The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 711 Never Forgiving Her!

“At that time, we didn’t suspect anything, and I didn’t even think about it until there was a scream from
upstairs,” Bounty took in a deep breathe, and then continued.

“We were startled by the scream, and we quickly went upstairs to my room. I was the first to open the
door. I saw a scene that I would never forget for the rest of my life, Annabelle and Rory, they were
rolling on my bed, and their clothes were half torn and messy.”

“I can’t remember exactly what happened next, because I kinda froze. But I remember that I ran out
quickly. While descending the stairs, I fell and my baby was gone!” Bounty narrated, as tears welled up
in her eyes.

Olive quickly reached out and hugged Annabelle’s trembling shoulder. She gently patted her, “Principal
Bounty, everything is in the past now.”

“No,” Bounty shook her head, “It’s still not in the past. I still have nightmares every night. Do you know
that the dead child was operated out of my womb? Olive I can’t forget that.”

Olive loved Bounty very much. The loss of a child was something that no mother could bear. Now, any
words of comfort seemed useless. She could only pat Bounty on the back and silently mourn with her.

After Bounty had cried enough, her emotions slowly calmed down. She looked up at Olive, and said,
“Olive, I will never forgive Annabelle in my life. Stay away from her. She is not a good person at all!”
Olives’s eyes brightened, and she said. “Principal Bounty, that incident was very strange back then,
wasn’t it? If Aunt Annabelle wanted to cheat on Alpha with Rory, why would she choose to do so at
your birthday, and your room of all places? Why would she possibly do that there, when she knew that
she could be caught?

“That’s because my brother grounded Annabelle. She didn’t have a chance to cheat. My birthday gave
her a chance.”

“Okay, even if that makes sense, there’s another possibility. What if she was framed?”

Bounty sneered, “Olive, do you think we hadn’t checked? We checked the surveillance cameras from
the mansion.”

“In the surveillance video, after dinner, Annabelle searched for Rory and invited him into the room.
Annabelle had entered the room first. Rory, who initially reluctant, was finally unable to resist the
temptation, and had followed in. The two of them immediately got into the bed. This was verified by
Rory himself. It’s on the surveillance camera and the evidence were all there. Olive, do you still want to
say that she was framed?”

Olive quickly frowned. She knew that the Augustine family wasn’t a mere family. If such a big Incident
happened, the hostess of the family, Mrs. Samantha, and the astute Alpha, must be sure. It was
definitely investigated immediately.

The surveillance cameras and Rory’s confession made it difficult for Annabelle to get away.

Things were far more difficult than she had thought.

It was useless to talk about it now, it would only stimulate Bounty’s emotions.

“Oh,” Bounty said with a laugh,” Later, I opened his locked drawer. The drawer was full of portraits of

“After all we shared together, he forgot about that and fell in love Annabelle.”

“At that time, the baby was gone, and I was in despair. I filed for a divorce. He was ashamed and
signed the divorce agreement. Then he stayed away from Canada, I never want to see him again.”

Olive quickly analysed the whole issue in her head, not letting go of any clues. Now, she still wanted to
find Rory before she could conclude.

“Principal Bounty, if you trust me, let me investigate this matter.”.

“Olive, after I said so much, do you still think that Annabelle is a good person? She…”

Olive held onto Bounty’s cold hand. “Principal Bounty, if Aunty Annabelle is not a good person, then let
me take this opportunity to reveal her true colors. Isn’t it better?”

Bounty was startled.

“If Aunty Annabelle is a good person, it means that there was another secret back then. Principal
Bounty, don’t you want to find out the real murderer, do you want your baby to die in vain?” Olive
asked, her beautiful voice was sonorous and powerful.

Bounty was stunned. After a long time, she looked tired, as if all her strength had been drained. “Okay,
I’ll listen to you.”

Olive clenched Bounty’s hand. She always felt that there was something off about the incident. Since
then, a lot of things have happened between Alpha and Annabelle. These events seem to be
connected together. It seems that a long time ago, before anyone noticed, someone had already
planted a seed of dispute in the Augustine family.

In other words, there was always a pair of eyes staring at the Augustine family in the dark. Who was
that messenger, and what was his purpose?

Olive felt suspicious. She seemed to have sensed something, but she was unable to firmly grasp it.

Olive’s clear eyes slowly filled with a sharp light, and all of a sudden, she was radiant. She was never
afraid of difficulties and dangers.

“Principal Bounty, I think you’re very tired. I’ll drive you home to rest. From today onwards, I’ll see you
every day.”

Olive felt that the messenger in the dark had opened a gap in Bounty’s heart. Everything started from
Bounty, so she suspected that the messenger would still find Bounty.

Bounty nodded, “Okay, Olive, it’s best for you to speak with me. By the way, Olive, I have something to
tell you!”

Olive pursed her lips, and said “Go ahead, principal, I’m listening.”

“This matter is about Elvis, Olive, you have to prepare yourself me ntally.”

As Olive stared at Bounty’s solemn expression, she also restrained her smile. “Principal Bounty. what’s
wrong with Mr. Augustine? Did something happen to him?”

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