The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 680 Let Mom and Dad sleep together

Ivy quickly stopped crying, her big, watery eyes looking at Elvis: “Really, handsome uncle? Can I see
my mom now?”

“Of course, you can. Now I’ll take you,” Elvis said, taking Ivy’s small hand and leading her outside.

The father and daughter left. Levi went to the balcony of the room and looked down at the floor. His
mother was still standing there.

“Mom, I can only help you get here. Dad personally brought my sister down to meet you. You will have
to go alone the rest of the way.” He mused.

Outside the mansion, Olive took out her cell phone, wanting to call Elvis.

But at this time, with a “bang” sound, the villa door suddenly opened, and the light inside immediately
went out. Olive raised her head. The large and small figures of Elvis and Ivy entered her field of vision.

“Mom-” Ivy called out and immediately ran towards Olive.

Olive reached out her slender arms, caught Ivy, and hugged her. She quickly kissed Ivy’s face, asking.
“Ivy, do you miss me? I miss you so much.”

Ivy happily wrapped her arms around Olive’s neck, kissed her mother’s face, smiled innocently, and
said: “Of course, I miss Mom every day. Just now I cried because I missed you.”

Olive saw that Ivy’s eyes were really red as if she were crying, she felt pain in her heart and kissed Ivy
several times to show her comfort.

Ivy giggled in her mother’s arms.

Elvis looked at the mother and daughter. No matter how angry he was with Olive, looking at the two of
them, his heart softened.

Only then did Olive raise her clear eyes to Elvis, asking: “Where is Levi? Mr. Augustine, call Levi out. I
want to take the two children home.”

Olive was also a little angry. Without saying a word, she wanted to take the two children away. Did he
know how confused she was as a mother?

Just now he purposely didn’t see her and let her wait outside the door, which was really bad. Elvis
pursed his thin lips, glancing at Olive with narrowed, hawk-like eyes, “Going home? Which home do
you want to go to? Isn’t this Levi and Ivy’s home?”

Olive’s slender eyelashes suddenly trembled. What does he mean by that? Maybe… he already knows
the background of Levi and Ivy?

Elvis saw her surprised expression, saying sarcastically: “Olive, you are a liar. How much longer do you
want to deceive me?”

Olive’s pupils constricted. She knew he really knew about Levi and Ivy’s background.

In fact, she didn’t intend to hide it from him either. She always wanted to find time to tell him, never
expecting him to know in advance.

Arthis point, Elvis looked at Ivy and said softly, “Ivy, will you sleep at my house tonight?”

Ivy hastily looked at Olive, asking for advice: “Mom, can we sleep here tonight? Uncle is very good to
me and my brother. He really likes us.”


Chapter 690 Lei Mein and Dad deep ingeiber –

Ivy was still thinking about letting Elvis be her father. Now that her mother is here, of course, she wants
to give the two of them a chance,

Olive saw the longing in Ivy’s cycs, and if Elvis knew about the children’s background, she wanted to
talk to him too, so she nodded, “Okay, we’ll sleep here tonight.”

“Great!” Ivy cheered.

Olive carried Ivy upstairs. Levi went back to the bedroom. Olive saw Levi sleeping with Ivy.

Ivy jumped into Olive’s chest and whispered, “Mom, how do you feel about the handsome uncle?”

“Ivy, why are you asking such a question?”

“I think the handsome uncle is very nice. Grandma said that then are all judged by their faces. He is
very handsome, very tall and his arms are strong. According to Grandma, the handsome uncle is the
best. He will definitely protect you. I want him to be my dad. Mom, do you like him?” Ivy asked, looking
at Olive questioningly with her wide eyes.

Olive, “…”

She had slept soundly in Visionary for two years. Ivy was raised by her mother, Joyce. The matter of
looks was taught to Ivy by her grandmother.

But Olive was quite surprised. Ivy and Elvis had only just met but Ivy was already in love with him. and
wanted him to be her father.

Olive touched Ivy’s hair, saying. “Ivy, I have something to tell you. Actually, that handsome uncle is your


Ivy opened her mouth in surprise: “Mom, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course, I am.” Olive nodded affirmatively.

At this moment, “click”, the door was pushed open, and Elvis’ tall, straight figure entered. Ele looked at
the mother and daughter who were whispering and asked, “Why aren’t you asleep yet? What are you
talking about?”

“Handsome uncle, Mom and I are chatting about you. Let me tell you a secret.” Ivy mysteriously


Ilvis walked over to the bed and looked at the little girl lovingly, “What secret?”

“It is… Mom said you are my dad!”

Elvis stared at Olive,

Olive didn’t expect Ivy to say that so quickly, and she hid it too Inte, so she could only hug her and tell
her, “Ivy go to sleep.”

Ivy patted the bed next to her, “Handsome uncle, let’s sleep together tonight. You should sleep here.”
Olive wanted to speak, but by this time, one side of the bed had sunk in, and Elvis was already lying
down to sleep. He said, “Tvy, what should you call me?”

“Dad-” Ivy called happily but a little shyly.

Elvis felt his heart like a lake that had been stoned, ripples in an instant. He leaned into Ivy’s small face
and kissed her: “Ivy, I love you.”

Ivy happily said, “Dad, Mom, I’m going to sleep.

“Sleep.” Olive covered Ivy with a blanket

But unexpectedly, Ivy woke up. Currently, she is sleeping in the middle. She used her hands and feet to
crawl up, and lie on one side of the bed, “Mom will sleep with ad-

Olive’s snow-white carlobes instantly blushed, “Ivy, you

“Dad, rest assured. I understand. Grandma said I must be reasonable, sleep in my own hed, and let
Mom and Dad sleep together. Because Mom and Dad are about to give birth to my younger brother.”
Ivy covered her mouth and smiled.

Looking at such a “reasonable” daughter, Olive was speechless. “…”

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