The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter Chapter 801 I Loved You Wholeheartedly

Marvin finally returned.

The assistant stayed where he was. Marvin slowly walked over with a black umbrella. He walked over
to the tombstone. He lowered his waist and offered the little white flower in his hand.

Marvin did not say anything, but stood quietly in front of the tombstone.

In fact, he didn’t know what to say.

Marvin’s cold black eyes fell on Alpha’s photo. His father was too unfamiliar to him, and he only
realized today that Lily was not his biological mother. And that Annabelle was his biological mother.

His only encounter with Annabelle seemed to have been when he sneaked into the study when he was
very young, and touched the paintings that his father had treasured.

After that, he never saw Annabelle again.

Until now, he had never seen Annabelle in person, not even a single glance.

So, what should he say?

His father and mother were so unfamiliar to him. What could he really say?

“Marvin, are you back?” At this moment, a big hand landed on his shoulder and patted him.

Marvin looked sideways and looked at Elvis beside him. He was not used to it. Elvis suddenly became
his brother. Over the years, he seemed to have been excluded from the Augustine family. He was used
to it.

“Big brother.” Marvin called out, and his cold black eyes fell on Olive, who was behind Elvis.

Olive also looked at him, a soft smile rippled from the bottom of her clear eyes, so warm and bright, “Hi,
Marvin, it’s been a while.”

She hadn’t seen him for four years.

But for Marvin, he had met them not long ago. Hearing about her, he set out to travel thousands of
miles, and secretly saw her.

Marvin pursed his lips and hid all his feelings from his eyes. “Sister–in–law, yes, it’s been a while.”

“Yea,” Olive nodded. The old friends reunited, and even the sadness of their departure was washed


“Marvin, let’s go home.”

Marvin nodded, “Alright.”

In the Augustine family’s mansion, Marvin entered the study, where Mrs. Augustine was already waiting
for him.

As for his background, someone had already tell her. The funny thing was that Marvin was the last

one to know.

After a long time of conveying with Marvin, Mrs. Augustine walked away with her exhausted body.

Marvin stood tall and handsome in front of the floor–to–ceiling window. He had taken off his black
clothes outside. He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers.

He looked into the distance, as different thoughts ran through his mind.

“Marvin,” at this moment, a soft voice came from behind.

Chapter 8111 Loved You Wholeheartedly

Marvin’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly turned around. Olive had already walked over.

“Sister in law, are you looking for me?”

Olive nodded, “Marvin, what did grandma tell you just now?

“She just said somethings about my background and inheritance.”

Olive could tell that he didn’t care about this, including… his own background.

For him, his background was already an option.

Olive pursed her lips and handed him the items in her hand, “Marvin, these were left for you by Aunt

Marvin stretched out his fair and slender hand to take it. He lowered his eyes and was quickly stunned,
because these were all Annabelle’s design drawings over the years.

As the founder of Fly jewelry and the godmother of jewelry, Annabelle’s manuscripts were all kept. She
had not stopped designing over the years.

Marvin looked up at Olive.

Olive’s bright eyes flashed with a broken smile, “Marvin, I know aunt Annabelle is very unfamiliar to
you. These are all of her designs, and her entire life’s journey.”

“Aunt Annabelle had a pure and good life. She was reluctant to give up on love and freedom, and she
was still struggling. This was the thing that brought her happiness. Now, I’ll leave it to you.”

Marvin suddenly felt touched.

Olive took out a copy and turned to the first page. “Marvin, aunt Annabelle always thought she was
carrying a girl, so she made a lot of designs for her daughter.”

Marvin saw the design sketches, because this book was very special. There were many traces of tears
on it.

Marvin reached out and closed the design book. “Sister in law, what do you want me to say?”

Olive calmly met Marvin’s gaze, “Marvin, do you blame them?”

“Who am I to blame?” he asked.

Marvin looked at Olive, he scoffed, and then he said, “You want to persuade me not to blame them?”
Olive slowly raised her head, “Marvin, I don’t want to persuade you, you have a thousand reasons to
blame them, uncle Alpha’s indifference, aunt Annabelle’s absence, grandma’s preference for Elvis,
none of them were as good as Lily to you. At least, Lily once loved you with all her heart.

“In the previous generation’s grievances, you were the most innocent and the biggest victim. As
parents, uncle Alpha and aunt Annabelle have been absent from your entire life, they will never get
another chance to atone for their mistakes.” Olive paused, then she continued,

“I’m not trying to persuade you. I just hope that in the future, you can find time to slow down your steps.
And then read the story of uncle Alpha and aunt Annabelle. Although they were not involved. in your
life, you are their biggest pain and regret. I hope one day you’ll understand.”

Olive did not have the qualifications to say anything to Marvin. Everyone in the Augustine family, except
Bounty, owed this child.

The night before they left, they had eaten their last supper with Alpha and Annabelle, but what

about Marvin?

He had been away from the Augustine Family for many years, and it would be difficult to return in the

The Subaterie Gnde Dated for My Hiltonaire Hisband

Hearing the sad news about Alpha and Annabelle, Marvin was dumb and dull. He actually didn’t have
too many emotions. He rushed back like a robot.

But now, when he heard Olive’s soft voice, an emotion quickly spread across Marvin’s chest.

At this moment, his cold black eyes slowly turned red.

Author’s Daily Story

In front of the church, Alpha raised his foot. There was indeed a dollar note under his shiny black
leather shoes.

With an indifferent glance, he turned around and was about to get into the car.


The soft and melodious voice sounded in his ears.

Alpha looked back again. The fourteen–year old Annabelle’s facial features were still immature, but she
was already stunningly beautiful.

Today, her hair was long hair and flowed down her back, making it difficult for people to look away at
first glance.

“Sir, can I add you on social media?” Annabelle took out her phone and stared at him with her eyes.
Alpha pursed his lips, then he said, “No way.”

With that, he got into the car and the luxurious car sped away.

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Chapter 801 I Loved You Wholeheartedly

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