That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter Chapter 699 She Might Mind

It was clear that Dexter was behind the problem that was crippling the Carter Group. Mark, however,
seemed to be turning a blind eye. This could be because he didn’t care about Arnold, or perhaps he
simply valued Dexter too much to lose him.

“I heard you took Leanne to see Old Mr. Russell a few days ago,” Mark commented, swiftly changing
the subject.

Dexter was not at ease with Mark’s use of the nickname “Leanne” to address Heather, even though it
was a nickname he had been familiar with in the past.

It was natural to cling to the precious memories they had shared, but it was also an undeniable truth
that his heart belonged to Josie..

“Yes, Grandpa was pleased to see her.”

“I’ll go see Grandpa more often when I have the time. I missed him a lot, too,” Heather added, her voice
filled with longing.

Dexter nodded dismissively, then took a sip of his cocktail.

Mark’s words were bold and unwavering. “That’s kind of you, Dexter,” he said. “Old Mr. Russell was
very fond of Leanne and took care of her. She should be visiting him more often. Also, you were so
close with Leanne ever since you two were kids. You should spend more time together.”

Claudia cleared her throat to interrupt him. “They’re adults now,” she enunciated, her voice firm. “They’ll
figure things out on their own. There’s no need for you to meddle in their relationship.”

Dexter met Heather’s eyes, his expression darkening. Mark’s continued disregard for his marriage to
Josie was starting to get to him. He felt like Mark was treating him like he wasn’t even married, as if his
relationship with Josie didn’t matter.

He averted his eyes and lowered his head, the crease in his forehead deepened as he thought about
Josie. Why didn’t she want to follow him? What if she misunderstands him?

Dexter greeted the guests at the party, then went into the lounge area. A server came up to him and
asked if he needed anything.

“Don’t let anyone come in,” he ordered.

As soon as he gave his orders, the door opened a crack. The server’s eyes widened when he saw who
was standing there.

“Ms. Olsen…”

It was Heather. She was holding a glass in her hand and staring at Dexter. “Dex.”

He couldn’t fault the server for anything, as she had come in unannounced. He then gestured for the
server to leave the room.

They were the only two people in the lounge.

Heather sat down next to him. “My father crossed the line just now,” she said softly. “I hope you don’t
take his words to heart. I won’t interfere with your relationship with Ms. Warren.”

Dexter was taken aback by the way she referred to Josie. “You’ve never called her Ms. Warren before,”
he remarked.

Heather’s eyes darted around like a cornered animal. She had always referred to Josie as Mrs.
Russell, but now she called her “Ms. Warren.” It was as if she was trying to erase any trace of their

“If you don’t mind..

“I do mind,” Dexter snorted. “But she might not.”

Heather’s face fell; her eyes filled with despair, and her mouth turned into a frown. She looked like she
was about to burst into tears.

She looked very similar to Summer.

However, Heather was not as assertive as Josie. If Josie were hurt by his words, she would confront
him and give him a piece of her mind. She would not hesitate to stand up for herself, even if it meant
causing him trouble.

“Dex, I can see that you really like her,” Heather commented, her eyes downcast. “But I want to know if
you were attracted to her at first because of me?”

It was clear what she was trying to insinuate.

“I don’t mean to pry,” she added. “But I just wanted to know if I meant anything to you in the past.”

Heather’s eyes were wide and innocent as she asked the question, her tone of voice free of malice.
When he saw that she was simply curious, Dexter’s voice softened, and he answered her question

“It’s not because of you.” His relationship with Josie started off as an agreement, but it had nothing to
do with Liana.

Heather’s smile faltered at his response.

She took a sip of her cocktail, her eyes clouding with sadness. “It seems like we’ve already gone our
separate ways. We’ve started new lives and are not the same people we were.”

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