That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 698 Stylish and Sophisticated

It was eight o’clock at night, Dexter attended the welcoming party for the Olsen family’s first daughter
which was held at the Bulgari Hotel’s top floor

There weren’t many people mattendance, but those who were there held powerful positions in society
Rumors were circulating that Mark Olsen was considerate of his youngest daughter, so he didn’t invite
many people to the party. However, given the identities of the guests present, it seemed that he cared
for Heather very much

Amidst the crowd’s chatter, Summer greeted the guests politely and gracefully, fulfilling her duties to
uphold her family’s reputation.

The guests could tell that even though Heather was the main focus of the event, Summer still held
power in the Olsen family.

Mark and Claudia arrived at the top floor, dressed to the nines in their finest evening wear. Their
impeccable attire was a clear indication of how much they cared about the event. The stylish and
sophisticated pair were made for each other.

Heather was wearing a white cocktail dress that clung to her figure. She had a calm and serene air as
she followed Mark around to greet the guests.

Every guest at the party offered their congratulations.

“Father, Dexter is here,” Summer said, looking at the entrance.

After hearing what Summer said, Mark’s eyes scanned the room until they landed on the tall.
distinguished figure in the crowd. He watched as Dexter approached him and reached out his hand for
a handshake. “Mr. Olsen, I apologize for being late.”

Mark chuckled softly in response. “You’re not late.” Mark replied, putting his hand on Dexter’s shoulder.
“Leanne, get Dexter a cocktail.”

The cocktail was within reach, as the waiter was standing right beside them. However, upon seeing that
Mark had given his instructions, Dexter remained still.

Heather passed the cocktail to him, her face a deep shade of red. “Dex”

After her identity was exposed. Heather returned to calling Dexter “Dex” the way she used to.

Dexter nodded and took the drink from her with a rather indifferent air. Out of the blue, Summer asked.
“Dex, why didn’t Josie join you today?”

Their eyes met, and there was an unspoken tension between them. A playful grin appeared at the
corner of his lips as he quipped, “I don’t see Arnold today either.”

Summer noticed Mark shooting her a warning look, but she paid him no mind and continued. “I don’t
need to control him. He knows not to overstep his bounds. Is that the case with Josie too?”

Her question was so absurd that it made Dexter chuckle in disbelief. “She doesn’t like big occasions
like this, so I respected her decision.”

Dexter was always protective of Josie and wouldn’t let anyone speak ill of her. Mark’s face turned a
deep shade of crimson, and his jaw clenched. Heather’s grip on her glass tightened as Dexter’s words
registered She lowered her head in discomfort



Did car hear what he said, sis You need to be this capable to have a successful manage. It i wonderful
to leave a man who loves and protects you so much? Of course, one man isn’t enough You’ll

fund two or duce mone There’s so much you still have to learn” Summer’s bold and

makeup only added to the menacing tone of her words.

Claudia’s voice lowered to a stern tone, “Sin

Heather tried to defuse the situation by chiming in. “Thanks, Summer”

Summer’s lips twisted into a vicious smirk. She was about to leave when Dexter suddenly spoke up. “I
heard that something went wrong with Arnold’s construction project, he commented casually. “He’s in a
bind trying to solve the problem, so he must not have much time to spend with you. You need to be
more tolerant.”

Summer felt a chill run down her spine. She hadn’t expected him to get back at her so nonchalantly.

Mark immediately interjected, “What problem?”

Dexter’s lips curled into a sneer. “It’s similar to what the Russell Group faced last time. His project has
been sabotaged, and he has no one to back him up. I’m afraid it’ll take him a long time to recover.”

Not knowing how to address his provocation, Summer forced a smile; her fingers pricking against her
skin. Mark’s jaw clenched, and his eyes narrowed. It was clear that Dexter was targeting his words at
Summer, and she knew it.

But Mark maintained his composure and suggested, “Since the problem has arisen, you should help
Arnold resolve it. You don’t need to concern yourself with our family matters.”

Summer furrowed her eyebrows. “Father…”

“That’s enough,” Mark said with a calm and unfaltering voice.

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