearls.

The more she cried, the more Elvis felt like his heart was being squeezed by a big hand, extremely

He looked outside: “Is it because someone bullied you? Did your young lady make it hard for you?”
Everly was standing aside.

She recognized Olive.

Isn’t this the little maid? Now Olive and Elvis are standing together.

There was a certain height difference between the two of them.

Elvis with his handsome eyes drooping whispered to her, his voice seemed to reveal a bit of softness
and charm.

Olive just cried, shedding tears in front of the man.

Everly suddenly had a hallucination, as if the two people in front of her were in their own world and no
one could enter.

Everly was shocked.

She had seen all kinds of Elvis flirting, but she had never seen such a gentle Elvis when coaxing a girl.

It turns out that he can be gentle, but his tenderness is only for that person.

Seeing that she was still crying.

Elvis raised his large hand and wiped the tears from her face with his rough fingertips.

He said, “Don’t cry, or else, don’t be a little maid anymore… Olive suddenly laughed as she was
coaxed by his clumsy words.

He thought she was being bullied by Clara and cried.

Olive looked at his flawless handsome face and suddenly reached out, wrapping her small hands
around his waist.

She knew.

She knew it all She finally found out.

The fragrance in his chest was as soft as jade, and Elvis’ tall body suddenly stiffened.

He slowly raised his hand, wanting to embrace her slender body, but his fingers curled up, and his big
hand dropped, hanging at his side.

The Sulen 12800 Chapter 441 He hugged her and called.

“Olive” Elvis pursed his thin lips, “Let go.

Someone will see soon.” She didn’t want to! Not only did Olive not let go, she hugged him tighter.

She buried her face deeply into his arms and nuzzled him like a kitten was seducing him.

Elvis’s whole body was itchy and softened.

He slowly closed his beautiful eyes, thinking.

“Elvis, admit it.

You just fell in love with this little girl.” Everything about her was so familiar, as if it were compatible with
his soul, that he couldn’t resist.

This time, Olive stood on tiptoe and boldly kissed his handsome check.

She actually kissed him again.

Elvis looked down at her.

Olive wasn’t afraid.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed him hard on the cheek.

This time she stamped both his cheeks, and he was hers.

Olive winked mischievously, briskly, and gently looking at him.

Elvis saw her as incomparable, and he arched his thin lips.

Everly monitored the whole process.

The two were doing intimate things, completely oblivious to her existence, but she witnessed their
intimacy with her own eyes, like being stabbed in the heart with a thousand arrows.

She had never kissed Elvis before because he didn’t let her get close, and he wouldn’t let women he
didn’t like to touch him.

And now, what about him and this little maid? Everly knew she really lost this time.

She didn’t lose to anyone but… Elvis.

Everly ran away with red eyes.

Olive watched Everly run away.

She just wanted to chase away all the women who seduced him, and would never give him up to
someone else.

Olive stretched her small arms around Elvis’ neck.

This time, she stood on tiptoe, shyly daring to kiss his thin lips.

She didn’t close her eyes but observed his reaction.

Actually, Elvis didn’t close his eyes either.

He opened his handsome eyes to look at her, neither avoiding nor taking the initiative, he just let her
kiss him.

After all, Olive didn’t have much experience in this, her little face gradually reddened, then she slowly

Forget it… But the next second, her slender waist tightened.

Elvis’s strong arm reached up, pulling her violently into his lap.

He lowered his eyes, kissing her red lips.

Olive’s eyes widened, surprised and frightened, at him.

This time he closed his eyes, and his kiss was more intense than ever.

Olive’s small hands clung to his strong arm.

She felt his muscles stiffen.

Very quickly, she felt her brain lack oxygen.

He had stolen all of her fresh air.

Elvis’ long and narrow eyes were covered with a layer of crimson lust.

The girl in his chest made.

12807 Chapter-43 18e hugged her and called, “Olive” him unable to let go, gradually fascinated.

His thin lips fell to her small snow white earlobes.

He whispered someone’s name, “Olive…” He called out to Olive in his deep voice.

The girl in his arms quickly froze.

Elvis stopped kissing.

He opened his eyes and saw the girl in his chest looking at him in surprise….

Elvis quickly pursed his thin lips.

He didn’t know why he called her “Olive”.

The one he loves, wants and desires is always his Olive.

The feeling he was about to melt made him feel Olive in his arms.

Elvis’s feelings were swept away by his reason when Clara’s voice suddenly rang in his cars: “Elvis,
where are you? Elvis!” It turned out that not long after Elvis was out, Clara came looking for him.

Elvis quickly released Olive, his voice h oa rse.

“Sorry.” Then he turned around and left.

Olive stood there bewilderedly watching him leave.

Just now he hugged her and called “Olive”, which meant he was about to break the mermaid’s bell
charm and recognize her true face.

Greenland’s ancestor couldn’t escape that seductive technique back then, but she believes Elvis will
Olive turned to leave too.

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