That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 84

A Risky Acquisition

At this time, Josie realized that what Claire cared about wasn’t the bonus. It was the sense of
achievement from trying hard.

Ivy’s voice rang faintly. “Mr. Russell, the board of directors is waiting for you.”

Josie looked up and saw the man in the seat of honor. He buttoned up his coat, and his gaze met hers.
He frowned subconsciously, and he felt slightly uneasy.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Claire really said that?” Alice cried out in surprise back at the design department. She didn’t
shy away from criticizing Claire. “Who does she think she is? How shameless of her to brazenly take

Josie pulled Alice’s arm. “It’s fine. What’s done is done. It’s enough that I can get



“How can it be fine? Your hard work has gone down the drain again. Don’t tell me you want to spend
the rest of your life as a subordinate in the design department? You clearly have a better future!” Alice
said resentfully.

“What else can I do? Should I look for Mr. Russell and argue about it? He has to attend to numerous
affairs every day. How would he have the time to deal with such a minor issue?” Josie said
sarcastically. She lay on her desk and shut her eyes. I’m going to take a nap. Let’s not discuss it

Alice was dumbstruck.

When Josie shut her eyes, she saw Dexter’s emotionless face in her mind. He had been with her as
she completed the project, but he said nothing just now. He had silently acknowledged Claire’s actions.

For a split second, she felt that she was so upset because of his attitude.

“It’s too risky to acquire Landon. You will need half of Russell Group’s capital flow. It’s too risky, Dex.”

The elderly man before Dexter kept trying to convince Dexter. The man smoked one cigarette after
another and came to a conclusion.

Dexter lifted his cup and tasted the tea. It was slightly bitter. He didn’t like it.

“Granduncle, you’re old. You should be enjoying retired life at home. Who asked you to convince me?
Tell me. I’ll deal with it.”

The old man Dexter called ‘Granduncle‘ tapped his walking stick forcefully. “No one asked me to do
anything. I’m a part of the Russell family, so it’s only natural for me to advise you. You’re risking
everyone’s jobs!”

Upon hearing that, Dexter put down his teacup, and it made a sound on the table. “Without taking risks,
Russell Group wouldn’t have become what it is today!”

The old man, who had been through countless hardships, was intimidated by Dexter’s imposing
manner. He was momentarily dumbstruck.

“Granduncle Wesley, you don’t have to care about such things. If you’re free, keep Grandpa company.
He’s ill and needs people to be with him. After that, Dexter stood up. “Ivy, send him off!”

“Dex! Dexter Russell!” Wesley Russell raised his hands and stopped Ivy from approaching. Tm telling

that I firmly oppose your acquisition of Landon. Don’t forget that I still own shares I can team up with
the other shareholders and overthrow your decision. It’s not necessarily out of the question!”

Dexter laughed when he heard it. There was a smirk in the corner of his lips. “You can try

The old man left in a rage. He didn’t allow anyone to help him.

Ivy returned, slightly worried. “Mr. Russell, it is quite risky to acquire Landon. Besides Arnold eyeing it
covetously, Landon’s debts are also a big problem.”

Dexter looked to the side and glanced at her. “You’re becoming more problematic recently. I don’t like

Ivy immediately hung her head and kept quiet.

Dexter picked up his coat that was hanging from a chair. He left his office and didn’t allow anyone to
follow him. His VIP elevator stopped at the twenty–seventh floor. He walked closer and saw that the
particular workstation was empty. He wrinkled his brows.

An employee passed by and was frightened by the sight of him. “Mr… Mr. Russell?”

“Where’s Josie?”

The employee was Alice. She was flustered as she tried to cover up for Josie. “Jo… Josie received a
call from the hospital. Something must have happened to her family, so she left work early.”

In an instant, the man’s gaze changed.

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