The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 694 Elvis and Olive’s Wedding

As the wedding day drew nearer, Clara became more and more arrogant. She phoned Molly, “Mom,
everything is fine now. I will marry Elvis. When Elvis’s identity is exposed, I will become his queen and
the queen of the world.”

Clara never forgot her duty. She is the one who will become the queen.

Molly was silent for a few seconds and then cautiously said, “Clara, I always feel like everything is
going so well, but it makes me feel insecure. How has Elvis been treating you lately? You must tell me
the truth.”

Clara blushed and shyly said. “Mom, Elvis has been nice to me lately.”


“Of course it’s true. We’re already half cohabitating. I’ve woken up several times in his arms.” Clara’s
point was very clear. She and Elvis slept together several times. Other things can be fake, but making
love can’t be fake.

Molly heard that and quickly smiled and said, “Clara, then I can rest assured.”

“Mom, Sadie is still in our hands. Right now I’m holding Elvis’s heart. After we get married, we will be
willing to destroy Olive and Sadie together. There will be no trouble in the future!” Clara said. In her

eyes. there was a ferocious murderous intent.

Molly nodded, “I think so too. Clara, you should rest assured to be Elvis’s wife first!”

In the blink of an eye, the wedding day had arrived.

The wedding of the century was held at the Enchanted Villa. In the banquet hall, there were signs of
the bride and groom. Elvis Augustine and Olive Hart.

Clara immediately froze when she saw these two signs. Today is the century wedding between Clara
and Elvis, but the bride’s sign is Olive.

Everyone knows that today is Elvis and Olive’s wedding!

Olive is about to become Mrs. Augustine!

It was only then that Clara realized that she had always been Olive’s shadow, feeling so bad like she
really attended Elvis and Olive’s century wedding alone.

Clara quickly got rid of these strange thoughts. This morning she woke up in Elvis’ arms, his
tenderness towards her wouldn’t be fake.

A man like Elvis wouldn’t touch a woman if he didn’t like her.

Clara entered the bride’s dressing room and wore a wedding dress made by Bridal Fantasy for her. The
wedding dress was covered with flowers and rhinestones. The makeup artist praised: “Wow, Miss Hart,
you are so beautiful. Tonight you are the most beautiful bride in the world.”

Clara held the wedding dress with both hands, twirling a few times in front of the mirror. The wedding
dress with flowers and diamonds accentuated her nobility. She looked as beautiful as a peony in full

Today is her big wedding day to Elvis. Today she will marry him and become Mrs. Augustine!

Clara pursed her lips, showing a triumphant smile. She finally got her wish

She was the last to laugh.


Chapter 554 Elvis and Dave’s Wedding

She won.

Olive was defeated by her.




At this point, the makeup artist excitedly said: “Miss Hart, look quickly. Mr. Augustine is here! The
groom is here!”

Standing in front of the window, Clara quietly stretched out her index finger and lifted the curtains. one
by one. Outside, there were many flowers, and Elvis tall and straight body caught her eye in an


Elvis today wore a hand-crafted black suit, ironed straight without a wrinkle, his neat short hair was
pulled up, parted in a side part, revealing the perfect lines like a sketch, extremely handsome in this


Several bosses were talking to him, and he shoved one hand in his pocket and listened nonchalantly,
revealing his high-class elegance and indifference.

Clara’s eyes showed a deep fascination. She fell in love with this cold, indifferent, noble, and powerful
man from the moment she first saw him.

Today, she finally came to him.

She will become his queen.

Clara let out a breath. Only then did Elvis raise his head, peering through with his long, narrow eyes,

Their eyes met. Clara was embarrassed, and Elvis was cold and indifferent.

Her heart immediately sk ipped a beat. Why did he coklly look at her like that? This morning he was still

In the blink of an eye, Elvis turned into a different person.

Was it her hallucination?

At this time someone came in, saying, “Bride, the auspicious hour has come. You can go out.”

Clara withdrew her doubts, feeling that she was thinking too much.

Elvis now treats her very well, and Sadie is

in their hands, Olive doesn’t dare bother. Everything is going smoothly according to plan. Today she
just has to marry Elvis beautifully and make all the women in the world jealous,

Moreover, Elvis is such a cold and ruthless person, which is normal.

Clara showed a perfect smile, “Okay, I’m here.”

She stepped outside.

At this moment, the melodious phone ringtone sounded, it was Clara’s phone.

It’s a pity that she left and her phone was left here.

At this time, the caller’s ID appeared on the phone screen, it was Molly calling.

No one picked up. Molly called a second time, then a third time… She must have something very
important to tell Clara.

However, Clara didn’t take the call, and the melodious cell phone rang again and again in the empty
dressing room.

When Clara arrived at the wedding ceremony, several noble ladies and famous ladies immédiately
surrounded her and almost hailed her to the sky.

“The bride is so beautiful today.”

“The bride will now marry the biggest tycoon in the world and become the first lady. In the future, she
will support us a lot.”

Clara smiled. At this moment, she really felt like she had the whole world. Seeing Elvis at this time, she
hurried to face him, “Elvis…”

She wanted to reach out and grab his strong arm.

But he moved away and wouldn’t let her touch him at all.

Clara’s hands immediately stiffened, extremely embarrassed.

This scene was seen by the ladies. Everyone’s expression changed, they whispered:

“What’s going on? Mr. Augustine won’t let the bride touch him?“

“Today I don’t see a smile on Mr. Augustine’s face. He seems very unhappy.

Clara was taken aback. She didn’t know what Elvis was doing. There were so many people around to

watch, and he made her embarrassed that she couldn’t get off the stage.

“Elvis,” Clara hastily forced an evil smile, “I feel the time has come. The wedding may begin.”

Clara had a very bad premonition. She was urging the wedding.

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