The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 744 Sleeping In With Her

Elvis’s handsome face did not reveal the slightest emotion. He kissed Olive’s cheek, “Olive, don’t
mention unimportant people at this time.”

Olive turned her head and avoided his kiss. She quietly sat up from the bed, then raised her eyebrows
and said, “Mister Augustine, don’t change the subject. It’s been a long time.”

Elvis also sat up. He smiled and said, “You’re jealous.”

Olive smiled and said softly, “Mr. Augustine, why the f uck do you know that I’m jealous and still keep

Elvis stretched out his fingers and held her small chin. His handsome eyebrows were filled with soft
doting, “Girls are not allowed to say dirty words.”

“That’s a coincidence. Not only do I like to swear, I like to hit people!” Olive stretched out her foot and
kicked Elvis off the bed.

Elvis was completely unprepared.

His handsome face turned cold.

Elvis had never received such a cold reception before. He frowned as he stared at the little woman on
the bed.

Olive raised her eyebrows and looked back at him, her seductive eyes shone.

“Mr. Augustine, let me tell you, I’m giving you time to deal with Naomi, but it’s not appropriate for Naomi
to call you late at night. Come on, I can’t tolerate sand in my eyes. Be careful, I’ll kick you to find
another love. I, Olive, may lack everything, but I definitely do not lack men!”

“Finally, don’t get on my bed tonight. You better sleep on the sofa by yourself!” After that, Olive got
under the blanket and ignored him, completely leaving him to himself.

Elvis froze.

At this moment, his phone rang again. “Naomi’ was clearly displayed on his screen. It was really a call
from Naomi.

Elvis didn’t answer, but he knew that Naomi wouldn’t stop calling.

Elvis pursed his lips and picked up the phone on the bed table. He pressed the answer button, and he
said, “Hello.”

Naomi’s soft and harmless voice quickly passed over, “Mr. Augustine, did I disturb your sleep?” Elvis’s
gaze fell on Olive’s slender figure and he said indifferently, “Is something wrong?”

“I have something very important and urgent to tell you. Mr. Augustine, where are you? I’ll come to you
now, okay?”

Naomi wanted to come over to look for him and discuss one or two important and urgent matters with
him in the middle of the night.

Elvis’s deep and narrow eyes could not see the truth in the thin light. After a few seconds of silence, he
said, “Alright, I’m in hotel CapeEast, room four.”

Elvis told her the address and room number before hanging up,

He threw his phone aside. Elvis sat on the edge of the bed. He reached out and gently nudged Olive,
“Olive, turn around!”

He ordered without hesitation.

Olive did not move, she simply ignored him.

Elvis frowned, “Olive, are you really ignoring me? Naomi will be here soon. I’ll go out and meet her, I
hope you won’t cry.”

“Then go out and meet her. It just so happens that she can satisfy you tonight,” Olive responded

Elvis’s handsome eyebrows sank.

“Elvis, let me go!” Olive struggled, as he held her tight.

Shut up! If you dare to make me angry again, I’ll fight with you?” Elvis lowered his eyes and kissed her
red lips.

Olive’s eyes narrowed as she wanted to kick him again.

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door.

“Mr. Augustine, it’s me…” Naomi announced.

Elvis did not expect that Naomi would come so quickly. Olive reached out and nudged Elvis, “Naomi is
here. Go meet her.”

Actually, Elvis was really annoyed. Naomi wanted to come over in the middle of the night, and Elvis
even gave his consent.

Elvis’s tall body did not move at all. “Who said I was going to meet her?”

“Didn’t you let her over?”

“Since she wants to come, let her come, but I didn’t say that I would go and meet her.”

Olive looked at him in surprise. He had made Naomi rush over in the middle of the night, and now he
had he wanted to keep her outside the door.

He had severely embarrassed Naomi.

“Mr. Augustine, this is not good. Naomi is so weak. If you bully her like this, she will cry.”

Elvis squeezed her cheek.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Olive did not react yet. In the next second, he directly picked her up. His stiff back rested lazily against
the head of the bed and he sat her on his lap.

“Mr. Augustine, you’re not allowed to bully me!”

Elvis pulled her into his embrace. “You little brat, who is bullying whom?”

At this moment, the knock landed on the door again. It was obvious that Naomi, who was outside the
door had already sensed that something was wrong. “Mr. Augustine, are you inside? I have something
very important to discuss with you. Sir, did you hear me?”

Olive felt that Naomi’s voice was particularly beautiful.

“Elvis, hurry up and see Naomi. Let me go.”

Elvis domineeringly imprisoned her in his arms, then he shouted impatiently at the door, “What do you
wanna talk about? I’m at the middle of something, all Yeal Give it to me baby!”

There was silence outside the door.

Olive was so frightened that she forgot to struggle. What was he talking about just now?

Was he really… shameless?

What a terrible person.

Olive was about to crawl off his thighs.

However, Elvis quickly dragged her back. “Where do you want to run to? Give me a kiss. I miss you.”

He whispered in her ear.

The next morning.

Olive slowly opened her eyes.

It was already past nine o’clock. The dazzling morning light outside poured in through the glass
windows. The room was warm and dusky.

She laid in a warm and smooth embrace. When she looked up. Elvis’s impeccably handsome face was
before her.

The two of them slept so late last night, and now, Elvis was still asleep.

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