The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 640

He hasn’t touched any woman in the past three years Compared to Olive, Clara looks harsh and mean.

Elvis frowned, and lightly glanced at Clara, saying.

“Enough, keep eating like this will make you fat.” Clara was just about to open her mouth to ask Olive
to get foie gras when suddenly she heard Elvis’ indifferent voice.

Her pupils were constricted.

Wh… What did he just say? Get fat? He said she was fat! Didn’t he say that Olive was his love and his
fairy? How could he put down his gentlemanly demeanor and say to a girl that she would be fat? Olive
raised her clear eyes to Elvis.

Obviously, she didn’t expect that Elvis would speak up for her.

Now, Elvis is looking at her, too, Their eyes met.

The image of her sitting on his lap in the room, hugging his neck and kissing him just now appeared in
Elvis’s head… Elvis felt that he was really crazy, and must have been enchanted by this little maid!
Elvis was very irritable.

He got up, got out of there, and went out to get some air.

Olive went out too, wanting to find North, but when she came to a corner, she heard a familiar voice,
which was Everly.

Everly said, “President Augustine, I have already surrendered, but seeing Olive beside you, my fighting
spirit has been aroused.

I want to be with you.” President Augustine? Did Elvis go outside to get some air and meet Everly? This
man is truly a tempter in every way.

Olive surreptitiously poked her head out.

Sure enough, she saw Elvis’ tall handsome body there.

He is with Everly right now.

Everly reached out and grabbed Elvis’s sleeve, looking at him admiringly, saying: “Mr.

Augustine, you like me too, don’t you? Even just a little bit.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have dated me.

You also looked at me tenderly and hugged me…..” Olive arched her slender fingers.

She knew that he had dated many women over the past three years but she had never imagined such

Now knowing the intimate things he had done to those women from Everly, she felt as though her heart
was being stabbed by a knife.

When they fell to the tribe before, he told her that if the matter between him and those women was
fake… Turns out it was just an “i”.

What between him and those women wasn’t fake at all.

Olive felt she was too naive.

He used to lock her in a closet to listen to the moans and sounds of him and other women on the bed,
how could it be fake? Olive curled her slender eyelashes with a gloomy expression, then turned to


At this moment, Elvis’s cold, nonchalant voice reached her ears: “No, I don’t like you.

Not at all.” olive stopped.

The Fubuur Everly shook her head.

She couldn’t accept this fact.

She asked, “How could it be? Mr.

Augustine, I’m sure you like me.


Although you are always indifferent when you are with me.

I always feel that you are seeing someone else through me.

Have you forgotten? You often compliment me on my beautiful nails.

You often look at my hands.

Look, I still have that pink nail polish.

This is your favorite nail set.” Olive turned her head to look.

She saw the nails that Everly did.

This nail set is very familiar to her because it is the manicure she has done before! At that time.

North took her to the mall to get her nails done, and she did a pink manicure.

Maybe… Elvis has a crush on Everly because… her nails are in the same style as hers.

Everly really likes Elvis.

She said, “Mr.

Augustine, although you looked at me tenderly, hugged me, even sat in my bedroom, we didn’t do

Even though I loved you and hugged you, you just sat still.

The night you were photographed by a reporter, you just smoked all night in my apartment.

If I say this, who will believe it? Outside, everyone says you hang out with a lot of women, but I know
you’ve never been close to them.

Not only haven’t you touched me, you haven’t touched any woman yet.

Olive’s slender body trembled and her clear pupils constricted violently.

Has he never touched any woman? Everly continued: “Mr.

Augustine, I know there is a woman that you will never forget.

This woman is hidden deep in your heart.

No one can replace her, even if time passes.

So I conceded defeat and broke up with you.

After the breakup, I know you had several girlfriends but I never envied them.

because I knew they were the same as me.

They can’t enter your heart.

They can’t have your love.” “The only thing that can make me jealous is the woman you always think

I thought I lost to her.

but I just saw that woman.

She is superficial I really don’t care about her.

Except for her pretty face, who knows what she has in mind? Mr.

Augustine, open your eyes and take a closer look.

That woman doesn’t deserve you.” Olive didn’t expect that she had heard the whole truth here.

Is this the whole truth of these three years? The women he had relationships with were all fake.

They’re just her shadow.

Three years after her absence, he still stomped on the spot, searching for her shadow in the vast

Everly is right.

Olive is Elvis’ dearest love that time can’t take away.

In these three years, he had never forgotten her for a second.

In the past three years, he had never betrayed her.

He is always… her Mr.


Olive’s bright eye sockets suddenly turned red, covered with a layer of crystal mist.

During the past three years at Visionary, she narrowly escaped death, experiencing hardship, loss,
confusion, bitterness, and resentment.

But now everything is healed.

Olive suddenly feels it is worth it.

Time passes, and the page is still beautiful.

He and she are still like the first time they met, and no one can replace them.

Faced with Everly’s emotional confession, Elvis remained expressionless.

No man could resist Everly’s fierce onslaught, but Elvis remained indifferent.

Elvis pursed his thin lips, then ruthlessly pulled the sleeve from her hand.

Only then did he raise his head, his hawk-like eyes suddenly looked at the door.

He asked, “Who is it? Come out!” 12:39 The Suteliu Beed by My 127870 per 61.

HE Mit Touched any woman in the past thirre pran -Elvis is quite wary.

He discovered Olive.

However, there was no movement at the door, and she didn’t come out.

Elvis quickly frowned his heroic eyebrows, stepped forward, reached out his big hand, grabbed the
slender arm of the person standing by the door, and pulled.

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