The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 697 Putting On His Wedding Dress (1)

Olive did not think that the scene in the hotel was a joint scene between Nathan and Elvis, so she was
pleasantly surprised.

Now, when she heard Nathan tell her that he and Elvis would protect her in the future, Olive’s face
suddenly beamed with a smile.

She felt that all the pains she had experienced in Visionary had vanished.

Olive reached out and hugged Nathan. She nodded forcefully, “Alright, from now on, I’ll leave myself to
be protected by Nathan.”

Nathan was naturally a calm kid, and he didn’t know how to speak sweet words.

He already knew how much his mother had suffered to give birth to him, because his dad had shown
him the video on the USB flash drive.


promised himself that in the future, no one would bully his mother.

Looking at the warm and loving scene of Olive and her son, Clara felt really jealous. She couldn’t
understand why life wasn’t fair to her.

Clara retracted her gaze and looked at Elvis again, “Did you already know that I was not Olive?” She


Olive also looked at Elvis. In fact, she really wanted to know when Elvis broke through the mermen’s
seductive skills and recognized her.

Elvis pursed his thin lips, and then he said, “I didn’t recognize who you were at first, but that didn’t stop
me from staying away from you. Although all I saw was Olive’s beautiful face, my body rejected you. I
didn’t want to get close to you at all, I even hated you, yes, I hate you.”

“Olive had become Sadie. The first time I saw Sadie, I halted, as if something was attracting me, so I
couldn’t look away. Every time I saw her, my heart was moved.”

“Back then in Gold City Palace, I heard her call, and that was when I recognized her.”

Clara was really anxious about this, but now that she heard it, she regretted asking.

She couldn’t believe that the seduction of her people couldn’t trap Elvis. She still found it complacent.

At this moment, Olive stood up. She led Nathan to Elvis’s side.

“The seductive tricks and so-called curses of the Mermen were nothing but a mirror image of the past. I
hope you can see with this that your people aren’t that powerful.” Olive said to her.

Clara looked at the family of three who stood before her. Elvis was the first man to break the charm of
the mermen. He broke the mirage.

“Olive, you won. Now of course, everything you said was right. I think you once said that you trust Elvis,
and you would lose everything to bet on Elvis, because you believe that he’ll win.”

Elvis turned and looked at Olive, and he reached out to grasp her soft little hand, “Have you ever
gambled on this?”

Olive also turned and smiled at him. “Yeah, this is the biggest bet I’ve ever played.”

“Were you ever been afraid?” Elvis asked

Olive gently shook her head, “No. I know, you’ll never let me down.”

Elvis’s resolute heart suddenly softened. He tightly held her soft little hand and never wanted to let go.

Olive looked at Clara again, “Back then, the ancestor of Greenland and our ancestor were lovers. The
two of them had fallen in love with cach other. Unfortunately, our ancestor was too sharp and bright,
and gradually suppressed the light of the ancestor of Greenland. Since then, the heart of the ancestor
of Greenland was far away from her.”

“Our ancestor was so powerful that she could do anything, but unfortunately, she did not know how to
subdue and control men, so the direct reason why that relationship came to the end was not the
seductive tricks of the Mermen, but the hearts of the ancestor of Greenland.”

“Our ancestor probably didn’t understand until the moment she died that the sad dest feeling in her
relationship was that she was planning a bright future for them, but he had already left her alone in the

Clara looked at Olive in a daze. She had seen the portrait of the ancestor of Visionary on the scroll.

However, Olive was more delicate, softer, and smarter than the ancestor of Visionary.

“A man is the most powerful weapon in the world. A woman should know how to control a man and
have him fight for her.” Olive added.

Clara suddenly felt a sense of awe towards Olive.

“Olive, let’s go,” Elvis said.

Olive nodded, “Alright.”

The family of three turned around and disappeared from sight.

When she walked outside, Olive looked at Elvis, and said, “Clara has been arrested now, but Molly is
on the run. I think she must have fled to the mermen land.”

Elvis looked at Olive. His handsome eyebrows were filled with tenderness and love. He squeezed her
little hand, “Olive, the wedding is still going on. At this wedding, you have nothing else to talk about,

Olive suddenly realized something, “By the way, now that Clara has been arrested, this wedding had
come to a complete success. It’s time to end it.”

What she thought about was to end the wedding. But a frown appeared on Elvis’s face.

Looking at Elvis’s ugly face, Olive hesitated for a moment. “Did I say something wrong?

Elvis immediately let go of her hand. “What did you say wrong? Is that what you should say? Think
about it yourself.”

With that, he raised his legs and walked away.

Looking at his tall figure, Olive shook her head.

She felt like Elvis was too uncertain. She couldn’t understand how she had offended him.

At this moment, Nathan exclaimed, “Wow, mummy, look, that wedding dress is so beautiful.”

Wedding dress?

Olive quickly looked up. She immediately saw a fiery red wedding dress in the window in front of her.

The fiery crown was red, and the color blazed incomparably. Olive couldn’t help but stare in

Olive was startled. Wasn’t this the same wedding dress she had seen in the Tas sel Pavillon?

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