The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 739: Sing My Love To You

Molly looked at Olive in horror. She suddenly realized that with her exposure, the fact that the Mermen
had been infiltrating the Augustine family had also been exposed.

“No, it’s not like that Olive, I just want to retaliate against you, don’t think too much!” Molly quickly
denied it.

Olive looked at Molly and winked playfully at her, “What, are you afraid?” she asked.

“Afraid? What am I afraid of?” Molly questioned unbelievably.

“Because of you alone, the power of the entire merman race has been exposed. All of your hardwork
and careful planning over the years have been ruined at this moment. Without Lily, you guys are
useless. What are you guys afraid of?” Olive asked with a clever smile.

Molly sucked in a breath of cold air, as she stared at Olive in horror.

Since Olive had more important things to do, she decided not to pay Molly anymore attention

She looked at Alpha beside her, “Uncle Augustine, have people keep a close look on Molly and Lily.
Things are far from simple. I want to investigate carefully, but I have to see Aunt Bounty as a priority.”

Alpha nodded and looked at Aiden beside him. “Handle it,” he instructed.

Aiden nodded, as he looked at Olive with more respect

Olive and Alpha walked towards the ward together. Alpha h ooked his thin lips with interest, “What
about Rory, did you not bring him back?”

Olive smiled and did not say anything.

Alpha’s gaze was a little far-reaching, “Rory is like a tortoise with a shrinking head. He did not dare to
come back. He’s trying to protect himself, I’m sure you can’t bring him back.”

When they arrived at the door of the ward, Olive slowly stopped. Her bright eyes were filled with a
bright smile. “Uncle Alpha, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you, because I’ve already brought Rory back.”

This time, Alpha was stunned.

Olive stretched out her slender hand and pushed open the door of the ward, then walked in. Nathan
raised his face and looked at his grandfather, “Grandfather, you lost this time.

Alpha raised his big palm and fondly touched Nathan’s head, “Okay, your mummy is amazing, your
mummy is the best.”

In the ward, Alplia walked in. Olive had already put away the gold needle. The heartbeat monitor
beside her showed that everything was normal. Bounty had recovered her breathing and heartbeat, but
her face was very pale. She laid motionlessly, still not awakened.

“When will Bounty wake up?” Alpha asked in a low voice.

Olive covered Bounty with the blanket and shook her head, “Aunty Bounty’s health is fine now. I’ve
cured her of the poison of the mermen, but Aunty Bounty is tired. When she will wake up depends on
when she wants to wake up.”

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open again, and someone appeared beside the door.
It was Rory, whom Alpha had not seen for many years.

Back then, Rory and Bounty were a match made in heaven.

Rory stood by the door and his eyes fell on Bounty.

After a while, he walked over to Bounty’s bed. His trembling fingertips touched Bounty’s cold hand. He
lowered his head and choked with pain.

Alpha looked at Rory eyes with cold eyes.

However, a slender hand reached out and directly blocked his path.

Alpha lowered his eyes and looked at Olive.

Olive faced him and slowly shook her head.

Alpha looked up at Bounty on the hospital bed again. Bounty was still asleep, but two tears quickly fell
from the corner of her eyes and disappeared instantly.

Alpha’s tightly clenched fist suddenly loosened.

Olive looked at Rory and said. “Mr. Louie, you have taught and educated people over the years, and
you have raised many outstanding children. I just don’t know if you have been redeemed by yourself.
This time I brought you back. I want you to save someone who you should have saved many years
ago, but you have been unwilling to save her. Maybe only after you save her, can you save yourself.”

The dim yellow light shone on Olive’s delicate and beautiful face, exuding her seriousness. Hearing her
words, Rory’s heavy and vicissitudes shoulder collapsed in such an instant. He calmly sobbed.

Alpha left the hospital. He stood on the street, and the cold wind blew the hem of his black coat.

At this moment, he heard a calm approaching footsteps. It was Olive. light

Alpha did not look back. He whispered, “How did you bring Rory back?”

Olive stood beside Alpha, “It’s very simple. The longer a person is in the tortoise shell, the less he
wants to come out. The only way is to break his tortoise shell so that he has nowhere to hide.”

Alpha turned his head and looked at Olive. “You really have the guts.”

“Thank you, Uncle Alpha, for your compliment.”

At this moment, a few bodyguards led Molly out. Olive said, “Uncle Alpha, I’ll take Molly with me.” Alpha
pursed his thin lips, and then he said, “You can hand her to me. After all, this is an old story of the
Augustine family. You may not know the details.”

Olive tilted her head and said, “Uncle Augustine, you are invulnerable in front of others, but in front of
Aunty Bounty, you threw away your armor. Back then, the Mermen played you an exquisite. game in
the name of love.”

Alpha’s gaze fell on Olive’s face.

Alpha calmly looked back and did not say anything.

In the next second, a deep and magnetic voice said, “It’s already so late. People who don’t know you
two may think that you guys are talking about love.”

Olive swiftly turned around. She saw a familiar tall figure under the dim street light. It was Elvis.

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