That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 696 Error in DNA Test

I was spring, and the weather was good. Josie was bored of staying home and decided to head to the

Most of the employees had returned to work. They did not expect to be inspected by the higher-ups so
soon after starting work, so the whole office had low morale,

Angel was complaining to Alice when Josie arrived. “Alice, our job is only to draw designs. We know
nothing about Carter Group’s shoddy construction. How can they investigate us?”

Jade was photocopying documents nearby and joined their conversation. “That’s right. We discovered
it first and tried to stop it. Ms. Jo nearly got dragged into it. How would we know they carried out work at

As Josie heard the news about Carter Group, Josie could not help but think that Dexter would never let
Arnold off casily.

Rumors were rampant when the office reopened after the New Year holiday.

“Since we didn’t do anything wrong, the investigator won’t be able to find anything.” Alice comforted her
colleagues and looked up to find Josie entering the office. She hurried ahead.

She immediately pulled Josie to the side. “I heard rumors that you colluded with Arnold and
manipulated the situation. That’s not true, right?”

Josie sighed and headed to her office. Coincidentally, Laura was already there. “Tve worked with you
for many years. Do you think I’m that kind of person?”

Alice pouted. “I suppose not.”

“What about the matter between you and Arnold? Is it real?” Laura poured herself a cup of coffee and
asked calmly before turning to Josie.

Josie hit Laura with her handbag. “How could you do such a thing? Are you trying to cause me

Laura laughed despite herself. She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. “Anyway, I heard you and
Arnold went to the hospital on New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, based on my information, Dexter only
learned about the incident a few days later. That means you didn’t tell him.”

“It’s amazing how rumors spread. All it took was a few days for the world to know about it.” Josie
poured a cup of coffee for herself.

She sipped before continuing. “Why didn’t you tell me that Liana has been found?”

Josie noticed a flicker of guilt in Laura’s eyes.

Laura met her gaze and stared for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. “You’ve met Arnold.
Didn’t he also hide it from you?”

Her mentioning of the matter angered Josie. “He told me about it but didn’t reveal that Heather was


Laura laughed even louder upon hearing her and slapped her thigh. She nearly ran out of breath from
Laughing. Tve been waiting to see your reaction. How do you feel? It’s unexpected, right? Your
expression is as I imagined”


foste picked upea euslim and hit Laura with it

Dont blame me Claudia went to Rivodia and claimed she had found Liana upon her return. How couli)
we be sine that it was real” Laura explained. “Although Mark was happy about the discovery, he
mmediately arranged a DNA Test on New Year’s Eve. Everyone gathe

sleep all night Oh that included your husband

Joste’s expression darkened house the

“The result turned out to be real, to everyone’s astonishment. By then, it was morning, and Dexter had
also left. I thought he would surely tell you.” Laura had a playful expression. “But I guess I was wrong”

Josie picked up another cushion and threw it at her.

“I had an excellent show that night. Thinking about Zach’s expression still makes me want to laugh?”

Zach could never win against Summer. Now, he had another rival, Liana, whom the family beloved. It
would further threaten his already dismal position. Moreover, Mark would likely never give him any
position of authority again.

Josie laughed with Laura, but her expression soon turned solemn. “Could something have gone wrong
with the DNA test?”

She found the matter too coincidental to be accurate, no matter how she thought. Of all the people in
the world, she could not believe that Heather was Liana.

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