The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter Chapter 683 Olive’s USB

Olive, who was suddenly suggested,

Levi was asking her to feed Elvis cookies!

Ivy cheered happily, “Yes. Yes. Mom, this cookie is so good. Give it to Dad-

Seeing the innocent smiles of the children, Olive stood there embarrassed. She couldn’t bear to refuse
the children so she looked up at Elvis and winked at him.

Elvis of course noticed the meaning in her eyes, but he pretended not to know and looked down at the
cookie, then nodded: “This looks delicious.”

“Yes, Dad-” Ivy said with a smile.


At this time, Levi tilted his head in confusion and asked, “Mom, why don’t you let Dad eat it?” Olive.

Olive could only reach out, pick up the cookie and bring it to Elvis’s thin, sexy lips.

He opened his mouth and ate the cookie.

His thin, flexible lips, a little cool, brushed the tips of her soft white fingers, Olive was startled, quickly
shrinking her hand, her snow–white earlobes quickly turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Elvis looked at her shy face, like a delicate red rose. Strangely, he doesn’t like sweets so much, the
only sweet he likes is… her, but now he feels the cookie in his mouth is surprisingly delicious. At this
time, the maid came in, and respectfully said: “Sir, breakfast is ready.”

Olive felt a little embarrassed to stay here. She took off her floral apron, looked at Elvis, and said, “I’ve
got some work to do, so I’ll go first…”

She was leaving

Elvis hastily pursed his thin lips and said unhappily, “Where are you going? Don’t you have time to stay
and have breakfast with the kids?”

That wasn’t what she meant,

Didn’t he want to compete with her for custody? She thought he didn’t want her to stay here.

Elvis really regrets it. Looks like his tone was too strong last night. Now she is a bit discouraged, not
daring to take a step forward. He didn’t want to take the initiative for the sake of face. Moreover, he
didn’t want to pamper her too much, so the current

i was a bit deadlocked.

“Don’t you want to see Nathan? He called me last night. He was very upset and asked me why you
haven’t come back to see him in the last three years.”


Olive’s bright pupils suddenly constricted, her heart aching. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt
Nathan, but she knew Nathan should be the first to get hurt when his background was exposed.

“Where is Nathan now? I’ll go see him now.” Olive said worriedly.

Seeing that she didn’t want to go, Elvis’s gloomy expression softened a little. He said, “Let’s have
breakfast first. After that, we’ll go see Nathan together. That’ll be better.”

Olive could only nod, “Okay.”

The family of four had breakfast together. Olive didn’t feel appetizing. She was very worried about
Nathan. She wishes she could fly to Nathan with her wings now.

Seeing her restless and worried expression, Elvis’s iron heart gradually softened. The girl in the past
became the mother of his children, later they will face all kinds of their children’s problems and grow old

“I’ll go up to get the documents. Stay here waiting for me.” Elvis said.

Olive nodded, “Hurry up then.”

Elvis went upstairs to his office.

Olive obediently waited. Suddenly, “ding“, her cell phone rang, and a text message arrived.

It was… from Clara Theodore.

Olive suddenly had a bad premonition, and immediately clicked on the message.

The message was simple, “Nathan is in my hands. Come here alone!”

Attached below is a photo of the boy Nathan, He was tied up by Clara, his cold little face was slightly

Olive immediately gasped. Nathan fell into Clara’s hands.

Clara made her go there alone.

Olive looked at the study room upstairs with her clear, bright eyes, then turned around and ran out.

She went alone to rescue Nathan!

When Elvis came out of the study, Olive was nowhere to be seen. The hallway was empty and she
couldn’t be found.

“Where are the people?” Elvis said in a deep voice.

The maid rushed out: “Master, what’s wrong?”

Elvis looks very bad now, his handsome face is so dark that it can drop water.

He asked, “Where did Miss Hart go?”

The maid, feeling the harsh aura emanating from him, cried out in fear: “Young master, Miss Hart… just

She left.

He originally intended to take her to find her son, but she left him and the child to go alone.

Animosity quickly spread in Elvis‘ muscular chest, and he raised his foot to kick a chair.

With a bang the chair was broken.

Elvis put a hand on his hip, closed his handsome eyes, and gasped. Olive! He really wanted to strangle
this woman!

At this time, “Ding dong“, the villa doorbell rang, and someone came outside.

Who was there?

The maid was scared and ran to open the door. There was already a person standing outside.

Elvis quickly stabilized his mood, and was about to let someone capture Olive, when a gentle, Jade–
like figure came in from outside the door.

Chaporr 6830’s USA

Elvis was stunned. That was… Derrick Domino.

Derrick is here!

Elvis has been searching for Derrick for the past few years, but he is a rather mysterious man, and his
whereabouts are a mystery. There are many legends about him in the world, but there is no trace of
him. Elvis didn’t expect Derrick to come here to find him on the initiative.

Today, Derrick is wearing a white outfit, his face looks like a handsome teenager. They haven’t seen
each other for three years, and his demeanor is becoming more and more clean, like a banished fairy.
The maidservant at the door stood and stared at him as if frozen.

Elvis‘ thin lips quickly formed a dark but bloodthirsty are. “Derrick, you’ve finally appeared!”

Derrick’s clear black eyes looked at Elvis, revealing a small smile, “Mr. Augustine, long time no see. I
wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for anything.”

Elvis shorted coldly, and looked at Derrick with the aura of an emperor, “Derrick, didn’t you come to me
today to chat?”

“Of course not, Mr. Augustine. I’m here to deliver something to you,” Derrick said, holding a USB flash
drive in his hand.

“What is this?”

“Here are some videos Olive shot in Visionary. Every detail from her pregnancy to giving birth is
captured in it. Olive said before falling asleep that this USB is for you. She doesn’t want you to miss
any of the kids‘ moments.”

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