That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 703 Keeping Leanne Close

“Is Russell Group planning to restructure the Design Department?” Josie probed.

Dexter’s arm, which was snug around her waist, slackened slightly. “You’ve managed to piece it

“To be more precise, Russell Group has its eyes on restructuring the entire construction division, which
would inevitably involve the Design Department,” Dexter explained.

A frown graced Josie’s forehead. “But hasn’t the real estate market in Wavery already reached its
saturation point? Didn’t they decide to step back from that?”

Dexter’s eyes held a veil of mystery. “Plans can change. The real estate market might have reached
saturation, but profits won’t dwindle. Carter Group took a hit, yet they still have seven construction
sites. lined up, ready to begin work. Once those projects kick off, profits are guaranteed.”

Russell Group aimed to carve out a slice of that profitable market.

Josie comprehended the situation. She sighed helplessly, momentarily lost for words.

Dexter’s fingers played with her cascading hair. “What’s troubling you?”

“I’m scared, Dexter.” Josie met his gaze with vulnerability. “I saw someone die under the rubble for the
first time. It was horrifying. I don’t want to witness anything like that ever again.”

Unspoken in her words was the plea to shield him from situations resembling the Arnold incident.

However, she was also well aware that over the past years, Dexter had risen amidst a sea of unspoken
murders and concealed deaths. Detaching him from such complexities was near impossible.

Dexter’s silence hung in the air, his gaze serene as it rested upon her. His words mirrored that

“I promise you, that won’t happen again. Even if Arnold dares to confront me.”

While his tone was composed, his determination was evident, leaving Josie taken aback. “Are you
trying to reassure me?”

“I’ve promised no more lies between us,” Dexter replied with a tender look.

Josie’s chuckle carried a sincere trust in his words.

Feeling much lighter, she cast aside worries about Russell Group’s reorganization affecting her studio’s

“Oh, by the way, what were you about to say earlier?”

Her vibrant smile was captivating, reminiscent of a fresh and irresistible pear tree blossoming under the
night sky.

Dexter’s gaze lingered on her. In that fleeting moment, his words remained caught in his throat.

“It’s nothing important. I’ve forgotten, Dexter finally responded.

Josie harbored no doubt, playfully winking at him. Then I’ll go freshen up with a shower first.”

As the graceful form of the woman vanished from view, Dexter found himself enveloped in silence. His
lips still held a trace of a smile, but gradually, his expression turned solemn as she ascended the
staircase. Once she was out of sight, the smile on his face slowly faded.

Mark Olsen had called an hour earlier. During the call, he quickly cut to the chase. “You’re well aware
of Leanne’s situation; suddenly introducing her into my company isn’t ideal. Given your relationship

since childhood and her trust in you now, why not have her work closely with you?”

He was merely a few words away from exposing her role as a planted spy.

“Mr. Olsen, Russell Group isn’t open to just anyone, Dexter stated with a hint of suppressed impatience
in his voice.

“I know, but Leanne is an exception. You’ve had a close relationship since childhood and always looked
out for her.”

Dexter maintained his silence, not entirely pleased with Mark’s insinuations.

“She was in tears earlier. Did you say something to her?” Mark inquired further.

Dexter’s grip on the phone tightened. “Mr. Olsen, have her visit Russell Group tomorrow.”

Mark Olsen’s goal was attained with this decision, and he hung up, his satisfaction apparent.

Larry, who had overheard the conversation, expressed his apprehensions. “Is this wise? What if
Madam. finds out…”

Dexter closed his eyes briefly. He had debts about Leanne, and Mark Olsen had seized vulnerability.

After contemplating, he spoke seriously, “Starting tomorrow, you’ll be reassigned to the construction

Larry’s expression mirrored his confusion.

“Are you suggesting… that you want Miss Olsen to work alongside you?” Larry’s voice was laced with

“The Olsen Family desires this, and I’ll accommodate them. Whether she’s capable of standing her
ground, time will tell.” Dexter’s response was tinged with a mix of determination and caution.

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