The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 784: You Can’t Get Out of Bed Tomorrow

Levi was very happy to see his grandpa. “Grandpa, you’re back!” he exclaimed excitedly.
“Yes. Levi.” Alpha replied, then he walked to Annabelle’s side and stopped beside her, “Did you miss
me?” he whispered.
He had a mellow and masculine smell on him, and it also smelled like a cold dew at night.
Annabelle raised her eyes. He stood against the light and blocked the light from reaching her eyes.
Because of his presence, the entire room became quiet. He was as powerful as a king.
“I thought you wouldn’t be back. Annabelle replied.
“Yeah, grandfather. I was with grandma this afternoon. We saw you with a beautiful young lady.
Grandfather, tell me the truth, did you fool around with that beautiful lady today, or you were busy with
In order to show Alpha that he was very angry, Nathan crossed his arms and hugged his chest.
Alpha raised his eyebrows and looked down at Annabelle. “You saw me this afternoon? Why didn’t you
call me?”
Levi snorted, “We didn’t want to disturb grandfather’s pleasant moment! By the way, grandma have
already said that if you come back tonight, she would make it impossible for you get out of bed
Annabelle was shocked. She didn’t expect Levi to say a thing.
She quickly kicked Levi from under the table.
Alpha’s deep magnetic voice sounded above her head, “Mrs. Augustine, do you want me to be unable
to get out of bed tomorrow?”
“I didn’t…”
“Of course, grandfather, this is the soup that grandma specially made for you. It’s your favorite..” Levi
added swiftly.
Annabelle was dumbfounded. How did Levi know that the soup was Alpha’s favorite?
quickly realized a problem. Could it be that Levi had been pretending all along?
Where was that silly sweet little Levi?

He had turned to a really smart boy!
At this moment, Alpha lowered his tall body and kissed her forehead. He whispered in a low voice,
“Don’t think nonsense, I’ve been at the company all day. Reuben can testify to that. I had met Willow
later. When we got in the car, I realized that she had nothing to say, so I dropped her off halfway.”
Annabelle quickly reached out and pushed him. What was he doing? There were so many people in
the dining room. Why did he actually kiss her forehead?
“Ah! I’m blind. I can’t see nothing,” Levi quickly covered his eyes with his small hands.
Annabelle pushed Alpha away.
There was joy and softness on Alpha’s handsome face. He sat on the main seat of the table.
“Sir, which dish do you want to eat?” The maid who was waiting on the side asked carefully.
Alpha looked at the bowl of the Shrimp bisque, “Just that soup.”
The maid dished a bowl of soup for Alpha.
Hearing that Annabelle had specially prepared him the soup, he ate the soup happily.
A moment later, Annabelle’s hand under the table was grasped by a large palm. Annabelle’s heart ski
pped a beat and she wanted to forcefully withdraw her hand.
But she couldn’t pull it back, so Alpha held her tightly.
Tonight was a sleepless night.
Levi took a shower and Annabelle helped him get dressed. “Levi, do you have anything to say to
Levi laughed, “Grandma, I was wrong. I just felt that grandfather was pitiful, so I did something to help
“Levi, if a child doesn’t understand the adult’s business, then he shouldn’t participate.”
Levi tilted his head and looked at Annabelle, “Grandma, if you don’t want to say what’s on your mind.
then I will help you say it.”
Annabelle stiffened.
“Grandma, what’s with the face? You have to tell grandfather what you have on your mind. Otherwise,

how will grandfather understand? Also, if you like him, say it out loud!”
This little boy seemed to know everything.
Annabelle caressed his little face.
At this moment, the knock on the door sounded, and Mr. Augustine stood by the door. “Levi, are you
still awake?”
Annabelle looked up and saw that Alpha had already taken a shower. He was wearing a black silk
pajamas. His neat short hair laid wetly on his forehead.
His narrow and gloomy eyes looked at Levi, and he gazed at her with desire in his eyes.
He was urging her to go back to her room.
“Thank you, grandma. You can leave now.”
Annabelle nodded, then she stood up and walked out.
In the master bedroom.
Annabelle took a shower and then walked with a silk nightgown on her body.
There was no one on the bed. She glanced sideways. Alpha was standing on the balcony with his back
turned. He propped himself on the carved railing with one hand. The cold wind ruffled his
black robe.
Hearing the sound made by her, he slowly looked back.
In the mist, his narrow and dark eyes landed on her. He looked up and down at her a few times, and
then he narrowed his eyes.
“Are you done washing?” His hoa rse voice was indescribably se xy.
In the dark night, Alpha was unbearable. His elegance and nobleness revealed evil and charm. He
looked at her as if she was not wearing any clothes.

Annabelle nodded, “Yes.”
Alpha snuffed out the cigarette butt in his hand, then he closed the balcony door.
In the room. the two of them looked at each other.
Soon, he walked over with steady steps, with a strong sense of aggression.

Annabelle stepped back. “Alpha, wait… wait a moment..
She had already agreed to be his wife. Although he did not say it explicitly, she knew that this would
definitely happen.
He was such a lustful person.
But he was too direct, and she was very nervous.
Suddenly, Alpha’s vision darkened. Alpha leaned over and kissed her red lips.
His kiss was strong and domineering, like a violent storm, which swiftly stole her breath away.
“I don’t want to listen, I just want to do it,” he murmured in a low voice.
Annabelle quickly reached out to touch his chest, unable to withstand his fierce attack.
Alpha clasped her soft waist and twisted her easily. Her body was turned over and she was on the
Alpha reached out and lifted her nightgown.

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