The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter Chapter 673: Levi Is Your Son!

He had always been the one to take the initiative between them. This time, she had taken the
unprecedented step of being so forward, yet he had actually avoided her and kept her from getting

Olive felt embarrassed!

She clenched her fist and gave him a hard punch, “Elvis, what are you doing? Why won’t you let me
kiss you? I want to kiss you”

Elvis blinked his handsome eyes and used his large hand to gently push her soft waist, trying to
maintain some distance. With her clinging so weakly to him, he was exerting his utmost self–control to
restrain his impulses.

Her drunken appearance resembled that of a little cat, adorably cute and a bit willful. He hadn’t let her
kiss him, but she had managed to plant a kiss on his face.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he observed her flushed face. “Olive, are you trying to get
yourself drunk to do something naughty with me?”

Elvis was on the verge of laughter. When they were in the Royal city, she had tried to use aphrodisiacs
on him. Now she had gotten herself drunk to offer herself to him. She was continuously coming up with
ways to embarrass him.

Olive was in a daze, “What did you say?”

Little drunkard!

Elvis reached out and lifted her horizontally, carrying her towards the bathroom.

The sudden feeling of weightlessness made Olive tightly wrap her arms around his neck. “Where are
you taking me?

“To take a bath.”

“Ah, a bath?” Olive quickly revealed a shy smile. “Elvis, you’re so naughty. You actually want to take a
bath with me.”

As she spoke, Olive smiled foolishly, “Well then, I can help you scrub your back-”

She blinked her long, feathery eyelashes, looking at him with a mischievous expression

Elvis felt like there were hot coals swirling in his throat. He quickly entered the bathroom in the rest
area and then extended his hand, tossing her,

With a thud, Olive was forcefully thrown into the large bathtub, immediately immersed in the cold water.


Olive’s drunkenness diminished instantly. She frantically paddled around in the tub with her hands and
feet for a while, and it took her a moment to resurface.

Her damp, jet–black hair clung to her face, with water continuously dripping down. Gasping heavily.
Olive raised her head and looked at Elvis with a mixture of shock and anger. “Elvis, have you gone

At this moment, Elvis stood tall and upright by the bathtub. The cold water had already wet his trouser
legs, but he didn’t mind. He looked down at the nearly furlous Olive. “Are you sober now?”

What… What?

There were countless ways to sober someone up, why did he choose such a rough method?

“Elvis, you’re really… despicable!” Olive clenched her fist and complained.

Elvis gazed at her water–splattered face without displaying any regret. “I don’t like wasting time on a
drunkard. It’s better if you stay sober before speaking or doing anything.”

‘…?” Olive’s determination for victory tonight had been strong. She even drank to boost her courage to
conquer him. But now, she had failed miserably. She had stolen a chicken only to lose the rice.

Olive’s mood plummeted. She felt very cold, so she pitifully extended her slender arm and looked at
him, “I’m so cold, can you carry me out?”

Elvis took a large towel and wrapped her up in it, then lifted her horizontally.

Olive raised her small hand and touched his handsome face with her delicate fingers, gently caressing
it. “Elvis, am I not pretty anymore? Is that why you don’t like me?”

Elvis looked at her. Her face might not be as beautiful as before, but she hadn’t changed much in other
aspects. She still attracted him just as much, which was why he had recognized her.

Now she looked at him pitifully, her long, feathery eyelashes still glistening with water droplets,
trembling slightly. She was truly charming.

Elvis’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “Why are you asking this?”

“Isn’t it true? Mr. Augustine used to be so… lustful, but now you’re not! Hmph, Mr. Augustine really likes
beautiful women, the more beautiful the better. You’re such a shallow, smelly man!” Olive complained.

Elvis slowly curved his thin lips. He admitted to all of this. He liked her beauty and all the alluring.
delicate colors about her.

At this moment, Olive’s clear and bright pupils seemed a bit tipsy. She looked at Elvis with a dreamy
gaze. “Mr. Augustine, do you really not want to do something naughty with me? L..”

Thud! Olive was once again thrown into the cold water.

When Olive was pulled out of the water, she was completely exhausted. She was weak all over, and
Elvis gently laid her on the large bed. She turned over and snuggled into the soft blanket, seeking the
most comfortable position to sleep.

Elvis observed her. She had curled her delicate body into a small ball, evidently influenced by his
actions. She was seeking warmth under the covers.

Elvis covered her with the blanket and then gently kissed her forehead.

At this moment, Olive murmured something in her sleep, “Mr. Augustine… Mr. Augustine…

Elvis stiffened. She was calling his name in her sleep.

She was indeed calling his name in her sleep.

If it wasn’t because of strong affection, why would she be calling his name?

But she had fallen in love with Derrick, right?

Three years ago, she gave birth to Derrick’s child and then left him. Three years later, at the critical
moment, all she thought about was Derrick.

Elvis admitted that he was deeply jealous, almost going crazy with jealousy. Now, she was calling his
name in her sleep, confusing him once again. She was always like this, casually dropping a pebble

into his heart lake, causing turbulent waves on his side while everything remained calm on hers. What
was she really thinking?

Elvis truly wished he could delve into her heart and get a good look, to discern who she truly loved.
“Olive, what should I do with you? I can’t bear to hit you, scold you, or discard you. You’re always like
this, using my affection for you to playfully torment me.”

In her dream, Olive seemed to hear his voice. His voice made her feel safe. She moved slightly, shifting
like a little kitten to his side.

“Mr. Augustine… Levi… Levi is your… son…” Olive mumbled in her sleep.


Elvis froze, his deep pupils contracting suddenly, and his ears seemed to explode.

Levi… Levi is your son!

The words reverberated in Elvis’s ears. It started with a single voice, then countless voices echoed the
same words, until the whole world seemed to be telling him that Levi was his son!

“Olive, what are you saying? What did you just say? Say it again!” Elvis grasped her smooth shoulder
and shook her vigorously.

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