The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 692 Give her her first lipstick

What? Clara was really disappointed that this ancient wedding dress couldn’t be done. “Okay, then I’ll
take the measurements first.” She said and went into the inner room.

Olive stood in place, her clear eyes fixed on the fiery red wedding dress. This was originally the
phoenix crown and wedding dress that the Greenland ancestors prepared for their Visionary ancestors.
They are really beautiful. This is one of the prettiest wedding dresses ever that any woman will fall for
when she sees it.

At this time, a person was standing behind Olive silently looking at her, who was Alex.

He saw her passionately stare at the fiery red wedding dress, and curled his thin lips.

Mr. Gonzalez returned to his office and took pen and paper to design Clara’s wedding dress. As he
walked down the hallway, someone was waiting for him.

It was Alex.

Alex was dressed in black, tall and straight, his hands in his pockets, the expression on his face
unrecognizable, but his deep and restrained aura made people shiver.

Mr. Gonzalez paused, asking, “Sorry, what do you want?”

Alex’s narrow, deep eyes looked at Mr. Gonzalez. He said in his deep voice, “I want to order that fiery
red wedding dress.”

Mr. Gonzalez hesitated for a moment and hastily refused: “No way. We have no way of making that
fiery red wedding dress…”

Before he finished speaking, Alex interrupted him: “Get ready. Today all the top embroiderers in the
world will gather here to make it. Previously, your shop didn’t succeed with all its efforts, so now you

will put all your efforts into rushing to sew this bright red wedding dress.”

Mr. Gonzalez froze, looking at the man in front of him in surprise. He seemed to have remembered that
this man was one of Elvis’s subordinates. But why was his tone so arrogant that he wanted to gather all
the top embroiderers in the world to make that wedding dress?


you… Are you joking?” Mr. Gonzalez stammered.

Alex curled his thin lips into a slight are. He didn’t answer this question but said: “Mr. Gonzalez, if you
still can’t make this bright red wedding dress, then this shop is just vanity. No need to continue. You’ll
know if I’m joking or not.”

Alex turned and left.

Mr. Gonzalez broke out in a cold sweat, watching in astonishment as the back of the man left. Who

was he?

A robber. He must be a robber. And Mr. Gonzalez couldn’t mess with him!

Mr. Gonzalez designed a wedding dress for Clara, and Elvis was there to accompany her.

Olive stood outside. Feeling bored, she looked around.

At this moment, a large hand with clear joints suddenly stretched out, offering her something.

Olive looked down and it turned out to be a… lipstick.

Her slender eyelashes trembled. She lifted her head, and Alex’s deep narrow eyes magnified endlessly
in her field of vision.

Alex came and gave her lipstick.

Olive has received gifts, such as a One Love ring and roses, but she has never received lipstick.

“Where did you take this?” Olive asked.

Alex watched her, pursed his lips, and said. “I just bought it for you.”

He actually went to buy lipstick.

Olive blushed and turned to leave, “I don’t want it. You can give it to someone else.”

But she had barely taken two steps when Alex chased her from behind, grabbed her slender arm, and
pushed her against the wall

He handed the lipstick to her, “I don’t know what color you like. Try it. See if it suits you.”

…”This man!

Did he give her lipstick and tell her to put it on for him?

Olive refused again, “No, I don’t want to!”

Alex’s tall and straight shadow covered her face, and then he reached out to open the lipstick box
directly, one hand pinching her small face, the other hand applying lipstick to her.

Being teased, Olive immediately frowned, calling out his name in a low voice, “Elvis!”

Alex is Elvis!

Alex is the real Elvis and the current Elvis with Clara is fake!

Alex leaned against her, and pushed her into a dark corner, his lips slightly curved, his deep voice filled
with affection, “So you recognize me?”

Olive looked at him. Even without a handsome face like a statue, he still makes people blush and their
hearts beat fast.

A monster indeed.

Olive smiled with her red lips and white teeth, and teased him, “Mr. Augustine, you really opened my
eyes. Without looks or identity, you can still charm women with your capital. Clara is very interested in

Alex focused on helping her put on lipstick with his eyelids down. He pressed his tall, straight body
down, pinning her between his chest and the wall, raising his eyebrows with a faint smile, and said, “I
don’t care if I can seduce her. I just want to know if I can seduce you

Olive’s face turned even redder because last night’s intimate image suddenly popped into her head.

She doesn’t know if she thinks too much or not, but she always feels that he slept with her last night,
that’s why he gave her lipstick today.

Hmm, this guy!

“Mr. Augustine, do you want to hear the truth? No truth!”

“Haha.” A deep laugh came from Alex’s muscular chest, “Did Clara give you the USB?”

Did he know all this?

Surely everything that happens now is within his control, and he has a plan.


“The Elvis on the USB looks exactly like me. Olive, how do you know it’s not me?”


Olive hastily raised her hand to push him, “I won’t tell you!”

Alex pursed his lips, lowering his voice so that only the two of them could hear him: “Olive, do your
recognize me because of my capital?”

How…. shameless! What a narcissist!

Olive looked up at him, saying. “Don’t peek at me, I won’t recognize you.”

His deep and hot gaze followed her closely, and it was hard for her not to notice.

There was a smile in Alex’s h oa rse voice, “I just love watching you pretend to be on the outside, but
inside your head is filled with cries of wanting to take my clothes off!”

Olive quickly covered his thin lips and glared at him angrily.

Her little face was flushed red, like a delicate rose. That said, how should she behave in t

the future?

Alex decided not to tease her anymore. He put away the lipstick, pleased to see his masterpiece, “It’s

He is a straight man, so the first lipstick he bought was the color men usually buy.

Olive’s lips are so beautiful, pure, and slender, this pink color goes well, and the lipstick is so seductive,
making people not help but want to kiss her.

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