The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 698: Putting On His Wedding Dress (2)

Why was the ancient wedding dress here?

That day, she heard the master from the Tas sel Hall say this ancient wedding dress could not be

made at all, but now it appeared here.

The fiery red crown was far more stunning and shocking than what was seen in the design draft. The
hand-inlaid gold threads on it looked flawless and dazzling in the sunlight. The beauty was amazing.

“Mummy,” Nathan grabbed the corner of Olive’s skirt, “Mummy, hurry up and put on that wedding

Olive pointed at herself, “Me?”

Olive didn’t think it was a good idea. She guessed that wedding dress was prepared for Clara.
Unfortunately, Clara wasn’t going to wear the wedding dress.

“Yeah,” Nathan nodded forcefully, “I’ve never taken a picture with mummy. Mummy must be beautiful in
this wedding dress. I want to take a picture with my beautiful mummy.”

Nathan’s big eyes were full of plea and anticipation. Everyone knew that Olive had never been able to
refuse the request of children, but…it was a little weird to havetily put on that ancient wedding dress.

Before Olive could give it a thought, Nathan had already pulled her hand and ran in, “Mummy, hurry up
and change.”

Olive could only go in and change into the ancient wedding dress.

When she changed into the wedding dress, a top makeup artist was already waiting in the room.

“Miss Hart, please, I’ll do your makeup now.” The makeup artist smiled gently.

Could it be that this was also a necessary part of taking pictures with Nathan?

“Oh, alright.” Olive sat in front of the dresser,

Half an hour later, when everything was done, Olive stood up and looked around. “Where’s Nathan?
Why is Nathan missing?”

Where was the little guy who wanted to take a picture with her?

“Miss Hart, are you looking for Prince Augustine? This way, please,” the waiter led Olive to a door.

Olive asked suspiciously, “Is Nathan inside?”

“Yes, Miss Hart, Prince Nathan is waiting for you inside. Not only Prince Nathan, but Levi and Ivy are all
here. They are all waiting for you.”

Levi and Ivy also came?

What’s going on here?

Olive always felt that she was living in a fog, as if everyone was hiding something from her.

“Miss Hart, don’t be nervous. I’ll open the door now. You can just walk out. The people outside are your
favorite people.”

With that, the waiter gently pushed open the white door in front of her.

The bright light outside quickly filtered through. Olive raised her eyes and her bright eyes

This was because, the white door was the road leading to the wedding.

Elvis had three other people beside him, there were Levi, Nathan and Ivy.

Nathan and Levi both wore white shirts and ties. Ivy was wearing a beautiful princess dress.

All the guests stood on both sides, and everyone’s eyes displayed admiration and envy.

Olive’s eyelashes shivered and she was stunned.

“Mummy…” three little children in front of her looked at Olive and smiled happily.

At this moment, someone walked over.

Damien was here, Alpha was also here, and Olive saw Joyce and Anabelle in the audience. The
people she loved the most in her life were all here today.

Damien walked over to Olive’s side. He stretched out his arm, “Olive, daddy will bring you over. Elvis is
waiting for you over there. He has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Olive immediately understood what had happened. It turned out that everything that happened today
was planned. This was Elvis’s and Olive’s wedding. This was their wedding!

He didn’t even tell her anything, and he even teamed up with the children to surprise her on stage.

Olive suddenly remembered that she and Elvis hadn’t had a wedding yet.

Back then in Los Angeles, she married him and was taken to the Red Villa alone.

Olive’s clear eyes suddenly turned red. Her bright eyes moved down from Damien’s handsome face
and landed on her mother, Joyce and Aunt Annabelle.

Joyce’s eyes were also reddened. Looking at Olives’s inquiring gaze, she nodded with a wide smile.
Annabelle looked at Olive lovingly. Annabelle had long regarded Olive as her daughter.

Olive’s clear eyes stared ahead, and her gaze landed on Elvis’s handsome face.

Elvis and her three children stood patiently, as they waited for her. His deep and narrow eyes were
filled with love and tenderness.

Olive slowly raised her red lips. She raised her small hand and held Damien’s arm.

Damien led her down the red carpet and walked towards Elvis.

The hall was a crystal palace. It was as beautiful as the world from a fairy tale.

The wedding hall had been crowded with VIPs, and the audience were quiet as everyone looked at the
bride, Olive, as the slow music filled the hall.

Elvis stood in the middle of the crowd and looked at Olive as she walked towards him. She was
beautiful and slender, like a fairy which descended from the sky, gently landing on the tip of his heart.

Elvis remembered the day when he first met her on the train in Los Angeles. At that time, she had just
turned nineteen years old and her facial features had not fully developed.

In the blink of an eye, she had changed from the girl whose heart was fascinated to him, to the mother
of his child.

After a long journey, she finally arrived at his side.

Today, she was putting on his wedding dress, and had dressed up for him.

Her elegant appearance was forever engraved in his heart.

Elvis lifted his legs and walked towards her. He stopped in front of her with a steady and sonorous

Olive also stopped.

Damien reached out and handed Olive’s soft little hand to Elvis, “Elvis, I didn’t expect you to take away
my Olive in the end. I don’t have any requirements for you. For the rest of your life, love her well.”

This was an exhortation from a father to love his daughter for the rest of his life.

Elvis took Olives’s soft little hand and nodded solemnly, “Father-in-law, I will.”

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Chapter 698: Putting On His Wedding Dress (2)

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