That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 695 Why He Loved Her

He was coleus now that he had mentioned it. She wondered why Dexter had a close connection with
The sen taumly Initially, she thought it was due to a marriage alliance.

What is the reason then?”

Dexter leaned back and shut his eyes briefly. Five years ago, one of the Olsen family’s projects
involved something in the gray area and nearly caused their downfall. Russell Group gave them a hand
and bore the blame for them?

Josie considereil. Five years ago… “But there are many things connected to the gray area nowadays.
Moreover, you and Arnold are involved in them.”

They were careful to keep them under wraps. In actuality, they were involved in many sharneful and


“It was different that time because it involves someone’s life.”

Josic frowned. “How did you help them?”

The matter involved the death of a prominent person, triggering an investigation from higher authorities.
Mark pleaded with many people but could not cover up the case. During a critical moment, Dexter
offered evidence to prove that the deceased broke the law. With that evidence, the investigation
gradually diminished the blame on the Olsen Group.

Due to this, Mark owed Dexter a significant favor.

Five years ago, Dexter had just started and took over Russell Group’s business at a young age.
Everyone waited for him to stumble and embarrass himself. However, before they knew it, Dexter allied

with the prominent Olsen family.

Moreover, Mark admired ambitious and courageous young men. Dexter was one of them.

Thus, within a few years, Mark helped develop Russell Group into Wavery’s most significant tax
contributor. From then on, the Russell and Olsen family depended on each other despite never entering
a formal agreement.

That was why the relationship between Olsen and Russell Group was more than just that of an industry
senior and a new generation.

“But you had just started and had neither the influence nor the backing of someone with authority. How
did you obtain that evidence?” Josie sprawled on the bed and asked doubtfully after listening to


Dexter did not answer her question but said, “That’s all in the past.”

Josie noticed his unwillingness to discuss the matter and made her guess. “Don’t tell me you arranged
the death in Olsen Group. That’s why you could offer them assistance when they needed it.”

Dexter chuckled calmly. “Seems like I’m a shady person in your mind.”

“That’s right, Josie admitted frankly. “People like you are devious and have many tricks up your

“What about Arnold? What do you think of him?” Dexter asked suddenly. Josie was stunned briefly
before. answering, “Do you wish to hear what I think?”




mmpact the following day and made hey w

de for you to be back

for bom and e

What do you think of this back tie Black suits you?

Dexter grabbed hey who “You’re not angry?

Why should I be angry? Unless you don’t care about me anymore!

Although her consideration was charming, she was too calm, leaving him dissatisfied. He even felt thr
wrge to argue with her

I will only attend the banquet for a while and will be back soon

Josie pulled her hand away and smiled. “Sure, I don’t mind even if you stay there forever

She was teasing him.

Dexter smiled Strangely, the teasing improved his mood. He left the house and went to his car

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