The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter Chapter 706 Brother, You’re Too Latel

The manager of the hotel took Elvis to the door of a room and said, “Naomi is right here.”

A bodyguard stepped forward and kicked the room door open.

In the room, Naomi’s hands and feet were tied with ropes. A fat man held a whip in his hand and was
whipping her. His face was filled with a vicious and lewd smile.

Naomi was already weak. It was obvious that she had already received a lot of whips before Elvis
arrived. Now, her blood had seeped out, dyeing her white dress red.

The brutal abuse did not stop. The fat man swung the whip and slapped it on her on the body again,
“Naomi, where did you go last night? Are you cheating on me? If i don’t hit you for a day, you won’t feel

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and the whip in the fat man’s hand halted. “Who is
that?” the man asked impatiently.

In the next second, the fat man froze as he saw a group of men at the door.

Elvis walked in with sonorous steps. His narrow and deep eyes landed on the fat man.

The fat man was a thug in the area. He was very open and was not afraid of anything.

The fat man’s confidence slowly disappeared, “Who are you? How did you break into other people’s
rooms without permission?”

Before the fat man could finish his words, two bodyguards walked up to him and snatched the whip
from his hand and directly restrained him.

“Oh, let me go, this is a violation of my human rights! What on earth are you trying to do?” The fat man
struggled to break free from their grip.

Elvis raised his long legs and walked towards Naomi.

Naomi raised her head weakly, and looked at Elvis with her big watery eyes. “Mister, thank you…”
Peterson stepped forward and loosened the rope. Naomi’s weak hody fell directly towards Elvis. Elvis
stretched out his arm and caught Naomi’s slender body.

Naomi fell into Elvis’s arms, and she began to cry. She raised her head and looked at Elvis in a daze,
“Why do I… think you’re look familiar? What’s your name? Why do you always show up when I’m in

At this moment, the fat man scolded, “Naomi, I’m still here. You’re looking up with another man in front
of me. Do you think I’m dead?”

“Hey, mister, Naomi is my wife. We are married. We are husband and wife. You better not interfere in
other people’s home.”

Elvis frowned.

Peterson irritatedly warned, “Shut up! This is President Augustine!”

Mr. Augustine?

Naomi shuddered when she heard Peterson’s words. She looked at Elvis’s handsome face and
murmured, “Augustine.. Augustine…”

As she spoke, she raised her little hand with difficulty and grasped the necklace around her neck. Her
fingertips lingered on the word “Augustine” on the necklace. “Are you…my… big brother?” she asked

The Substitute Bride: Bused by My Hillandine Ulustand.

Chapter 706 Trailer, You’re Too Late!

Elvis’s looked at Naomi’s face which was covered in tears. He was silent for a few seconds, then he
nodded, “Yes, yes.”

Naomi’s pupils shrank, and she was shocked and confused, and there was also a trace of sadness in
her face.

“Big…big Brother, you’re finally here. You said…you said that you would come to pick me up, but I’ve
waited for you for so many years. You never showed up, you’re late, you’re really late…”

Elvis’s face was blank, but he took off his suit and draped it around Naomi’s slender shoulders, then he
held her tightly in his arms. And then he took her away.

“Hey, where are you taking my wife? That’s my wife!” The fat man shouted from behind

Elvis walked out of the room with Naomi in her arms. Naomi kept crying and her emotions were very

Peterson respectfully opened the back door of the Rolls–Royce. Elvis carried Naomi in, and the
luxurious car sped away.

At this moment, someone stood on the side of the road and had a panoramic view of the scene.

It was Elvis’s aunt, Bounty, who had just flown to Greenland.

Bounty had once sponsored a girl to school. The girl was very obedient and attentive. Bounty liked the
girl very much. She even brought her into the Augustine family for a while.

However, this girl’s life was not that rosy. She had recently heard that the girl had been sold by her
family to a thug who liked to abuse her. She was worried and rushed over to rescue her.

The girl was… Naomi.

Bounty was standing outside. She had seen when Elvis came out with Naomi in his arms. She never
expected to see Elvis here.

In the past three years, she had heard intermittently about Elvis and Olive from old Mrs. Samantha.
She knew that Olive had already given birth to triplets for Elvis.

Bounty really liked Olive. Olive was her favorite girl. She was smart and beautiful. She used to match
Olive with Marvin. She put the thought on hold and dismissed it.

Now, Bounty stood in shock as she watched Elvis hugging Naomi. She really did not know how the two
got entangled.

“Does Olive knows about this?” she wondered inwardly.

Hounty quickly took out her phone and took a picture of Elvis hugging Naomi in his arms.

Bounty was still very angry. Back then, because of Annabelle, she rolled down the stairs in the ninth
month of her pregnancy and the child was stripped from her womb. As a result, she injured her body
and became infertile.

Bounty knew the pains of pregnancy, and hence, she felt very sorry for Olive, who had given Elvis not
one but three children.

Seeing Elvis get entangled with Naomi, despite the fact that Naomi was a student she loved and
supported, Bounty couldn’t bear it.

She felt that Elvis had failed Olive!

Bounty planned to send the photo she had taken to Olive, but at this moment, her phone rang out. It
was a call from Lily.

Bounty did not recognize Annabelle as her sister–in–law. She only recognized Lily, and had doted on
Marvin, Lily’s child for many years.

Tu Yalatitudo Ürido: İnted bar Me tallinnoien Hubami

Bounty pressed the answer button, and placed the phone beside her ear, “Hello, sister–in–law,” she
said into the phone.

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