The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 770 Is there any reward?

As Elvis finished speaking, Franklin, Eleanor and Naomi all gasped. They didn’t understand what he
was saying at all.

Elvis glanced at the bottle of red wine that had been opened at the party and asked, “A bottle of 52-
year-old red wine must be expensive, right?”

The manager of The Broadview Hotel quickly nodded and said: “Yes, Mr. Augustine. A bottle of red
wine costs five figures. Just now they ordered a barrel of 52 year old red wine and drank it like water.”

Naomi immediately glared at Franklin and Eleanor.


At this point, Franklin hiccupped very inappropriately. The 52-year-old red wine was really good, so he
accidentally drank it down. He looked embarrassedly at Elvis and said with a smile: “Pr…President
Augustine, L….”

Elvis raised his thin lips: “No need to explain. As long as you’re happy. I’m just helping you organize
your birthday party anyway.”

“Well…” Franklin and Eleanor wanted to talk.

Elvis interrupted them, raising his heroic eyebrows: “Isn’t it enough for me to have a birthday party at
The Broadview Hotel? Are you not satisfied?”

Franklin and Eleanor: “Well…”

“Is the 52-year-old red wine you just drank good?”


“You still don’t have enough face in front of these relatives?”


Elvis looked at the manager of The Broadview Hotel, saying. “So, you’re satisfied, my mission is done.
You guys must go to the checkout counter. Manager, print out the bill for them. The drink bill doesn’t
seem cheap.”

Naomi, Franklin and Eleanor were stunned at the spot like chickens. They didn’t expect him to play the
trick of not paying.

“Mr. Augustine, here’s the bill.” The manager of The Broadview Hotel quickly issued the bill.

Elvis didn’t look at it and said, “Show them. They’ll pay.”

“Yes.” The manager of The Broadview Hotel quickly walked up to Franklin and Eleanor. “Look closely,
this is your consumption today.”

Franklin and Eleanor looked over, the “Os” on the bill making them almost dizzy. Today they really
spent a lot of money here, like dirt.

Originally, they thought Elvis would pay the bill, but now they were asked to pay the bill, where did they
get the money?

Their legs both became weak.

At this point, Eleanor tugged on Franklin’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Don’t panic. We still have
the card Elvis gave us. The amount on the card can be used at will. If we use it to pay the bill, it will be
considered his payment.”

Being reminded of this, Franklin straightened his legs. He remembered the bank card Elvis had given
him was still in his pocket. They have spent a lot of money these days. The amount of money in this
card is truly endless, never running out, like a gold mine.

“Okay, let’s pay.” Franklin waved his hand and spoke very boldly.

Elvis, seeing their little plot, slowly curled his thin lips, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something.
The bank card I gave you was actually… a credit card.”

A credit card?

Franklin and Eleanor were confused: “What is a credit card? What does it mean?”

“Credit card means there is no money in this card, just a bank overdraft. Bank loans must be repaid. At
that time I saw that you wanted a card so I gave it to you. I also asked the clerk to change the credit
card holder. That card has nothing to do with me now. Every penny you spend during this period is a
bank loan, and you have to pay it back,” Elvis said casually.

Franklin and Eleanor’s heads went off with a bang, their ears buzzing. They always assumed the card
was from Elvis and they spent his money. Who would know… that was a credit card?

No wonder the money in this card can be spent at will, like a silver mine in a mountain of gold. It turns
out that the gold mountain silver mine is fake but the bottomless pit is real.

Franklin and Eleanor thought about how much money they had spent these days, but they couldn’t
remember. They couldn’t calculate because they spent money like running water. After spending it all,
they suddenly take on a huge debt that they will never be able to repay in this life.

They both know that Elvis intentionally tricked them!

“Naomi!” Franklin and Eleanor quickly looked at Naomi for help, “Naomi, what’s going on?”

Naomi absolutely didn’t want to talk to them, but she couldn’t reveal her flaws, could only pitifully look
at Elvis, “President Augustine, my parents…

Elvis’s narrow, deep eyes looked at Naomi’s long diamond dress. He said, “By the way, I forgot to tell
you that you haven’t paid for this long dress. It was ordered under your name. You bought it. You have
to pay for it later.”

Naomi seemed to be suddenly mocked, she looked at Elvis in disbelief. Was he… acting so heartless?

She knew. She knew he did it on purpose!

He didn’t reveal anything at first, letting her and her parents live a life like heaven. It’s just that the
higher they climb, the harder they fall. He was just waiting to push their family to hell at this birthday

This time, all her calculations not only failed, but they also owed a lot of money!

Elvis glanced at the manager of The Broadview Hotel and said, “Manager, these are the people who
have to pay the bills. Keep an eye on them. None of them can run away.”

“Okay, Mr. Augustine. Don’t worry.” The manager of The Broadview Hotel said and waved, tall
uniformed security guards quickly rushed to surround the surrounding area.

Elvis didn’t look at these people anymore. He looked down at Olive, “Oh, the acting is over. Let’s go.”

Olive with her delicate willow eyebrows glanced at him, “Mr. Augustine, you’re getting worse and

Elvis used his big hand to pinch her soft waist, asking. “Don’t you like it?”

Olive pursed her red lips, “Although it’s a bit rude, I love it. Mr. Augustine, you’re amazing

Elvis hugged her to leave, whispering in her ear: “So is there any reward?”

After Elvis and Olive left, the relatives quickly said, “Naomi, what’s going on?”

“Aren’t you dating a very rich man? We also met Mr. Augustine, but he doesn’t like you at all. You
bragged ostentatiously, now you’re going to get slapped in the face.”

“At first, we thought you’d fly to the sky to become a fairy, but we didn’t expect you to turn into mud on
the ground. Huh!”

“The amount you owe has nothing to do with us. You agreed to refund our return ticket. If you don’t give
us the money, we’ll destroy your house, making you homeless!”

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