The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 666: Love, Like a Dream

Marcus was an orphan who had learned to be independent from a young age. By a chance encounter
on the street, he met Anabelle, who was just slightly over three years old at the time.

Young Anabelle was petite and thin. She approached him and said, “Big brother, I haven’t eaten in at
long time. Can you share a steamed bun with me?”

At that moment, he had two steamed buns and generously gave one to her.

Holding the steamed bun, young Anabelle bowed to him and said in a soft and polite voice, “Thank you,
big brother.”

He thought she would eat the steamed bun herself, but Anabelle ran over to her mother and gave the
bun to her.

Her mother quickly devoured the bun, not sharing any of it with Anabelle.

At that time, Anabelle and her mother had already been ostracized by Lady Midas, and they had no
place in the Royal Capital. They had to sleep on the streets.

In that area, there were many ruffians and hooligans. Despite her young age, Anabelle’s delicate face
showed the early signs of a beauty, and some shady and lecherous men would tease her and even
touch her face.

He decided to take Anabelle and her mother. Although his house was dilapidated, it provided them a
place to stay.

Anabelle was very grateful to him and always called him “big brother.”

Soon, he learned about Anabelle’s background. Due to the illness of the wealthy Miss Lily, she decided
to switch lives with Anabelle.

On that day, Anabelle left him to go to the Midas Family and become the shadow of Miss Midas, while
her mother fell seriously ill and needed a large sum of money, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

A young girl had to bear it all prematurely, but she remained unafraid and resolute. She was as quiet as
ever, smiling as she hid him farewell. “Big brother, I’m leaving. I’m going to live in a big house. I will live
well. Big brother, please don’t come find me, and don’t say you know me. I don’t want to burden you or
put you in danger. Thank you, big brother. I will remember you forever.”

She bowed to him once again and then walked away.

Later, he found a package at home. When he opened it, he found it filled with money. It was the money
Anabelle had asked for from the Midas Family. There was also a note with her small handwriting: “Big
brother, we will both be fine.“

He knew Anabelle had always remembered his kindness. His own conditions weren’t good either, but
her money came to him in the gentlest way, supporting his pride and dignity.

Marcus knew he had encountered the best girl in the world.

It was also on that day that Marcus swore to strive for success. He wanted to become wealthy and join
the upper class.

He had a talent for painting from a young age, but painting required significant investment. He used the
money Anabelle left him to find the best teacher and began to study painting.

More than a decade passed in the blink of an eye. Marcus gradually learned that the Midas Family had
a daughter, flourishing in the Royal Capital and becoming the most dazzling star, the focus of attention.

He often secretly went to the Midas Family’s gate or stood in a corner outside her school to catch a
glimpse of her. She had transformed into Miss Midas, transported in luxury cars.

Her young face had matured into one of ethereal beauty. She enjoyed wearing white dresses and
carrying a few books, attracting countless boys who pursued her like prized fish.

This included him; he fell in love with her at a very early age.

But she was too outstanding. He tried desperately to catch up with her, yet he still couldn’t keep pace.

Sometimes he would pessimistically think that she might be won over by a wealthy young man soon.
and she would belong to someone else.

He had me ntally prepared himself for that eventuality, but he hadn’t expected it to come so soon. The
man who had appeared was remarkably powerful and charismatic.

He was none other than… Lord Alpha!

Marcus heard about Lord Alpha for the first time in a business and financial newspaper. The eldest
grandson of the prominent family in the capital, the pride of the heavens, had successfully taken his
first company public and become its CEO, ascending to become the capital’s top businessman. In the
financial news of that era, in the newspapers, and on the Forbes list of the richest individuals, his name
was everywhere, highly sought after by socialites and heiresses.

Lord Alpha represented an era of business.

Marcus had never imagined that his life, or Anabelle’s life, would intersect with this remarkable man.
The Augustine family of the capital was an existence they could never dream of encountering. Lord
Alpha was far above them.

However, that day, he suddenly heard the news that the Midas and Augustine families had set a
wedding date-Anabelle was going to marry Lord Alpha!

The news hit him like a bolt from the blue, and it took Marcus a long time to recover.

He had thought that one day Anabelle might marry someone else, but he had never imagined she
would marry Lord Alpha, the renowned aristocrat.

She was going to marry into the Augustine family and become Lady Augustine.

Marcus couldn’t accept it. That day, he secretly went to the Midas Family’s mansion, hiding in a dim
corner outside the gate. He saw Lord Alpha in person for the first time.

The wedding date was approaching, and Lord Alpha was having dinner at the Midas residence. The
entire Midas mansion was illuminated, and a Rolls Royce, a world-class luxury car, was parked on the
lawn. Lord Alpha wore a classic white shirt and black trousers, his meticulously ironed clothes. devoid
of wrinkles, exuding the elegance and nobility of an elite businessman. His business-like aura and
extraordinary demeanor made people admire him.

Marcus stood in the corner, and when he saw Lord Alpha, he realized the significant gap between
himself and this man. Some people were born to be the pride of the heavens, and no matter how hard
others worked, they could never match up.

Lord Alpha was incredibly superior, dazzling, and radiant.

At the time, Mida s’s father stood beside Lord Alpha, speaking with attentiveness. Lord Alpha listened
with a distant look in his eyes, seemingly focused elsewhere.

Marcus followed Lord Alpha’s gaze and saw Anabelle. That evening, she wore a white fur coat and
stood beside a Christmas tree, her obedient demeanor as if she were watching her own toes.

Lord Alphia’s gaze was fixed on Anabelle, his handsome brows and eyes reflecting softness and a faint
smile. He occasionally looked at her, entranced.

Mida s’s father, an experienced man, quickly concluded the conversation, asking Anabelle to escort
Lord Alpha.

And so, Lord Alpha and Anabelle walked together.

Marcus followed behind. Lord Alpha and Anabelle walked ahead, strolling. Anabelle seemed to have
just met Lord Alpha, and she accepted the fact that he would soon become her husband. She
appeared exceptionally gentle and tender.

Neither of them spoke, but Lord Alpha had one hand in his trouser pocket. As they walked, he took. his
hand out and tried to hold Anabelle’s small hand.

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