The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 826 Do you think I can’t raise North after leaving the Dominos family?

North in the secret room heard this and immediately stiffened, her thick eyelashes also trembled, and
then her eye sockets began to slowly turn red, a layer of crystal fog appeared inside..
He said that he thought everyone knew that she was his favorite of all these years, a blatant
These words clearly made Mr. Dominos angry. He swung his whip and hit him on the back again. “C
“Cr ack!”
“Cr ack!”
The whips hit Raven’s back one after another. When the whip hit him, his skin was torn apart, and
people looked on in shock.
Soon, Mr. Dominos was tired of beating. After all, swinging the whip is a physical effort. He threw the bl
oody whip onto the carpet, snorted coldly and sat down.
“Raven, don’t think that now that your wings are hard, you can be arrogant. You know, the more you’re
like that, the more I can’t stand North. You’ll only put her in danger. The words of Mr. Dominos were a
little threatening.
Raven’s back was covered in wounds, and his forehead was covered with a layer of cold sweat, but he
was still calm and in a good mood. Facing the threat of Mr. Dominos, he just raised his cold black eyes
and said gently: “Grandpa, you’re old, don’t be too tired, just rest.”
Mr. Dominos was still panting, but this time, his panting suddenly stopped. He didn’t dare to breathe
Mr. Dominos doesn’t like Tobias. In his eyes, his son Tobias is truly a loser. Tobias” only dedication is to
give birth to Raven for the Dominos family.
Mr. Dominos is very fond of Raven and raised him as his heir when he was very young. Raven grew up
in darkness, his bones and blood were filled with coldness and dark killing, which made him very
However, North broke into Raven’s life and became a ray of sunshine he couldn’t have dreamed of.

In fact, Mr. Dominos already regrets it. He should have made North disappear long ago, when Raven
was a fledgling.
Now Mr. Dominos narrowed his cloudy eyes as he watched Raven still kneeling on the ground. Raven
was looking at him too, his eyes calm but inside they were like ink, deep and dangerous.

Mr. Dominos knew that one day this grandson would slip from his grasp.
However, this day came earlier than he thought.
Raven was able to fight against him.
As for North, he touched on his father and the foundation of the Dominos family. Mr. Dominos had no
idea how mad he would become towards North in the future.
The Paulo family was destroyed, leaving only this daughter. This daughter seems incapable of fighting
back, but she is Raven’s weakest point.
He is afraid that one day, this daughter of the Paulo family will use Raven as a spear to attack the
entire Dominos family.
Chapter 826 Do you think I can’t raise North after leaving the Dominos family?
He mustn’t let the Dominos family be destroyed at the hands of the daughter of the Paulo family.
“Raven, are you fighting me for North now? Everything you have now is given by me. If I take it back,
you will have nothing left.” Mr. Dominos said.
Raven looked at Mr. Dominos and replied, “Grandpa, I can give you everything from the Dominos
family without asking anything. But do you think I can’t raise North after leaving the Dominos family?”
Mr. Dominos paused, then curled his lips, “Raven, have you ever asked her what she wanted?”
Raven pursed his thin lips and stopped speaking.
“This is the end of today’s conversation, Raven. Go back and think it over. I’ll give you time.
In the secret room, North looked at the man kneeling outside with teary eyes. His back was covered in
blood, but his kneeling body was still straight, his eyelashes were curled, his expression was so calm
and cool that people didn’t know what he was thinking.

North felt extremely miserable, her frail body sliding down the wall.
At this time, a series of footsteps sounded in her ears, Mr. Dominos was also here.
“Miss Paulo, I leave Raven to choose between you and the Dominos, and I also ask you to make a
North looked at Mr. Dominos with red eyes, “What do you mean?”
“Miss Paulo, I will destroy anyone who is not useful to me. Raven is the eldest son and grandson of the
Dominos family, his life is also mine.”
North’s whole body trembled, Mr. Dominos was threatening her!
Why? Why did Mr. Dominos treat Raven so cruelly? He’s Raven’s grandfather.
North’s heart ached.
“Miss Paulo, don’t you understand? You are the source of all Raven’s pain. He hates you and the Paulo
family but he can’t let you go. This is like a tug of war. You’re in it. Every day the people around him
were pulling him back, as if they were tearing him in half.”
“Only when you leave can he be completely freed, and he and his mother can live a peaceful life.”
North left in despair. The housekeeper came over and said in a low voice, “Old master, do you think
North will break up with the young master?TM
Mr. Dominos looked in the direction they disappeared, “Yes, I do. North is the daughter of the Paulo
family. She and Raven will never be together.”
“Master, would you like to tell the young master… about the Dominos and Paulo family?” The butler
asked hesitantly.
The Dominos and Paulo clan’s past is a hidden and shocking secret. Once this secret is revealed, it will
destroy everyone.
Mr. Dominos shook his head, “It’s temporarily unnecessary. By the way, has there been any news
about Grayson lately?”
“No, since the last time we found a trace of Grayson, he has disappeared without a trace, as if he had
never appeared.”
“Ezra’s son is extremely talented. That year he was the little lord of Los Angeles. Once he comes back,

I’m afraid he will turn all of Los Angeles upside down. We have someone keeping an eye on him and
ed by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 826 Do you think I can’t raise North after leaving the Dominos family?
we won’t allow him back.”
However, Mr. Dominos had a hunch that Grayson would be back soon.
In the apartment.
In the room, a doctor wearing a white coat walked out with a medical equipment box that smelled
strongly of disinfectant.
Raven lay on the bed, his back bare, the whip marks on his back intertwined. Although they had been
treated by a doctor, they were still bl oody.
Private secretary Jasper said in a low voice: “Miss Paulo, the doctor has injected the president with
painkillers. He is sleeping now. Please take care of him tonight.”
“Okay.” North nodded.
Jasper led the doctor away. North stretched her slim legs and walked to the bed. She stretched out her
soft white fingertips, little by little touching the man’s solid back. She wanted to touch his wound, but
didn’t dare.
He must be in a lot of pain.
North just looked at him quietly, suddenly wondering if his obsession about her that he couldn’t let go of
was hatred or… love?

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Chapter 826 Do you think I can’t raise North after leaving the
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