The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter Chapter 662 Mystery Gued

Damien’s men had blocked the entire place, and not even a fly could get out.

Annabelle had returned to her room. She was still worried about Joyce, so she took out her phone and
sent a text message to Elvis.

Immediately she sent the message, the young man she had hired said to her, “Hi, beauty.”

Annabelle looked back and saw that the young man had a cat ear on his head and he started to twist
his butt in front of her.

Annabelle looked at the guy’s face that looked exactly like Alpha’s. She seemed to see Alpha wearing
cat ears and twisting his butt in front of her.

Alpha would definitely not do such a thing. He was such a deep and noble business man.

Annabelle suddenly remembered the first time she had seen Alpha many years ago.

At that time, she was still studying. One day, there was a sensation in the school. All the students
rushed to the hall.

“Hurry up, hurry up, Alpha is here!”

“Alpha was invited to give an academic speech at our school. I finally have the opportunity to meet this
famous businessman from Imperial!”

“I heard that he is outrageously handsome!” Her classmates had exclaimed happily.

Annabelle had a cold personality and did not intend to join in the fun. She wanted to leave, but a good
friend pulled her back, “Annabelle, let’s go have a look too, that’s Alpha!”

Annabelle was pulled over. That day, there was a huge crowd of people. She stood in the crowd and
looked up at the rostrum. At a glance, she saw Alpha.

At that time, the young Alpha was in his prime. As the eldest son and grandson of the Augustine family,
he was born into wealth. He perfectly inherited all the business talents of the Augustine family, and his
personal assets rose, and his was amongst the list of the richest people in the world. That day, Alpha
wore a well–fitting black suit. He stood on the rostrum, and delivered a speech. Joyce quickly
restrained herself and waved away the image of her first encounter with him out of her mind. She had
no interest in this young man either, so she left the room.

The young man still didn’t know what had happened. “Hey, beauty, why are you leaving?” he asked.

When Annabelle went out, Damien had already left with his people, so she could leave too. As she was
walking in the hallway, a group of girls ran over, “Let’s hurry up, boss is calling us.” The girls seemed
were very excited. “I heard that there’s a rich man in the luxurious room and he ordered for the most
beautiful girl here.”

“The most beautiful girl must be me. Does my lipstick look good?”

The girls all stretched out their hands and pulled up their dresses, revealing their smooth thighs. It was
obvious that they all wanted to be selected.

Annabelle did not halt. She did not take offense at such things. Many rich men liked to have fun.

At this moment, the manager appeared. She brought the girls to the door of the luxurious room and
knocked on the door, “Sir, the most beautiful girls here have arrived.”

A few seconds later, a low mellow voice sounded in the room, “Come in.”

Anabelle’s footsteps slowly stopped.

She turned around and her cold eyes landed on the luxurious room.

Although there response from the room were simple words, the voice was extremely familiar. She was
familiar with it. She should not have misheard it.

This should be… Alpha!

When did he come in?

Could it be that he was the one who ordered the most beautiful girl here?

At this moment, the manager pushed open the door of the luxurious room. “Girls, come in quickly.”
They all went in. Annabelle stood outside and saw the scene inside.

In the luxurious room, the girls were all standing in a row. There was a dim yellow light inside. Sitting on
the wine red sofa, was Alpha.

Alpha took off his suit, revealing his dark gray shirt and black trousers. He leaned his deep and straight
body lazily on the sofa, and his two legs were elegantly superimposed. He exuded a sense of
superiority and unfathomable desire that a man of his age should have.

His personal assistant stood behind him respectfully. Reuben poured a red wine into the goblet with
white gloves, and then he handed the goblet to Alpha, “Sir.”

Alpha reached out and collected the goblet. He gently took a sip of red wine.

Then, his deep narrow eyes swept forward and glanced at the girls indifferently.

Annabelle’s pupils shrank. It was really him!

Did he come here to buy sex workers?

Annabelle did not know what had happened in his personal relationship with women over the years, but
Joyce told her that his wife was now Lily. She knew that Lily had given birth to a son for him. The day
Lily’s son was born was the day she lost her daughter.

Back then, she and Lily were pregnant at the same time. She should have had a daughter and given
Elvis a younger sister.

Annabelle looked at Alpha’s handsome face. Time had given him a deeper life experience. His face.
didn’t look old, but instead, it revealed a layer of indescribable masculine charm.

Annabelle did not expect to meet him here.

She wondered if his wife knew that he was about purchasing a sex worker.

“Sir, the most beautiful girls in our Clubhouse are all here. Sir, you can choose whichever one that you
want, the manager smiled and stared at Alpha. She suddenly felt like the man before her looked

The manager concluded that she had no chance of knowing a man like Alpha. She probably would
regret it the moment she realizes that Alpha, the man she so much adored, was once before her.

Alpha casually swayed the red wine glass in his hand and watched the red, mellow liquid swaying in

Hudianta curved are on the transparent glass. “What do you all have to offer? Tell me.”

The girls were stunned when they saw Alpha. The aura of a man in his fifties was definitely not
comparable to that of a man in his twenties and thirties. They were willing to spend a night with him.

“I have big boobs!”

“I have sexy legs!”

“I have the most beautiful face!”

Annabelle stood outside and looked at the women who were vying for the first place.

Alpha sat elegantly on the sofa, like an emperor choosing which concubine to have for the night.

Annabelle pursed her lips and turned to leave.

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