The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 766 He hit people

At this moment. Anabelle’s cell phone rang, a call came in

“Olive, wait for me. I’ll answer the phone.”


Anabelle stepped aside and answered the phone.

Call from the hospital: “Hello, hello, are you a relative of Marcus Bennett?”

Marcus is also an orphan since childhood, hasn’t been married for several years, so perhaps Anabelle
is his only close friend.

Anabelle nodded: “Yes. What happened?”

That day they parted, Marcus dejectedly left. They never contacted each other again. Now the hospital
suddenly called. Anabelle’s heart was pounding.

“Mr. Bennett was beaten last night and is currently being treated in our hospital.”


Marcus got hit?

“Who hit him? Is the injury serious?”

“I heard that while Mr. Bennett was driving, a truck with no number plates suddenly appeared in front of
him, some muscular men got out of the car. They dragged Mr. Bennett out without any explanation,
punching and kicking him. But he is not seriously injured. It’s just skin wounds. He will be fine after a
few days.”

Anabelle’s nervous nerves gradually relaxed. She and Marcus had spoken clearly. This time, he gave
up. From now on they were just friends. She didn’t want to see him again either.

However, who exactly hit Marcus?

“Did you find any clues?”

“I heard that when those strong men left, they said something about President Augustine.” The doctor

President Augustine?


Anabelle’s pupils contracted. She really didn’t expect Alpha to send someone to beat Marcus.
However, Alpha was indeed a domineering and arrogant man. He had hit Marcus a number of times in
the past. This time it was considered mild.

Anabelle hung up the phone. She was very angry. What did he want to do?

She felt compelled to ask him a question.

Alpha got off the plane, was about to leave the airport, when Anabelle walked up to him and said,
“Alpha, let’s talk.”

When Reuben in the back saw the lady come to the door, he knew something was wrong. The lady
must have known about Marcus being beaten.

Reuben Immediately glanced at Olive, meaning, “This isn’t my fault. I am the one who hit people. and
you are the one to blame President Augustine’. You have to save my life.”

Olive was on the side looking left and right but she didn’t see Reuben’s eyes.

Reuben. “…”

This was the first time “Something wrong?”

Anabelle had come close to talk to him. Alpha stop

walking and asked:

“Of course there is, Alpha. I just got a call from the hospital saying that Marcus was beaten. Did you
send someone to beat him?” Anabelle asked bluntly.

Alpha’s eyes darkened. Soon, his thin lips curled up ironically. Just now… just now, his heart was filled
with joy. He thought she was jealous when she saw Willow with him, but it turned out she came for

Something happened to her first love and she came to question him.

Alpha’s face instantly turned cold, his eyebrows were covered with a layer of cold as fog. He looked at
Anabelle, coldly said: “How is his wound?”

“It’s all skin wounds. Nothing serious.”

“Oh, I didn’t do that.”

Anabelle looked at him suspiciously because he had done it in the past. She asked, “Really? But…”
Alpha suddenly took a step forward, his tall, sturdy body covering her. He smirked, “You know, if I did it,
I definitely wouldn’t hurt him just a little.”

Anabelle was skeptical at first, now his arrogant attitude stunned her, then blood rushed to her head.
She clenched her fist, saying, “Alpha, I won’t believe you. You ba stard. You’re a vile demon. I thought
you were the one who ordered the men to hit Marcus!”

She confirmed it was him!

Alpha slowly narrowed his dark eyes, his every move exuding the cold murderous aura of his superior,
making everyone scared. He said, “Anabelle, you followed me all these years but you still don’t know
me. I haven’t fallen to the point of sending my men to hit someone but don’t dare admit iu”

He wished he could strangle this woman. She really dared to come here to blame him! The sweet taste
in his throat came again, he quickly lowered his head and coughed twice.

“Sir!” Reuben exclaimed, his expression changed.

Anabelle’s heart tightened. She immediately reached out and pulled on his sleeve, her voice revealing
a strain she didn’t recognize: “Alpha, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” “Let go! Don’t touch me!”
Alpha stopped coughing and mercilessly swatted her hand away. Anabelle didn’t have time to prepare,
his sleeve slipped from hers, and she took two steps back. At this time Willow came over and said:
“President Augustine, are you okay? It’s windy here, so let’s get in the car first.”

Willow grabbed Alpha’s strong arm.

This time Alpha didn’t refuse such intimacy. He looked coldly at Anabelle, then left with Willow.

Anabelle froze in place, her hands hanging down at her sides slowly clenched, her eyes suddenly
turning red.

“Aunt Anabelle…” Olive stepped forward.

“I’m okay, Olive. I want to go to the bathroom.” Anabelle said and quickly left.

Alpha and Willow exitted the airport lobby. He quickly pulled his hand away from her, mercilessly
smirking: “You go first.”

She knows that he is in a bad mood right now so she rationally says: “Okay. Mr. Augustine. Then I’ll go
first. Remember to call me.”

Willow left.

Alpha looked coldly at Reuben behind, “Reuben, what happened to Marcus? I’ll give you a chance.
Now explain it clearly to me!”

Reuben’s legs turned soft and cold sweat broke out. This calamity was inevitable for him.

Alpha is such a profound and intelligent person, just thinking a little and can guess what is difficult to
understand in it.

“Sir, I… I…”

At this moment, a clear, pleasant voice rang in his ear: “Uncle Augustine, don’t make it difficult for
Reuben. He’s fallowing my orders.”

Olive is here.

Seeing the young lady coming. Reuben wanted to cry. He wanted to say, “Miss, I was wrongly accused!
You finally came. I was so scared.”

Alpha’s narrow black eyes looked at Olive’s slender beautiful face, and he snorted coldly.

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