That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter Chapter 701 Clinging to the Photograph

Before leaving the studio, Josie countered Laura’s assumption. “Do I really care about him? I wouldn’t
have even cared if he were on the brink of death!”

Recalling the times Arnold had played games with her, her anger was palpable.

Back at Mason Garden, Paul was seated at the dining table, engrossed in his meal. Spotting Josie’s
return, Julie hastened to take her coat. “Madam, you’re back so soon.”

“Yes, just had to handle some minor matters.” Josie approached the table, casting a glance at her
father’s meal. “What’s on the menu?”

Her attention shifted as she noticed her father clutching a photograph frame tightly, his gaze distant.
“Dad? What’s that you’re holding onto? Dad?”

Extending her hand, she gently shook her father’s arm, snapping him out of his reverie. “It’s your
photograph, Jo.”

Josie was taken aback. “Photograph? Which photograph?” She couldn’t recall placing any framed
photo of herself.

Julie approached with a concerned expression. “…Madam, since you left, he’s been holding onto that
photograph, insisting it’s yours. I’ve tried explaining, but he wouldn’t listen.”

Puzzled, Josie furrowed her brows. Her father’s memory had become less reliable since his recovery,
and moments of confusion weren’t uncommon. She hadn’t paid much attention to it.

“What photograph?”

Julie hesitated, leaned in, and whispered something into Josie’s ear.

The expression on Josie’s face changed dramatically upon hearing it. She swiftly moved forward,
intending to take the photo away. “Dad, give me the photograph. It’s not me. You’re mistaken.”

However, Paul clung to the photo, refusing to release it, his frustration mounting. “What are you
saying? This is my Jo, don’t touch it!”

Josie’s anxiety intensified. “It’s not me! I’m right here in front of you. Look at me, Dad!”

But Paul persisted, thinking she was trying to snatch the photo from him. His eyes appeared
unfocused, and confusion further clouded his gaze.

“Dad!” Josie applied more force, but her attempt led to a fall as she stumbled backward. The

photo slipped from her father’s grasp, landing on the floor with a snap as the frame shattered.

The broken frame revealed the picture within.

Josie’s heart quivered. The photo depicted a smiling little girl. For some inexplicable reason, a wave of
sorrow washed over her. She drew nearer, wanting to retrieve the picture, but a piece of glass cut her
hand, and a droplet of blood fell.

Julie’s voice held concern as she exclaimed worriedly, “Madam, be careful!”

The sight of blood snapped Paul back to reality. He trembled, rushing to support Josie. “Jo! What are
you doing? Get up quickly!”

Josie remained motionless.

A deep male voice echoed from behind, “What’s happening here?”

Dexter had just entered the room and witnessed the chaotic scene. Josie was kneeling on the floor,
and he hastened forward. “Jo?”

Drawing closer, he noticed what she was holding- and the fresh blood staining the photo. Josie quickly
used her sleeve to wipe it away, a look of panic in her eyes as she glimpsed at him. “I’m sorry, Dexter, it
was an accident.”

It was a look that blended appeasement with fear. Josie rarely displayed such an expression, and in an
instant, Dexter felt a pang in his chest. His fingers quivered as he gently halted her actions. “Stop,
you’re hurting yourself.”

Josie seemed momentarily puzzled, then quickly spoke, “My father didn’t mean it. He’s just confused.
And I, I didn’t mean it either. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Dexter remembered when he had lost his temper merely because she had gazed at the photo a bit too
long. She understood the photo’s significance, and it clearly frightened her.

Within Dexter, a whirlwind of emotions raged. Gently, he took the photo from her hands. “Jo, this
doesn’t matter.”

“Come on, stand up, and let’s fix your wound.” He consoled her with a soft voice.

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