That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 704 Three Years and Nine Months

The weather was fine the next day. It finally came the day Yanis’ case was brought to trial.

Josie was helping Dexter with his tie under the morning sun’s rays. “Is it gonna be a tough case?”

“We just have to go through the necessary procedures. It’ll be over soon.”

“How many years do you think he’ll be sentenced to?”

Dexter smirked. “His status is extraordinary. Even if he’s sentenced to ten years in prison, he’ll only
lose his freedom but still be treated well.”

Josie couldn’t help wondering if Arnold’s father would become like Yanis too.


“My uncle hasn’t suffered his whole life. It’ll be a special experience to spend his remaining years in
prison.” Dexter said with a cold smile, which could send a shiver down one’s spine.

Josie was reminded of Wyatt, who had not appeared for some time, and she wondered where he was.

When Josie sent Dexter to his car, she saw only Moses. “How strange. Mr. Peeple is not here today.”

Dexter patted her shoulder and did not explain further.

In the court, the procedures were carried out accordingly. Dexter sat in the public seating as the
defendant’s family member and closed his eyes to rest,

As the lawyers presented evidence to the court, their speech was loaded with legal jargon.

About two hours later, the judge announced the verdict. Yanis was sentenced to three years and nine
months in jail.

Dexter slowly opened his eyes to see Yanis glaring bitterly at him. Dressed in a jail uniform, the white-
haired man had lost his usual, composed aura.

Dexter curled his lips as he finally got revenge on Yanis.

Provoked by the crooked smile, Yanis struggled frantically and pointed at Dexter with his handcuffed
hand. “You ungrateful brat! How dare you send your uncle to jail! Just wait, Dexter Russell. You’ll this!”

The prison guard immediately pinned him down. “Silence!”

Yanis spat fiercely in Dexter’s direction, but the latter remained still, sitting calmly while watching Yanis
lose his cool. Victors never need to say much.

The court session was adjourned after Yanis was taken away.

Moses walked up to Dexter and whispered in his ear. Dexter stood up immediately and walked out of
the courtroom while buttoning his suit.

Xanthe was waiting outside.

Standing under the sun, she looked gloomy and hostile.

“What is it?” Dexter stood before her.

“Yanis is imprisoned. Is it my turn next?” Xanthe’s question was laced with sarcasm.

Dexter withdrew his gaze and answered coldly, “You have a good sense of self-awareness.”

“Whether you admit it or not, the fact is I’m your mother. If you dare to come after me, you’ll bear the
stigma of an ungrateful child. As the great president of the Russell Group, you wouldn’t want your

reputation to be affected, would you?” The wrinkles around Xanthe’s eyes became more observable as
she spoke. Her tone was cold and emotionless as she had her guard up against her own son.

She didn’t expect him to be so ruthless, even to the extent of sending his uncle to jail.

Dexter raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the courtroom. “I’ve sent him in, so I might as well
send you in.”

Intimidated by Dexter’s frigid aura, Xanthe subconsciously shivered. “Do you really dare to?”

Dexter became impatient. He looked into the distance and saw a slender figure standing beside his car.

Suddenly, he blurted, “Do you know Liana is back?”

Startled, Xanthe frowned. “So the rumors are true?

“After you abandoned me back then, that woman rescued me.”

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