The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 727 Why am I still alive?

She was both worried and scared, her small hands clutching the bed sheet, quickly pulling the bed
sheet into folds. His slender fingers would slip into her small hand, intertwined with hers.

In the end, under her half-accepting resistance, he had a good time with her.

When she fell asleep tiredly, Elvis sometimes cried so he stood up and hugged the little boy and used
awkward positions to lull him to sleep.

That period was the happiest time of his life. The girl he loved became his wife and the mother of his
son. The awkward love affair was too late to say. It seemed that her love for him was as turbulent and
intense as his love for her.

He thought that would be his life.

But who could know that she was actually pretending? She contacted Marcus again.

In fact, Alpha didn’t want to think about the memory after that, and he never thought about it in all these

The day she brought Marcus to the Red Velvet room, she ruined herself as well as him.

Those days he went to work. Because he missed her and their child, he returned a day earlier than
planned, wanting to surprise her.

He returned to the Red Velvet room, walked to the bedroom, and reached out to push the door open,
but the next second froze.

Because there was a voice from within, an abnormal voice.

It was Anabelle’s soft, waxy voice, “Marcus, be gentler. I can’t stand it…”

He immediately froze, and his black pupils suddenly shrunk. He didn’t mishear her voice. When he was
infatuated with her countless nights, she would make the same sound, begging him to let her go…

It’s just that now her voice is more subtle and seductive than usual.

He was stunned for a few seconds, raised his long leg, and kicked the bedroom door open with a bang.

He never forgot the sight he had seen all these years.

On the bed, Anabelle sat on top of Marcus, their clothes in disarray, the man’s wheat skin rubbing
against the woman’s white skin, making his eyes sore.

It was Marcus who saw him first, pulling up the clothes to protect Anabelle, then she turned around.

The woman smiled at him.

He thought that his face must have been hideous then, his bright red eyes staring at her, but she wasn’t
scared at all, slowly getting out of bed.

-She had almost taken off all her clothes, except for her two-piece dress, her small snow-white feet
stepped on the soft woolen carpet, each step exuding a seductive charm.

Anabelle, a talented girl from a generation that was once cold and elegant, was pampered by him with
such passionate affection in the Red Velvet room.

She looked at him, a smile in her beautiful almond eyes. She asked, “Alpha, why did you come back?
Didn’t you say you would come back tomorrow? I’m sorry to let you see this. Are you surprised?”

“Me and Marcus were childhood sweethearts. You forced me to marry you and keep me here. I’ll tell
you the truth. I have never forgotten Marcus even for a day! I always want to escape from you!”

“But who are you? You’re Alpha Augustine. No matter where I run away, you’ll catch me back. I can’t
beat you. But it’s okay. I have carefully planned and prepared a great gift for you!”

“Alpha, do you think I’ve become abnormal after having a baby? You shouldn’t be so naive as to think I
love you. Don’t be so infatuated. I’ve never loved you before. Every minute and every second spent
with you, I feel so disgusted. I lied to you, let your guard down, gave you hallucinations, then pushed
you from heaven to hell. Alpha, you must be finding it hard to hear it now!”

“Alpha, I hate you. I really hate you. You ruined my life so I want revenge!”

Every word she said filled his eardrums. He glared at her with his red eyes and clenched his fists. All
his reason was burned to ashes

He stepped forward on his long legs, grabbed her slender wrist forcefully, and pulled her away. She
didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to go with him.

He turned his head to look at her faintly, coldly smiled, and said: “I was wrong. Letting Marcus live for
the past two years was my biggest mistake. He should have died a long time ago, right?”

Hearing such a threat, Anabelle was startled. She followed him.

He took her out of the Red Velvet room, went to a small wooden house, threw her into the bathroom,
and coldly said a few words: “Take off your clothes. Wash your dirty body!”

He closed the door and let her shower.He stood on the balcony of the room, holding a cigarette in his
slender fingers. He smoked a lot, three in a row.

The third cigarette butt had gone out in the ashtray. He turned his head, his red phoenix eyes fixed the
bathroom door. As if a long century had passed, she still hadn’t come out.

Stepping forward on his long legs, he put his big hand on the doorknob, wanting to open the door.

However, he couldn’t open it because she locked the door inside.

His heart sank, and he suddenly had a bad feeling. He raised his leg and kicked the door.

The door opened, and he walked in. He stepped on the water all over the floor. The water in the
bathtub spilled out, and under the water, there was a graceful figure lying.

Her beautiful black hair was scattered in the water, and her white bodice was wavy, giving her a cold
and dust-free appearance. She closed her eyes, her bright red lips curled into a smile. That smile was
so charming, gentle, and peaceful.

She committed suicide.

She wanted to commit suicide by drowning.

His black pupils shrank vehemently. He didn’t know how he went forward and how he hugged her from
the water. He hugged her and placed her on the large soft bed in the room, time and time again
performing CPR for her.Her small face was pale, lifeless.

She died.

Was she dead?

His handsome face was expressionless, his large hands overlapping her breasts, pressing down. He
didn’t know what he was doing. If she didn’t wake up, he would press down forever.

A long time later, when he was about to go numb, she spat out a mouthful of water and regained

Her beautiful almond eyes slowly opened, staring blankly at the crystal chandelier overhead, a few
seconds later she muttered: “Alive… Why am I still alive?”

She asked why she was still alive.

He was panting, his shirt and trousers soaked with water, sweat running down his handsome cheeks.
He looked down at her, wishing he could strangle her to death.

He didn’t know how she committed suicide.

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