That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 706 Summer, Don’t Mess With Her

Heather spoke cautiously and softly, afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Dexter didn’t give a direct answer. “She doesn’t care about these things.”

Heather smiled. “I know she has a big heart.”

When it was about time to get off work, Summer came. She went directly to the top floor and entered
Dexter’s office. “Hi, Dexter, I’m here to pick up sis.”

Dexter lifted his eyes and smiled. “You’re very concerned about your sister coming all the way to pick
her up despite your busy schedule.”

Summer wore a pencil skirt, which exposed her long legs. Looking poised like the head of a family, she
answered, “I can’t help it. We have spent a great deal of effort searching for my precious sister, so of
course, I have to look after her. What if something happens again?”

Just then, Heather walked in with a cup of coffee and was stunned to see Summer, “Ms… S-Sum, what
brings you here?”

Summer looked at Heather with a smile. “I’m here to pick you up from work.”

“I can go home on my own. You didn’t have to come.” Heather quickly placed the coffee on Dexter’s

“It’s on the way, so don’t worry about it.” Summer leaned against Dexter’s desk. “Sis, I’d like an
Americano. Can you get me a cup, please?”

“Sure.” Heather answered without hesitation.

After Heather left, Dexter continued reading his documents and commented without lifting his head,
“She’s your sister. You shouldn’t cross the line.”

“What do you mean?” Summer was confused.

“Although she hasn’t been with the family for more than ten years, she’s still the young lady of the
Olsen family. It’s inappropriate to order her about like this.” After finishing reviewing the documents,
Dexter kept them aside.

“Oh, I see.” Summer pretended to come to a sudden realization. “It slipped my mind. But she has been
doing this for the past ten years.”

Dexter’s expression turned solemn. “Not anymore from now on.”

As the atmosphere turned intense, Heather came in with an Americano. “Here you go, Sum.”

Summer and Heather were raised in different environments, so their temperaments were different.
Heather appeared extremely cautious in front of Summer.

“I suddenly don’t feel like drinking it. Sis, you can take it back.”

Summer cast a provoking glance at Dexter.

Just as Heather was about to bring the cup out, Dexter said, “Just leave it. You may excuse yourself

Heather did as she was told. Tears welled up in her eyes.

With that, only Dexter and Summer were left in the office. Dexter stood up and placed one hand on the
table. Looking down at Summer, he lifted her chin with the other hand. Summer’s body stiffened when
she felt Dexter’s breath, and her ears turned red.

Dexter’s overpowering aura stirred her desire.


“Previously, I didn’t care if you picked on her.” Dexter took up the cup of hot coffee and placed it near
Summer’s lips. Slowly, he poured the coffee into her mouth. “But now, she’s Liana. You shouldn’t mess
with her anymore.”

His gaze was resolute.

The coffee was so hot that Summer struggled to break away from Dexter while letting out a muffled

Dexter gripped her cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth and drink the whole cup of Americano.

“Now, I’m here for her. Do you understand?”

Steam rose from Summer’s mouth, which was scalded. Her face reddened. The moment Dexter
released her, she clutched her throat to vomit the coffee. However, it was too late she had lost her

“D-Dex…” Her voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

Dexter stared coldly at the miserable woman.

After this lesson, she had to understand the situation, even if she didn’t want to.

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