The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 762 Sometimes I Really Hate You

Alpha, “…”
What about Elvis?
Elvis, hurry up. Bring your wife back!
At this time, “click”, the door opened. Mrs. Samantha came in and asked, “Alpha, what are you doing
here so late?”
Secing Mrs. Samantha, Alphia’s face softened a bit. He said, “Mom.”
“Grandma” Olive quickly walked over to Mrs. Samantha, obediently and gently called.
“Olive, are you okay? Why is your face so white?” Mrs. Samantha caressed Olive’s small face” lovingly,
“Someone bullied you? Tell me, I will claim justice for you!”
“Grandma, no one bullied me.”
When Olive said that, she sneaked a glance toward Alpha.
Alpha was looked at and was speechless: “…”
She said no one bullied him but looked at him honestly.
Mrs.Samantha’s eyes immediately turned to Alpha, she cursed: “Oh my god, you’re at this age but you
still bully your daughter-in-law? It’s shameless! Olive, let’s go. You were scared just now, weren’t you?”
Mrs. Samantha took Olive’s small hand and led her away.
Olive obediently followed Mrs. Samantha, patted her heart with her small hand and pitifully said,
“Grandma, I’m just scared to death.”

Alpha, “…”
He was about to vomit blood!
Mrs. Samantha took Olive away, and Reuben brought down the doctor, leaving Alpha and Anabelle- in
the room.
Anabelle looked at Alpha and said, “Now you know I’m not pregnant. I also know the bad thing you did.
I don’t want to see you again. I’m leaving.”
She turned to leave.
She was bullied by him twice. Now she knew, but she had no choice but to grit her teeth and admit her

loss. However, she never wanted to see him again, and would never give him another chance. Alpha
quickly reached out and hugged her, “It’s so late. Where are you going? Stay here tonight. I promise I
won’t touch you.”
As he finished his words, Anabelle escaped from his great grasp. She refused, “Alpha, let me go. I’ll
never trust you again. You’re a scoundrel. It’s disappointing to know I’m not pregnant, right? Who
knows what you’re thinking right now…?”
“Do you think I’m thinking how to make your belly bigger? Alpha asked back, directly interrupting her.
He was so frank. Anabelle felt that they were old but still discussing this topic, her face red as if it could
drop water. She was extremely embarrassed and angry.
“Both of us are no longer young, unfit to have children. Anabelle, you owe me a child. I’m afraid this.
will turn into a permanent regret.” His words unintentionally revealed a hint of loneliness.
When he was young, he really wanted to have more children with her, at least two, Giving Divis a
brother or sister is also good. If it was a girl, she would look like her. Alpha wouldn’t envy Damien for
having Olive, such a smart and matchless daughter. If it was a hoy, he would be like her, a cool and
elegant talent of the generation….
Alpha thought of Marvin, the son she and Marcus had. Her son is really not bad, very similar to her.
Unfortunately, that child is not his.
This is his biggest regret after living half of his life.
Anabelle also thought of her child. It was the biggest wound in her heart and her Elvis.
Anabelle pulled her fingers away, her red eyes looking at him, “Alpha, why do you have to act like a
loving father in front of me? After I left, Elvis was forced to go to a mental hospital. Where were you?
It’s been two years, Alpha. That’s your son, why didn’t you save him? Elvis isn’t crazy. Where have you
been and what have you been doing for those two years?”
In Visionary, Anabelle heard Olive say that her Elvis was put in a mental hospital. Her heart bleeds.
She didn’t know where Alpha had gone during those two years. It’s his biological son and looks like
him, but why is he so cruel?
Referring to this matter, Alpha’s eyes darkened, and he pursed his lips to say something, but in the

end, couldn’t say a word.
“Say it. Why don’t you say anything? Alpha, you can treat me as you please, but you have to ask
yourself if all these years, have you been a good and capable father? Sometimes, I really hate you!”
Anabelle said and turned to leave.
This time Alpha stood in place, not chasing. He was thinking that he was really not a good father, not
even a good son or a good husband.
Having lived half of his life, now looking back on the path he took, he finds it full of holes.
Sometimes he hates himself too.
Alpha coughed lightly. He suddenly felt a sweet taste in his throat, but he didn’t take a handkerchief but
suddenly swallowed the blood down his throat.
At this point, Reuben came in and said, “Sir, you can explain those two years. Why don’t you tell the
Alpha shook his head, “It’s pointless to tell her. Without my permission, don’t talk nonsense in front. of
her, okay?”
Reuben nodded, “Yes, sir.”
“Go down. I’ll go rest.”
Reuben saw that Alpha’s face was very pale. He didn’t need to think and he still knew that his master’s
heart disease had returned. During this time, his heart disease got worse and worse. He could
suddenly fall down in the next second.
“Sir, let me call the doctor for you.”
“No, go down.”
Reuben could only leave.
In the hallway outside, Mrs. Samantha and Olive watched Anabelle leave Augustine’s old house and
then quickly disappeared from view.
Mrs. Samantha sighed heavily.
“Grandma, are you worried about Uncle Augustine and Aunt Anabelle?” Olive asked.

Mrs. Samantha nodded. “They have been together for half of their lives. I don’t even know if it’s their
fate or their sin. Alpha gave all his heart to Anabelle, but she ended up not falling in love with him.”
Olive blinked her slender eyelashes, asking, “Grandma, do you think she doesn’t love him?”
Mrs. Samantha looked at Olive suspiciously: “Olive, do you think she loves him?”
Olive slowly pursed her red lips, her bright eyes glimmering with light. She looked around, saying:
“We’ll see if she loves him if we try.”
Mrs. Samantha’s eyes lit up: “Olive, did you come up with a good idea?”

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