The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 660 She asked him if he liked it.

Initially, Joyce’s bowel wasn’t filled, and she didn’t have need to use the restroom, but realizing that she
couldn’t escape, she suddenly felt pressed.

“Hey, I really wanna use the restroom,” she pleaded.

Two bodyguards led her to a bathroom.

The bodyguard blocked her way. She was left with no choice, hence she lowered her head and went
into the bathroom.

At this moment, steady footsteps were heard outside the door. Damien asked in a low voice, “Where is

“CEO, she’s in the bathroom.”

Damien turned around and went to the bathroom.

Joyce’s heart tensed. She could not be found by him. She needed to hide, but where should she hide?
There was a big trash can in this bathroom. It was brand new. It was estimated to have just arrived.
She quickly ran over to open the lid of the trash can, then squatted in and closed the lid again.

With a click, the bathroom door opened.

A few bodyguards walked in and started to search the restroom. Damien was behind them. He took out
a cigarette from his trousers pocket with one hand and placed it between his lips, then he went on to lit
the cigarette.

Joyce squatted in the trash can. She could clearly see the situation outside through the mouth of the

The bodyguards carefully searched the restroom but found no one. “Sir, I can’t find Miss Brown.” Joyce
secretly looked at Damien who was not far away. The bodyguards all retreated behind him. He was
smoking a cigarette.

The smoke obscured his handsome face. There was a scarlet flame between two fingers of his right

Joyce shrank in fright and hugged herself tightly. Did he notice her?

Damien’s eyes were like an eagle hovering in the dark night.

“You all go out, I want to pee,” Damien, who had always been elegant and honorable, revealed a bit of

“Yes, sir,” everyone withdrew and exited the bathroom.

Joyce, who was hiding in the trash can, breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t notice her, he just wanted to

At this moment, the steady footsteps headed towards her.

“Didn’t he want to pee? Why is he coming here?” Joyce questioned inwardly.

Joyce raised her moving eyes and saw Damien walking over. All she could see were his tight and fit
waistline, the black belt, and the chain of his trousers.

Damien placed the cigarette between his fingers on his thin lips, and he reached out and held he liked

black belt. With a click, he pulled the belt away.

Was he going to pee in the trash can?!

Joyce couldn’t believe what was about happening. She wondered if Damien had no morals that he
wanted to pee in the trash can.

But on a second thought, Joyce wondered if he did it on purpose.

Now that he was in front of the trash can, she could see his movements clearly. He was really pulling
his pants.

“Ah!” Joyce screamed and suddenly stood up from the trash can.

She stretched out her trembling finger and pointed at him, “Damien, you’re changing!” she yelled. With
a cigarette in his mouth, Damien knitted his eyebrows and slowly blew the smoke on her face. The
smoke choked into her nose and mouth. Joyce frowned. “You know I’m here, yet you want to pee on

How could he have the guts to do such a thing?

Damien raised his beautiful eyebrows. “It’s my business if I want to pee anywhere. If you let me pee on
you, then it’s your business.”

Joyce couldn’t believe her ears. She wondered where he derived his audacity from.

How had she not noticed it before?

“Buckle my belt,” Damien ordered her, as he took the cigarette away from his lips.

Joyce looked down and saw that his belt had already been unbuckled.

Joyce quickly jumped out of the trash can.

She turned and left.

But as soon as she lifted her foot, a big, well-defined palm grabbed her wrist and pulled her hard,
causing her to fall into his broad and cold chest.

Damien held onto her soft hand and placed it on the belt around his waist. “Hurry up and buckle it for

Joyce reluctantly stood up straight. She wanted to withdraw her hand, but she could not get rid of his

Joyce was trembling with anger, but there was nothing she could do at the moment. “Okay, I’ll buckle it

She stretched out her hand, and placed it on his waist.

Damien’s eyes narrowed, and his big, sharp palms pressed against her shoulders and pushed her
directly to the side of the washstand.

Before Joyce could regain her balance, her vision quickly darkened. Damien pressed her down and
pushed her directly into his embrace.

His strong arms wrapped around her slender waist, and Damien stared darkly at her.

Joyce swiftly got a hold of herself, she slowly raised her red lips and asked in a soft voice, “Mr. Robert,
what’s the matter? I’m only buckling your hell.”

Her fingers brushed his waist.

Although Damien had not been around women in recent years, he knew what she was doing. She was
deliberately flirting with him.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Mr. Robert, it’s you that’s pestering me, I should be the one to ask you

Joyce suddenly thought of a question. She stared at him with her watery eyes, then she asked,

“Mr. Robert, I heard that you haven’t been close to women all these years. Are you trying to say that it’s
only me that you’ve slept with? Is that true?”

Speaking of this, Damien pursed his lips, because he could understand the meaning of question that
she had just asked.

She was indirectly mocking him.

Indeed, at his age, he should have had more women after her.

Joyce had already gotten the answer. She smiled brightly, then stood on tiptoe and kissed Damien’s
thin lips.

Damien, who was suddenly kissed, froze.

Her lips were tender and soft, and the soft and silky feeling was so familiar. In an instant, his memories
of that night more than twenty years ago were awakened. The desire in his body was suddenly

At this moment, Joyce withdrew. She looked at him, and asked, “Do you like it?”

Damien reached out and grabbed her slender waist with his hands, he leaned forward and covered her
lips with his, directly blocking her red lips.

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