The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 769 The dear and only woman that he deeply loved.

Olive spoke up, the manager of The Broadview Hotel quickly nodded: “Yes, ma’am. Guys, pay attention
to your words. If you dare to speak rudely to my young lady, I will kick you out. If it weren’t for the sake
of President Augustine, we absolutely would not have let you celebrate your birthday here. You must
know that in front of my boss, even President Augustine is just a lower grade.”
Franklin, Eleanor and those relatives immediately fell silent. Olive’s father, Damien Robert, is the
richest man in the world. In front of him. Elvis was just a rising star. He was promoted to number one
tycoon in the country a few years ago. He was really a junior.
The fact that Olive has such a wonderful father is like a slap in the face to these people.
Franklin and Eleanor smiled wryly, embarrassed. They really don’t dare offend Olive now, but they don’t
believe she is so kind, leaving them here.
At this moment, a voice as soft as the song of a bird resounded: “Dad, mom.”
Naomi is here.
Not only Naomi came, Elvis also came. They appeared at the same time.
Elvis wore a handmade black suit today. He is tall and elegant. And Naomi wore a long dress studded
with sparkling diamonds. She looked soft and delicate standing beside him. The two of them look very
well matched.
“President Augustine, Naomi, you’ve finally arrived.”
Franklin and Eleanor’s eyes lit up.
“My God, Naomi, your dress is so beautiful. Isn’t it inlaid with real diamonds? It’s precious.” One person
complimented her. They were attracted to her dress.
Eleanor hurriedly took Naomi’s hand, saying, “Naomi, let’s all see. This dress is specially designed for
you by Mr. Augustine!”
As she spoke, her gaze returned to Olive. She said that to her on purpose, wanting to annoy her to
Even though Olive’s father is the richest man in the world, she’s still dumped by Elvis. Now her
daughter is being favored!

Those relatives were truly jealous and admired. They looked at Elvis again. His handsome and
dignified body, his cold and strong aura almost made them worship him.
“Mr. Augustine is really handsome, talented and charismatic. He’s perfect for Naomi.”
“Mr. Augustine, when will you marry Naomi? Then we’ll go to your wedding party.”
Naomi has a sweet face. In fact, she purposely picked up Franklin and Eleanor from the mountain.
Sure enough, with this pair of helpers, her relationship with Elvis improved very quickly.
During this time, Elvis gave Franklin and Eleanor a bank card to spend lavishly, threw her a birthday
party, and even made her a tailored dress. These were all unique objects, of course, but for her. It was
more than enough to divide Olive and Elvis.
At this point, Naomi looked at Olive and said, “Sis Hart, you’re here too. I’m very happy that you can
come here for my birthday today.’
After saying that, she waved her little hand pitifully: “Sis Hart, don’t misunderstand. Between the big
brother and me… no, it’s Mr. Augustine, nothing happened.”
Chapter 769 The dear and only woman that be deeply loved
Olive smiled and said nothing.
At this point, Elvis strode over to Olive’s side. He stretched his strong arm around her slim waist,
saying, “Olive, I came to pick you up but why didn’t you let me? Why do I feel like I’m disgraced?”
Olive looked up at him with her beautiful hand-sized face and replied, “You wanted to celebrate
Naomi’s birthday, why would I bother you?”
“I thought you just didn’t want me!” Elvis lowered his head, his thin lips pressed to her forehead, kissing
What were they doing?
She thought she had succeeded in sowing discord between them, but at her birthday party, Elvis kissed
Olive on the forehead in front of everyone.
When a man kisses a woman’s forehead, it is the ultimate love and pampering.
Moreover, just now, who was the man who did the wrong thing, acted like a child and accused Olive
“You don’t want me”?

Who was he?
Naomi was dumbfounded.
Franklin, Eleanor and those relatives were surprised too. Franklin asked, “Mr. Mr. Augustine, what’s
wrong with you and Olive? Now you’re Naomi’s boyfriend, you can’t do that to your ex. Elvis held Olive
in his arms, his deep eyes fixed on Franklin’s face, gently asking, “Who said I’m dating Naomi?”
As he spoke, he glanced at Naomi, pursed his thin lips in displeasure: “Did you say that?”
Stunned, Naomi quickly shook her head, “No… not me.”
“Then I’d like you to explain it clearly to them now, lest they continue to have such misunderstandings.”
Elvis emphasized his tone.
Naomi’s face paled. During this time, Elvis’ indulgence gave her a hallucination. How could she expect
him to suddenly attack her at this birthday party?
Naomi’s eyes turned red, and inside there was a layer of crystal tears. She looked pitifully at him,
about to cry.
Elvis ignored her tears, continuing, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to explain? If you don’t want to
explain, let me explain.”
His cold, indifferent gaze fixed on Franklin, Eleanor, and those relatives. He raised his thin lips,
“There’s nothing between Naomi and I, so stop bragging.
“Also, the only woman I love deeply is Olive! There’s no one else but her!” Elvis overbearingly
Olive’s heart softened. She admitted that women like to hear sweet words, her clear cycs Immediately
looking at him.
Naomi’s face paled, Franklin, Eleanor, and those relatives were dumbfounded. They didn’t know where
they were. What did they hear? Who were they?
“Olive, let’s go.” At this point, Elvis put his arm around Olive’s waist and led her away.
Elvis casually left like this?
Today is Naomi’s birthday party. The party hasn’t started yet, the problem is… the account hasn’t been
paid yet.

Chaplet 969 The de
mly woman that he deeply loved
Consumption at The Broadview Hotel has so far been incredibly expensive. Today is Naomi’s birthday.
Everything is best. The bill is probably shockingly high. Now that the bill payer had left, she was bound
to be the first to jump out and disagree.
“Pr… President Augustine, wait a minute!” Franklin said hastily.
Elvis stopped walking, looking back: “Anything else?”
Franklin smirked and pulled at the hem of his shirt, “Aren’t you going to stay here to celebrate Naomi’s
birthday? Let’s talk… The bill’s still unpaid.”
Elvis raised an eyebrow, “Oh, sorry. I just promised you to throw her birthday party, but I haven’t said I’ll

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