The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 676 My Dad is dead.

“This…” Ivy looked at the wound on her palm, smiled sweetly, and said, “It’s okay. Just a small wound.
I’m very brave, I won’t cry.”

Elvis’s heart s kipped a beat. He knelt down on one knee, gently taking Ivy’s soft white hand, “Does it

He blew on Ivy’s wound, his movements were gentle and careful.

Ivy looked at Elvis. The first time she saw this handsome man at the airport, she wanted him to be her

Also, Sophia’s mother bullied her for not having a father. If she has a father, he will hug her and pick
her up. If she had a father, he would protect her mother from the bad guys who badmouthed her

However, she is very worried. What does she do if this handsome uncle doesn’t like her mother or her?

Now the handsome uncle is treating her tenderly. Ivy’s eyes lit up. This handsome uncle must like her

Ivy hissed, and said in a voice as sweet as milk, “Ouch, it hurts.”

Elvis looked at Ivy clearly in pain but still trying to endure, his heart became as soft as water. He
stretched out his strong arm, holding Ivy on the ground in one hand: “Ivy, it’s okay. In front of me, you
can cry.”


Ivy’s big eyes quickly were covered by a layer of crystal fog, she jerked her red nose, “Handsome
uncle, they scolded me for hitting people!”

Ivy was very brave when alone, but now Elvis came, his tall and straight figure made her want to lean
on and coddle, so she hurriedly told him.

Elvis pursed his thin lips, and his cold, deep eyes quickly turned to Sophia’s mother. He asked, “Is it
you, a shrew, and your kid who bullied Ivy?”

Ever since Elvis appeared, Sophia’s mother had glued her eyes to him.

She had never seen such a tall and handsome man except on TV.

He was born handsome, his five senses are sharp, good-looking in every angle as if he is sculpted by
heaven, so perfect that makes people’s hearts sk ip a beat.

The most important thing is his aura, strong and fierce, natural and domineering, causing everyone to
voluntarily surrender to him.

Hearing Elvis say that, Sophia cried as she pulled her mother’s sleeve: “Mom, this person calls you a

Sophia’s mother quickly woke up from her fantasies. She saw that Elvis was extraordinary, dressed
simply but elegantly, surely Ivy’s mother’s man, she was jealous and was about to vomit blood. She
asked, “Sir, who are you? Are you the uncle of Ivy? Don’t let her mom fool you. As far as I know, her
mom has many men. They’re all Ivy’s uncles and you’re just one of them. And what you are holding in
your arms is her mom’s illegitimate child. She was a pregnant woman without a husband. You

you have a position, why do you raise someone else’s child? Don’t let them fool you!” “Also, her mom
won’t let go of even married men. My husband is already mesmerized by her mom.

Ivy was very afraid that the handsome uncle would believe this woman and misunderstand her mother,
so she immediately stretched out her small hands and wrapped them around his neck, worriedly

saying: “Handsome uncle, don’t listen to what she’s talking. My mom isn’t that kind of person. I have a
dad, but… it’s just, my dad is dead!”


Elvis, “…”

His beautiful eyes were covered with a cold layer. He raised his big hand, patted Ivy’s head
comfortingly, and said, “Ivy doesn’t have a dad? I’m her dad!”


Is this man Ivy’s father?

Sophia’s mother didn’t believe it at all. She said, “Uncle, don’t be deceived by that temptress. It’s okay
for a man to have fun with her. That’s what my husband is…”

“Huh,” Elvis then laughed in a deep voice, “How can my woman notice your husband? You don’t
deserve to carry her shoes!”

Sophia’s mother immediately froze after being humiliated like that.

At this time, someone else came, it was Sophia’s father panting and coming over, with a gloomy face.
He slapped Sophia’s mother, yelling. “What are you doing here? I’m already busy with work but you still
trouble me at night?”

“Dad, it was Ivy who hit me first!” said Sophia.

Sophia’s mother was slapped in the face, her face was hot and swollen. She clasped her hands and
angrily said: “Darling, it’s really not your fault this time. It was Ivy who hit you first. Let her apologize.
Otherwise, she will be kicked out of this kindergarten. Don’t you know the principal here?” “Sophia’s

mother, are you looking for me?” At this time, Peterson led the kindergarten principal over. Sophia’s
mother saw the arrival of the backer and was overjoyed, but she pretended to be unjust and said:
“Principal, we are all acquaintances, our family also donated a lot of things to the kindergarten. This
time, you absolutely must claim justice for us. We can’t let Ivy beat the kids here anymore.”

The principal looked at Sophia’s mother, breaking into a cold sweat. She was ridiculously st upid. He
looked at Elvis warily and said, “Sophia’s mother, I just went to the surveillance room for a check. It is
true that your daughter, Sophia, scolded and hit people first, even the wound on her forehead was
caused by her. I recommend apologizing to Mr. Augustine. He bought this nursery and now he’s the big


This nursery was bought by that handsome but cruel man?

Sophia’s mother froze for a moment.

And, Augustine….. Boss Augustine?

Sophia’s mother is also a knowledgeable person, and now who doesn’t know Elvis, the number one
tycoon in the world? He… who is he?

Sophia’s mother’s eyes fell on the silver button on Elvis’ sleeve, the word “Augustine” on the silver
button glittering.

Oh, God!

Sophia’s mother looked at Elvis in disbelief and fear. How could she think she would meet such a
Iomaire Husband prominent person?

The illegitimate child she scolded was… Elvis’ daughter!

“Sophia’s father, if your wife and daughter don’t apologize, you won’t be able to stay in Greenland
anymore.” Peterson, who was standing to one side, reminded Sophia’s father.

Sophia’s father immediately reached out and pinched Sophia’s mother, reprimanding her in a low voice:
“You killed us today. Hurry and apologize. You dare offend Mr. Augustine, did gall bladder? Would you
like our whole family to be buried with you?”

Sophia’s mother went limp and fell to the ground. She could only drag Sophia to apologize to Ivy.

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