The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 817 So he looked down on her too

She lowered her head, her curly brown hair slightly damp falling over her shoulders, losing her usual
grit and charm. Now she is so cute and soft.

Before, she was always obedient, and soft, with a very sweet smile, later she changed.

Roughly on the night of her 18th birthday, he plotted to take over her and destroy her. That night, she
dragged her suitcase and left. When she returned, she looked like this.

Raven slowly stopped. He stood there, watching her from afar. He remembered the first time he’d seen
her years ago.

At that time, she was the crown jewel of Paulo’s family. Once his father, Tobias, took him to the Paulo
family’s house as a guest, and North came home from school with the kids in her neighborhood.

That day, she wore a pair of small black leather shoes with a round toe, her long hair was slightly curly,
her face was small and delicate, and her smile was bright.

Around her were children who adored her and were eager to talk to her.

One of the children, seeing him, quickly pointed out, “North, take a look quickly. You have guests again.
I guess they’re asking your dad to do something again.”

North turned her head and immediately saw him.

She was different from those children, with no innate sense of pride and aloofness. She ran over,
looked at him with her big r ound e yes, and sweetly called to him: “Hi, brother. Let’s eat candy.”

She handed him a colorful lollipop with her small hand.

Years later, Raven learned that they weren’t from the same world, just as the distance between them is
now separated by thousands of mountains and rivers.

He could only stand here and watch her from afar.

She grew up in the sunshine since childhood, like a tenderly cared-for rose. And he grew up in the dark
and trash from a young age. The person he wants to destroy the most is her, but she is who he wants
the most, too.

At this moment, North looked up to see him.

They looked at each other. Raven withdrew his thoughts, then walked to her side with his long legs.

Her gaze fell on his right cheek. Tobias had slapped him hard just now, a faint red mark could be seen
on his cheek. She asked, “Did Uncle Dominos hit you?”

Raven pursed his lips, “You saw it and still ask?”

“Why did he hit you? Were you arguing?” North stepped forward, raising her small hand to touch the
red mark on his handsome face.

Raven reached out a large palm to take her small hand, his thin lips curled in an evil curve: “My dad
doesn’t want me to harass you.”

“You deserve it! Your dad should beat you to death!” North gave him a sharp glance and immediately
retracted her small hand.

At this point, he noticed her body. A small part of her pink neck was exposed from the collar of her
black coat, her skin was so delicate and fragrant, and there seemed to be no clothes inside.

Raven’s handsome face was cold. He asked, “North, did you run out with no clothes?”

What does he mean?

North looked at him.

Raven stretched out his fingers and touched her collar.

“Bam,” North swatted his large hand away, “Raven, you should be honest. Don’t mess around all the
time. Don’t forget you’re married now.”

She turned to go into the apartment.

But he grabbed her shiny shoulders, forcibly pulled her back, and pushed her against the wall.

His movements weren’t gentle. North’s slender back was bumped against the wall, she winced in pain,
her soft expression also cold. She asked, “Raven, if you want to take off my clothes, just say it!”

Raven’s handsome face was gloomy. Completely ignoring her, he reached out and pulled the collar of
her coat open. On her glossy shoulders was a thin black strap.

“North, you’re really not wearing any clothes!” He gritted his teeth.

“…” She was speechless. This man is crazy. She wears a double-strap nightgown! Could it be that in
his eyes, a double-strap nightgown is not clothing?

“Raven, what makes you mad? I’ll wear whatever I want. It’s none of your business. Why are you so
angry? Did I let you run around naked?”

She had just finished taking a shower when, heard someone knock on the door, so she put on her coat
and went out. Is something wrong?

What age is she? Do women have to wrap themselves around when going out? If men have free time,
they should learn more about morality and lock their lower bodies.

Raven felt like if he were naked, he wouldn’t be so angry. He pressed his two big hands on her
shoulders, his handsome face darkened. He said, “North, how many times have I told you? Don’t go
out and show off. Don’t attract the attention of other men. What exactly do I have to do to make you

North lifted a hand to tuck a lock of hair from her cheek behind her ear, her lazy voice revealing a
deadly cold, “Raven, being beautiful is my business. I am only responsible for beauty, not for those
men. Not every woman needs a man. Let me go as far as I can.”

With that, she pushed him away.

It is said that a woman is most beautiful when she isn’t in love with anyone. This saying is really true.
Raven’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. He stared at her, saying, “Do these men include my dad?”


North suddenly froze, looking up at him.

Raven lifted his thin lips cruelly, telling her in a voice only two could hear: “North, you know what I’m
saying, don’t you? My dad is so obsessed with your mom. You look a lot like your mom. You’re even
prettier than her. My dad is also a man. What are you dressed like this for at night when you meet

“Let me think about it. If I didn’t show up, you would hold his hand, hug him, or take him into your
apartment. You used the name of an adopted daughter to make yourself his real family member. right?”

Raven emphasized the word “adopted daughter”, with a sharp and ironic connotation.

North’s small face instantly turned white.

She didn’t know when the word “adopted” became such a dirty word. Her childhood memories were
filled with all kinds of vicious abuses from Mrs. Dominos, saying that when she grows up she will climb
into Tobias’ bed.

For years she had covered her ears, not wanting to hear this kind of words again. Sometimes, covering
her ears is also a way to protect herself from getting hurt. But now Raven said exactly what Mrs.
Dominos had said.

Turns out he thought the same about her.

It turned out that he despised her, too.

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