The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 724

Why are you blushing?


All because of the appearance of Olive!

Lily quickly stepped forward and hugged Bounty, pretending to comfort her: “Bounty, don’t think
anymore. You’re going to have a headache again. Rest well today.”

At this time, Betty came over and helped Bounty: “Miss, let’s go upstairs to rest.”

Bounty already had a headache, but when Betty approached, she seemed to hear a bell ringing on.
Betty’s body. This sound immediately made her feel like a pounding headache, unable to continue

Bounty’s spirit was so bad, her face was as pale as paper. She let Betty help her upstairs.

Lily watched Bounty’s figure disappear in the bedroom, and she quickly left the place.

When Lily went out, she felt a deep crisis. She didn’t expect that Olive would interfere in the affairs of
the Augustine family. This could be the beginning of a secret that has been hidden in the Augustine
family for decades.

And when Olive returns, Marvin might come too. Lily really didn’t want her son to have anything to do
with Olive.

Lily has been such a good mother for so many years. No matter what she did in private, she would
never tell Marvin.

Lily took out her cell phone and started contacting the person behind the scenes.

Lily knows that Nathan is a genius little ghost who is very good at locating and tracking, so she doesn’t
dare easily contact the person behind the scenes.

Now she doesn’t dare to call, afraid of leaving clues to be discovered, only sending messages.

This text message is very safe. It will be chopped and deleted once it is read and can’t be found.

Lily sent a message saying, “The situation has changed.”

Just then there was a “ding,” and a reply from backstage came, “Bounty won’t live two more days, so
don’t worry.”

Lily glanced at it, and the text message disappeared.

Bounty wouldn’t live more than two days…

Lily’s eyes narrowed. Although she doesn’t like Bounty, Bounty is part of the Augustine family, and she
can be influenced by that. Did the man behind the scenes really want to… do something with the
Augustine family?

In fact, Lily had no idea who was behind the scenes. It was the person behind the latter who contacted
her by phone first and revealed to her the childhood friendship between Marcus and Anabelle, which
was the reason for what happened next.

Lily and this person backstage had never met before. The person behind is quite mysterious and
powerful. His force seems to have entered their side early on and is ubiquitous. When Lily needed help
the most, a hand reached out, so she cooperated with him.

Now the guy behind the scenes will attack Bounty, Lily is very scared. She is afraid that the trouble this
time will be too big and she won’t be able to escape,

She sent another message, “I don’t want to be exposed.”


Chapter 721 Why are you blushing?

“Ding,” answered the other end of the line, “Don’t worry. One arrow hits two targets. In addition to
Bounty, I will eliminate Anabelle for you.”

Remove Anabelle?

Lily’s heart immediately fluttered. She hates Anabelle so much because she took everything from her. It
would be great if there was no Anabelle in this world.

Now her biggest wish is about to come true. Lily’s eyes suddenly lit up, the malice and greed in her
heart still swallowed everything.

Lily walked arrogantly in her high heels.

Anabelle slowly opened her eyes and looked around bewildered. Where is she now?

She’s still in Alpha’s mansion, which is the guest room.

Now it’s the next morning. The bright morning sunlight outside shone through the window curtains,
bringing warmth into the room.

How did she sleep here again?

Anabelle sat up in shock. Now she felt pain all over her body as if she had been run over by a wheel.

This feeling isn’t new to her. She had the same feeling after that wild dream before. Anabelle, who had
been through this, of course, knew what this feeling meant.

She remembered last night’s dream. Alpha entered her room, undressed her, and….

That dream was so real. The first time she had such a dream, she was still a bit uncertain, but if there
was a second time, there must be something wrong with her.

After all, that’s Alpha’s personality. He is a mess. What could he have done to her?

She remembered drinking a cup of tea last night. Did Alpha send someone to put drugs in her tea, then
give her…?

Anabelle was very angry. She had to ask him clearly. If he really treated her like that, he was…
despicable and vulgar luxury–dressed beast!

After taking a bath, she quickly went out. Not seeing Alpha, she asked a servant, “Where’s your

“Go back, madam. He’s in the bedroom.”

Anabelle immediately ran to his bedroom in anger. She thought that in a moment, she would be cruel
when she entered. If he still thinks that she is as easy to bully as many years ago, then he is sorely

As soon as she reached the bedroom door, she stopped walking because, beside Alpha, there were
other people in the bedroom, moreover a doctor.

The doctor wearing a white coat respectfully said: “Mr. Augustine, I just checked your body. The wound
on your body hasn’t healed yet. The fatal slash many years ago really hurt you. We have made a new
drug. Please take it first and see how it works in the later stages.”

Anabelle at the door,

“I She was very angry at first but now stiffened. She seemed to have forgotten a very important matter,
which was that Alpha wasn’t well!

The doctor is here now, and apparently, he’s been treating it for years, but it doesn’t seem to work.

If he can’t be treated, then he won’t be able to rape her. Anabelle was a little embarrassed:

Then what happened to her wild dreams?

He didn’t do anything and these dreams were all her imagination. She had a wild dream about Alpha,
and then hurriedly ran up to him to settle the accounts.

Anabelle’s face immediately became hot. Her personality used to be cold and shy, now she just feels
embarrassed and wants to find a hole to hide in the ground.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened, and Alpha’s steady and straight body appeared in her line
of sight. He asked, “What did you come here to find me for?”

Alpha is here.

Anabelle raised her head and met his long, narrow eyes. Now he looked at her straight and calm, very
much like an innocent good person.

“I…” Anabelle had prepared a thousand words, but now she couldn’t say a single word, and she didn’t
know what to say.

Alpha looked at her, suddenly curling his thin lips, “Why are you blushing?”

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