The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 777: Ex-Wife

The driver in the front seat handed over a small note to her.
Grandma Constance looked outside through the window. “No one outside knows I’m here, and no one
knows my identity. Where did this note come from, and who handed it over?”
The driver replied cautiously, “Grandra, it was sent by a little boy just now.”
A note from a little hoy?
Grandma Constance took the note from the driver. She took a deep breath, as she read the word back
and forth several times. Suddenly, a storm quickly rolled up in her eyes.
After her grandma left, Elvis looked at Olive, and said, “Olive, do you have anything to tell me?”
He actually found out. Olive dodged his gaze with a guilty conscience, and then she shook her head.
“No, what do you want to hear?”
When Elvis saw that she was unwilling to tell him what she was hiding, he didn’t force it. However, he
slowly narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction that Constance had taken.
“Let’s go. I’ll take you to dinner.”
“Wait a minute” Olive said.
“What’s wrong?”
Olive took out her phone. “Mr. Augustine, how are you even a son? You don’t care about your parents’s
news. There are getting divorced!”
Elvis did not believe it. He understood that his father, Alpha, would not divorce his mother.
Elvis looked at Olive with his handsome eyes. Olive took out her phone and poked the screen with her
slender white finger. She found lus mother’s number and dialed it.
His heart softened.

He knew that recently, she had been busy with the Augustine family’s affairs, Because the Augustine
family’s affairs involved the people that Elvis loved, she made sure to do all she could to help.
Before Elvis met Olive, he had heard from the people around him that all love would change from
passionate love to plain ones. In his life, he yearned for a long and smooth life rather than a stalemate
in love. He always felt that with her by his side, he was truly complete.

Elvis stretched out his strong arm and hugged her soft waist from behind.
Olive was in pain from the tight hug. She laughed and hid, “Mr. Augustine, stop making trouble, walk
“No!” Elvis still clinged to her. At this moment, he hugged her tightly.
He hoped that time would stop here.
At this moment, many passers-by looked over. Everyone covered their mouths and laughed.
“Wow, look over there, such a handsome man and a beautiful girl. Fairly tales really do exist.”
“That boyfriend looks very clingy, so sweet..”

ww… I want to fall in love.”
Olive struggled in his embrace, but his strong arm held her tight, and she couldn’t break free, she could
only stay in his embrace, “Mr. Augustine, stop, people are watching.”
“Then don’t look at them, look at me.”
“I’m calling your mother right now. Be careful. I’ll call your mother and have her beat you up,” Olive
Elvis smiled. He knew that his mother loved Olive as her daughter. As long as Olive spoke, his mother
would definitely beat him up.
“My love, don’t torment yourself, if my mother beat me up, aren’t you the one who would be hurt?” Elvis
said confidently.
Olive shook her head, and she surrendered in defeat.
At this moment, the call was connected, and Annabelle’s voice came over.
Annabelle was in the coffee shop. Someone invited her tonight to discuss about some jewelry designs.
After the conversation was over, the person left. Annabelle sat by the window and did not leave
immediately. She held a book and drank the coffee while reading.
Tonight, Annabelle was wearing a long dress and a beige cardigan. She tied her long black hair up into
a ponytail. A few strands of her hair fell on her beautiful cheeks.
This way, she quickly attracted the attention of people who came into the cafe. If she did not tell her

age, no one would think that she already had three grandchildren.
At this moment, a middle aged man, who was clothed in a suit walked over. “Hello, can I have your
social media handle?” he asked politely.
Annabelle smiled faintly and shook her head. “Sorry, I don’t use social media.
With this method, she had rejected several men who came up to ask for her social media handle.
At this moment, the door of the cafe was suddenly opened, and two people who were laughing heartily,
walked in.
Annabelle looked up. It was actually Alpha and Willow.
Alpha wore a gray shirt and black trousers. He was handsome, and he exuded the aura of a superior.
Willow wore a small floral dress.
Now, Willow’s hand was on Alpha’s strong arm, the two of them walked in intimately.
Annabelle was stunned. She did not expect to meet these two people here. It was such a coincidence.
“Sir, let’s sit here,” Willow pointed to a table in front of her.
Alpha looked up and saw Annabelle.
Annabelle Wa
a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. On the plane that day, she had promised herself that she
wished him happiness.
But now that she met him again, her heart still ached. She didn’t know if she should say hello to him, or
just plainly ignore him.
Obviously, Alpha did not want to greet her. Ills narrow and deep eyes glanced at her face, then he
looked away coldly, as if he had just stared at a stranger.
“We’re sitting right there.” Alpha affirmed.
Alpha and Willow sat in front of her, and the waiter brought the menu over.
Willow flipped through the menu, then she looked at Alpha and then she whispered, “Alpha..your
wife is there, do you want to say hello?”
Since their table were very close, Annabelle could clearly hear their conversation.
Alpha raised his lips and corrected indifferently. “Ex-wife.”

Hearing his response, Annabelle’s instantly felt a pain in her chest. Did he really think that she was…
his ex-wife?
When he was in Imperial City, he still cared about her, but in a blink of an eye, he had a new love and
he completely forgot about her.

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