The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 672: Tonight I Want to Do Something Naughty

He was saying something incoherent and nonsensical, causing Olive to furrow her delicate eyebrows
At this moment, a dance had ended, and Elvis released her, not saying a word to her. He turned around
and left directly.
Olive stood in place, watching his tall and upright figure as confusion deepened within her. What was
going on with him?
She had many questions she wanted to ask him, but faced with his uncooperative attitude, what
options did she have?
No, she had to win him over.
But how could she win him over?
Olive was a bit perplexed. She quickly took out her phone and sent a Facebook message to North:
“North, what should I do when a man is angry?”
Ding – North’s reply came: “Mr. Augustine is angry? Then try… quarreling at the head of the bed and
making up at the end.”
Quarrel at the head of the bed… and make up at the end?
Perfect, North was truly knowledgeable!
Olive’s small face turned red. She quickly hid her phone, afraid that someone might see this message.
It was too embarrassing.
However, dealing with Elvis, that lustful man, this move should be foolproof. He should like it very
Olive wrestled with intense inner turmoil. Should she attempt it or not? If she did, embarrassment would
ensue, if she didn’t, she might fail to calm him.
Well, maybe a drink for courage?
Olive headed to the food area. She liked drinking, but her tolerance wasn’t great. Even a sip of alcohol
could make her tipsy. This time, she had two glasses of wine. Tonight, she had to win over Elvis!

In the corridor, Olive didn’t find Elvis, but she encountered his personal secretary. “Hello, excuse me,
where is Mr. Augustine now?”

Upon seeing Olive, the personal secretary’s attitude became extremely respectful. “President
Augustine is in a meeting right now. If you’re looking for him, you can wait in his office for a moment.”
“Alright, thank you.” Olive entered the president’s office and started waiting for Elvis.
But she waited and waited, yet he still didn’t return. The effects of the two glasses of wine she had
earlier started taking hold. Olive felt her head growing hazy.
She was truly drunk now.
Then, a series of steady and robust footsteps approached from outside the door. Someone was
Olive quickly looked up and saw the door of the president’s office pushed open. Elvis’s tall and dignified
figure entered her view.
He had finally returned.
Olive’s eyes brightened, and she immediately rushed over, extending her delicate arms and throwing
herself into the man’s embrace. She tightly wrapped her arms around his strong waist.
She buried her reddened face deeply into his chest, nuzzling against him like a little kitten. Her lips
were stained with a slightly tipsy murmuring, “Elvis, hug……. hug~”
The high-level executives of the Augustine family near the door instantly froze, their expressions
petrified. What… what was happening?
Olive was drunk. What she didn’t know was that Elvis wasn’t alone. Behind him was a group of high-
level executives of the Augustine Corporation, all wearing blue badges. The meeting hadn’t even
ended yet.
She rushed over before everyone had even entered the room, threw herself into Elvis’s arms, and
asked to be hugged.
Later, when Olive regained her sobriety, she repeatedly wished she could bury herself in a hole. These
high-level executives were all frozen outside the door, their mouths gaping in shock. Who was this

woman? She was being too audacious. She dared to be so frivolous with their president. Security,
where were the security guards? They should kick this woman out!
The manager couldn’t tolerate it any longer. This woman was obviously seeking attention! “Ahem,
President, should we continue the meeting?”
However, as soon as the manager’s words fell a cold and displeased gaze landed on his face. He
looked up to see Elvis, and the man’s sharp and narrowed eyes fixed him with a faint warning. The
implication seemed to be that he could easily kick him out as well!
The manager’s scalp tingled, “…”
Why did he suddenly feel like a dog meddling with rat’s business?
When Olive had thrown herself at Elvis, he had quickly reached out with his strong arms and embraced
her delicate waist, ensuring she wouldn’t stumble.
Now that she was clinging to him, he used his large hands to gently stroke her hair, asking in a low
voice, “What’s wrong?”
“My… head is spinning.

Elvis lifted her up slightly, carrying her in his arms with a few strong strides. He walked to his desk and
placed her on it, ensuring her safety.
He placed both his large hands on the desk, his tall and dignified figure pressing down, leaning closer
to her. He stared at her as she blushed, “Did you drink alcohol?”
He had already smelled the faint scent of alcohol on her.
“Yes, I had a little.”
“You shouldn’t drink alcohol. Why did you still drink?”
Sitting on the desk, Olive swung her slender and fair legs in the air, inadvertently kicking Elvis’s sharply
tailored black trousers. She lifted her slightly tipsy gaze to look at him and suddenly felt embarrassed.
She pouted her red lips, mustering the courage to speak, “Because… because tonight, I want to do
something naughty…”

Elvis had just come down from the meeting, holding a file in one hand and dressed in a manually
tailored black suit that exuded an air of cold elitism. However, at this moment, he was firmly

holding the delicate girl, sitting her on his office desk, and pressing her into his embrace in a manner
that seemed to tolerate a forbidden indulgence.
“What kind of naughty thing do you want to do?” Elvis’s thin lips curved slightly.
“Do… do…” Olive bit her red lips with her pearly teeth, finding it difficult to speak. She raised her arms,
embracing Elvis’s neck and pulling him down. Then, she whispered in a slightly tipsy voice, “Do
something… naughty with you. Do you want to… do it?”
Even though Olive spoke softly, the high-level executives near the door still heard her. They sucked in
a collective breath, their eyes widening in astonishment.
The personal secretary couldn’t bear to watch anymore. These two were clearly teasing them, “Ahem,
President, should we continue the meeting?”
Elvis didn’t turn around. His tall figure shielded the girl in his arms, preventing anyone from seeing her
playful demeanor. He lifted his thin lips, “Adjourn the meeting,
“Yes, President.”
The personal secretary decisively closed the door to the president’s office with a loud bang, cutting off
everyone’s line of sight.
The high-level executives were left dumbfounded. They had no idea when their typically restrained
President Augustine had fallen for a woman and was indulging her like this!
Inside the president’s office.
Hearing Olive’s words about wanting to do something naughty, Elvis’s eyebrows twitched with a trace
of mature and devilish charm in his long, narrow eyes. “Do you really want to do something naughty?”
Olive looked at his impeccably handsome face, then brought her red lips close to her, wanting to kiss

But they didn’t because Elvis avoided her.
What’s going on?
Why not give me a kiss?
Olive wrapped her arms around his neck and attempted to kiss him again, but Elvis evaded her

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