That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 702 Throw Them Away

Dexter’s comforting gaze offered Josie some solace as she reluctantly rose to her feet, her fingers still
tainted with blood.

Dexter fetched a tissue and gently wiped away the blood, then took a cotton swab dipped in iodine from
a nearby servant. His movements were composed and practiced, yet a faint quiver in his hands
betrayed the depth of his emotions. His eyes had a shadow of darkness, and his tone carried a hint of
displeasure. “Is the photo more important, or are your hands? What if your hands were injured to the
point that you couldn’t draw anymore?”

A gentle smile graced Josie’s lips, reflecting her happiness at the knowledge that Dexter cared about
her, even if it was mainly for her drawing ability. She was anxious about damaging the photo, afraid of
being wrongly implicated alongside her father, and concerned about unintentionally hurting his feelings.

A tinge of bitterness danced on her tongue. When she looked up, her father stood beside her, his
anxiety and guilt evident in his demeanor.

It seemed he had regained his clarity, yet he refrained from speaking.

“Dexter… My father didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Please, don’t hold it against him,” she pleaded again.

Dexter’s expression turned somber as she spoke, a hint of dissatisfaction flickering in his eyes due to
her doubt and fears.

After he had attended to her wound and discarded the used cotton swab, he pronounced, “Get rid of
this photo and the others in the box, all of them.”

Almost taken aback, Josie questioned, “You mean…”

“These things are far less important than you.” He held her hand firmly. “You shouldn’t put yourself
through pain over them. Do you understand?”

Josie shook her head and then comprehended his point. “You’re right, you have found Leanne, these
old photos of her aren’t important anymore. I’m sorry, I overreacted”

Dexter’s frown deepened, his grip on her hand unwavering. “Even if Leanne hadn’t returned today, I
would have said the same.”

His words came from his heart; this was all genuine.

Josie’s furrowed brows smoothed as she glanced at her father once again.

“Dad, don’t worry. No one blames you,” Dexter spoke first. “Just stay here, alright?”

Paul appeared torn. “I’m not sure why I was so disoriented earlier…”

Josie swiftly reassured him, “Dad, please rest. Everything is okay.”

After a moment of hesitation, Paul, laden with apologies, returned to his room, allowing them privacy.

As he left, Josie withdrew her hand. “Let’s keep these photos. What if Leanne wants them in the

Dexter’s brows knit as he scrutinized her expression.

“I genuinely mean it. No need to look at me like that,” Josie reassured him.

He affectionately pinched her cheek. “My Mrs. Russell isn’t usually this generous. Be honest, were you

Josie’s brow furrowed. “You were away for quite a while today. What were you discussing with them?”

Dexter was about to respond when she added, “Could it be you were reminiscing about the past?”

She was half right. Dexter was about to reply when she used her finger to halt him. “You don’t have to
tell me, and I have no desire to hear it.”

In a swift motion, he drew her onto his lap and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was both fervent and lingering, and Josie had to lean back to endure it. She held onto his
neck, sensing his urgency and a hint of perplexity within the kiss.

“What’s bothering you?” Josie asked, concern tingeing her voice.

“I’m just returning the favor, silencing Mrs. Russell the way she almost silenced me.”

A soft sound of disapproval escaped Josie’s lips, showing her displeasure at his evasion of her inquiry.

Sitting more upright, Josie looped her arms around his neck. Just as he was about to speak, they both
spoke in unison, “Russell’s…”

Their eyes locked.

Dexter gestured for her to continue.

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