The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 758 I’m So Happy

Olive took Mrs. Samantha’s old hand, answering, “Grandma, it’s all about Aunt Anabelle.”

“Because of Anabelle?” Mrs. Samantha asked, confused.

“Grandma, you didn’t know yet. Aunt Anabelle is not the daughter of the Midas family. Her true identity
is the eldest princess of the royal family of Greenland.”


Mrs. Samantha looked at Anabelle, then at Alpha beside her, suddenly saying. “Alpha, aren’t you
Greenland’s son-in-law?”

Alpha, “..”

Mrs. Samantha laughed to herself: “When Alpha was young, one day he suddenly ran back to our old
house. I was sitting on the sofa there. He came back and said to me: ‘Mom, I fell in love with a girl. I’ll
marry her and let she be Mrs. Augustine.”

“I was in shock at the time. I know how high standards my son has, those famous ladies couldn’t catch
his eye. Later. I found out the girl who made my son fall in love at first sight and never forget turned out
to be the daughter of the Midas family.

“Now I know better. My son really has a keen eye. He has seen the eldest princess of the royal family
of Greenland among the people. It’s been so many years. So many years have gone by in a blink of an

Mrs. Samantha tapped her crutches heavily on the carpet, her eyes red, not knowing whether to cry or

The person that Olive admires the most is Mrs. Samantha. She has presided over the Augustine family
for many years and has persevered through its ups and downs.

“Grandma,” Olive held Mrs. Samantha’s hand tightly, laughing. “I just said it. It’s over.”

Mrs. Samantha looked at Olive affectionately: “Good girl”

At this moment, Rory suddenly said, “Look, Bounty is moving.”

Olive quickly raised her head, seeing Bounty moving her fingers in the coma. She was really moving.

In the room, Olive examined Bounty’s body. Bounty wasn’t fully awake yet, but her fingers moved.
That’s a good sign, and she’ll wake up soon.

Outside, Alpha and Rory stood together, the atmosphere between them silent and oppressive. Just
then Alpha broke the silence, “Go away. I still can’t bear to see you, and I don’t want to see you again.”

Rory looked up at the sky outside the window, saying, “I’ll leave when Bounty wakes up.”

After saying that, Rory turned around.

A second later, Alpha’s voice came from behind: “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Rory paused for a moment, then slowly replied: “Although I was charmed by the demon bell that year
and did something wrong, the one who was amazed by Anabelle that year was not only Bounty, but
also me. That day when you got married, I stood in the dim light and looked, and I wouldn’t forget 11.”

“Bounty appreciated my talent most. When she found a drawer full of portraits of Anabelle, and


The Slate Bride: Dooed By My Billionaire Hibatal


Chapter 758 I’m so happy

when she learned that I had used my favorite brush to paint another woman, I could imagine how much
pain she was in.”

“I hurt both of them at the same time. Anabelle has no feelings for me, so please don’t misunderstand
her. The wrong one is always me.”

Rory left and disappeared.

Alpha stood upright, his handsome face still expressionless. It was difficult to guess what he was

At this moment, Olive came over and obediently called: “Uncle Augustine.”

Alpha pursed his thin lips. He was quite obedient now, but it seemed she was the one who threatened
him to the Augustine family’s old house.

“Olive, you never let me down. That big play was so good. I was controlled by you, too.”

Alpha has dominated the market for so many years, his actions are strong and decisive. He didn’t
expect Olive to be so brave. That year the mermaids used demon bells to control all of this, but now
Olive has used demon bells to unravel all this, truly unequaled intelligence.

Olive smiled brightly: “Thank you for the compliment.”

Alpha glanced at the demon’s red hell, asking, “What do you think?”

Olive thought for a moment, then replied. “That year in the Augustine family there was a spy. If I’m not
mistaken, the mermaids were by your side that night. I’ve always had the feeling that this spy is the

master of Molly, and the Princess of the Mermaids.”

Alpha was sharp, so he also thought of this point, of course. He said. “The Augustine family’s ser vants
are all very clean. There will never be any problems. That night, no one noticed other people, so it
would be a bit difficult for me to find the spy.”

Olive agreed with Alpha’s point of view. Molly couldn’t recruit the princess of the mermaid race. The
only breaking point now is the Augustine family.

She couldn’t understand how the Mermaid Princess had gotten into Augustine’s house that night.

The Augustine family is centennial in Imperial. It isn’t easy for the mermaid clan to enter, so that year,
they cooperated with Lily, gradually approaching Alpha, the business emperor. The mermaid race was
quite careful, not daring to make it too obvious.

Olive was never able to figure out where this breaking point was. If she can break through this point,
she will be able to find the princess of the mermaid tribe and make her appear.

She feels that the princess of the mermaids is by their side now.

Alpha and Olive were lost in thought when a series of footsteps reached their ears. Anabelle arrived.

Alpha’s narrow and deep eyes looked at Anabelle, and there were waves of light flowing in them.

“Uncle Augustine, Aunt Anabelle, you should talk,” Olive said and left knowingly.

As soon as she left, leaving only Alpha and Anabelle at the scene, Alpha slowly stretched out his large
hand and said two words: “Come here!”

He called her over.

He was still as domineering and strong as ever.

Anabelle walked up to him, saying, “Alpha, now the truth is clear. Nothing happened between me and

Before she finished speaking, he reached out and pulled her into his lap.

Suddenly falling into his open and warm embrace, she froze.

Alpha hugged her soft body with his strong arms, nuzzled his handsome face into her hair, and said in
his deep voice, “Yeah, I know. I’m so happy.”

Anabelle’s heart suddenly softened, soft to the point of confusion.

Originally, her hands on his chest wanted to push him away, but now her fingertips were curled up,
grabbing his shirt.

“Alpha, what’s wrong with you?” Anabelle asked softly.


“I think you’re weird.”

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