That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 705 Seems Like a Lover

Xanthe had heard of the relationship between Liana and Dexter, so she took special care of Summer,
who was Liana’s family, hoping to please Dexter by doing so. Little did she expect Liana to return at
this time.

Dexter wore a mocking smile. “Would you like to meet her?”

Xanthe instinctively avoided his gaze, guilt-stricken. “I don’t know her, so it’s unnecessary to meet.”

Dexter’s eyes were filled with intense ridicule when he perceived Xanthe’s guilty conscience. He didn’t
expect Xanthe to still have a trace of conscience and feel uneasy about abandoning him.

One was the destroyer, while the other was the rescuer. So, Xanthe didn’t dare to meet Liana.

As Xanthe left, Dexter watched her walk away and felt strange. Mother and son should have a strong.
connection, but he had never felt a tinge of motherly love from Xanthe despite their numerous

Is she really my mother?

Dexter had become emotionally numb.


Heather, who had been waiting at the car for some time, called out to Dexter as he walked down the
stairs. outside the courthouse. She was dressed in a blouse and jeans, which gave her a youthful

Dexter walked up to her. “What brings you here?”

“Father said I should do a good job on the first day of work.” Heather smiled sweetly.

Moses was about to open the car door but was stopped by Heather. “Mr. Chakov, you can leave this to
me from now onwards.”

Moses was shocked by Heather’s sudden action. He cast a glance at Dexter before saying. “Please
don’t say that, Ms. Olsen. This is my job.”

Dexter tapped Heather’s head and got into the car. “You’re the eldest daughter of the famous Olsen
family. How can I make you open the car door for me? Are you kidding me?”

Heather was embarrassed. “Please don’t say that. This used to be my job, wasn’t it?”

The response reminded Dexter of the old memories. “You don’t have to anymore.” He mumbled with
downcast eyes.

Upon arriving at the company, Dexter personally brought Heather to the secretary’s office. “This is
Heather Riley, She’ll be joining the team from now on. Take good care of her.”

The staff exchanged glances as they didn’t expect Dexter to escort Heather to the office. Such special
treatment was surprising.

After Dexter left, Heather organized her stuff in her seat. Someone approached her carefully and
asked, “Ms. Riley, are you Mrs. Russell’s friend or relative?”

Heather paused her action. “Why do you ask?”

“Mr. Russell never appears with other women, except Mrs. Russell. We thought he personally brought
you here today because of Mrs. Russell.”

Heather put on a sarcastic smirk and continued organizing her stuff. “Should all women in his life only
be related to Mrs. Russell?”

Her colleagues were baffled. Some perceived her response with respect, while others with disdain. It
seems like she’s Mr. Russell’s lover…

Dexter trusted the new assistant greatly. He hadn’t assigned her official matters yet but entrusted her
with his personal affairs.

Unlike Josie, Heather never mistook the tea Dexter liked. However, Dexter felt as if something was
lacking when he drank it.

“You make good tea. Who taught you the skill?”

Looking awkward, Heather answered honestly, “It’s Mr. Carter…”

Arnold Carter.

Dexter nodded. “I guess he has never imagined the assistant he personally trained is actually the
daughter of the Olsen family.”

“Dex, I never thought of myself as someone prestigious.”

Dexter nodded. “I’m just kidding.”

“Does your wife know I’m working here? I don’t mean anything. I’m just afraid she might

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