The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 716 Los Angeles is where the story begins

Naomi reminisced and said, “At that time, big brother, you were in a coma in the snow, so cold that you
froze and your breath was so weak. I could only drag you to a cave nearby and light a fire to keep you

“But the temperature was so low, you were so cold that your lips turned dark. I could only… I could only
take off my shirt and hug you tight. We hugged each other to keep warm on the snowy night. I also
spoke to your ear, constantly encouraging you. I said ‘Big brother, you must be persistent”.” Elvis
listened silently. When Pamela found him with the jade pendant years ago, he didn’t suspect her, so he
didn’t let her recall the situation at the time. Now Naomi is narrating. Every scene and every sentence
she said was true, just like in his memory.

“Then, big brother, when you woke up, you gave me a jade pendant and said… you would come back
to find me. You will definitely find me…”

“But I’ve been waiting for you for many years and you still haven’t come. I still hang around my neck the
jade you gave me, cherish it. My biggest wish is to be able to reunite with you, big brother.”

Naomi looked at Elvis with teary eyes. She was embarrassed to say it, full of affection, her eyes
seemed to captivate everyone.

Elvis’ face didn’t change, he said calmly: “Then you can stay here for the time being, take care of your
health first.”

He didn’t say anything except this.

Naomi was a little disappointed. Elvis is a very wise and alert man. She combined hard and soft,

unleashing her sugar-coated shell attacks repeatedly but he didn’t respond. She couldn’t see what he
was thinking.

“Big brother, did Sis Hart misunderstand? I think she doesn’t like me…” Naomi said aggrievedly.
Referring to Olive, Elvis’ handsome eyebrows were filled with tenderness. He said, “Don’t appear in
front of her in the future. I will calm her down slowly, I will definitely coax her well.”

Naomi froze.

“By the way, she doesn’t really like you right now, so don’t make her unhappy. Stop calling me brother.”
After saying that, Elvis turned to leave.

Naomi froze in place, her face pale. She never thought she would go on stage with a wound,
pretending to be weak and pitiful, but he treated her with such indifference and callousness.

Damn it!

In the office.

Elvis sat in his office chair, and Peterson presented a sealed portfolio, “Sir, here are all the details of
Naomi’s Ufe.”

Elvis opened the folder and quickly looked through it with his dark eyes.

“Sir, are you doubting Naomi? According to the news, she didn’t lie. She told the truth.”

Elvis wrote down the information. It seems like Naomi really doesn’t have any problem, but he always
feels like there is one.

That year, a lot of things happened to the Augustine family. His mother jumped from the high platform
of the Red Velvet room into the river and disappeared. He got agitated at his mother’s funeral and was
forced into a m ental hospital.

He was in a m ental hospital for two years and then came out. On the way to Los Angeles, he was
hunted again, trapped in the snow and almost died.

All of this happened by chance, like a string, tying him and the fate of the entire Augustine family

In those few years, the Augustine family seemed to be covered in a layer of clouds, suffocating death
to the point that it was difficult to breathe.

Elvis always felt that there was a powerful behind-the-scenes manipulator behind all of this.

Now all the evidence proves to him that the girl who saved him in the snow was Naomi, but there is
always a voice inside telling him no, definitely not her.

What will she bring when she shows up now?

Elvis twisted his thin lips into a slight and dangerous arc. Although he can’t see through these doubts.
now, the ghosts and monsters around him are ready to move and start appearing. He doesn’t need to
do anything, just quietly observe.

Elvis lowered his eyes, his gaze fell on a photograph. This was where he was stuck and where he met
the girl.

Elvis suddenly narrowed his eyes and picked up the photo to examine it closely.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” Peterson asked in a low voice.

Elvis said slowly: “I don’t know why looking at this place now, I feel a bit familiar. It seems to be back in
the past

“Sir, think about it for a moment.”

Elvis closed his eyes, then shook his head, “I don’t remember exactly, but this place feels very familiar
to me, like… in that place where I used to be.”

In fact, the place in this photo is the countryside where Olive grew up, but it’s far from the old place.
Four years ago, Elvis was seriously ill, Olive took him home,

It was a pity that Elvis had been brought in by Olive with his eyes closed, and he had been brought out
by Alpha.

There were the sweetest times between him and her.

Peterson said, “Sir, this is also Los Angeles. Besides, you and that girl met in Los Angeles, and you
and Miss Hart met there, too, Los Angeles is where it all started.”

Elvis recalled the first time he and Olive met on a train in Los Angeles. At that time, he was chased

again by a rival in business but he always felt like it was a stranger.

The first time he met that girl and the second time he met Olive, the wheel of fate kept spinning as if
there was some arrangement in the dark. Los Angeles is where every story begins.

Elvis opened the bottom drawer and put the picture in. He said, “Don’t tell Olive about that girl. She’ll
surely think about it.”

Previously in Los Angeles, he told her that Pamela saved him and she was very jealous. It was
undeniable that the girl that year was a weak point in his heart, of course, now his heart has been given
to her.

If Olive knew now that Pamela just left and Naomi had come, she would definitely be jealous, Jealous
women are scary. Before he did anything, he betrayed his loved ones, severely punished by his two
young children and his wife’s parents. He didn’t want to make things worse.

“I got it, sir.”

Olive returned to her apartment. Sadie said, “Rory Louie’s whereabouts have been found.”

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