That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 708 How Could I Make a Mistake

“Hey, Pop,” Josie leaned out the door, a quizzical expression on her face. “why the sudden tantrum?
Missing those spring outings, don’t you?”

The old man frowned, clearly upset. “You said you would bring me!”

She chuckled softly. “Alright, let’s do this.”

Before leaving Mason Garden with her father, Julie told Josie, “Mrs. Russell, take it easy on the road
and drive carefully, okay?”

Josie nodded, her mind already concocting a plan.

Mason Garden was just a stone’s throw away from the beach, offering a laid-back and spacious
atmosphere. without the usual crowds.

Josie remembered how Paul always enjoyed places buzzing with activity and people.

After contemplating, she decisively pressed the gas pedal and steered off course,

The day was an absolute beauty; the weather couldn’t be more perfect, and the sea stretched out in a
mesmerizing shade of blue.

Kids were building sandcastles under their parents’ watch, and couples were unwinding by the shore. It
was then that Josie realized it was the weekend.

No wonder the place was swarming with people!

Meanwhile, Paul had discovered a comfortable spot. He sat down and let the waves lap at his feet. A
serene smile etched on his countenance.

“Jo, remember when you were little, I used to take you to the beach all the time. Like those kids, you
played in the sand and collected seashells.”

Josie settled down next to him. “I recall bits and pieces. But as I grew older, the whole beach scene lost
its appeal.”

She only sought out the beach when stressed and needed a quiet spot to sort out her thoughts.

Paul grinned, the sunlight making him squint. “You hadn’t even seen a beach before I brought you from
Rivodia. It was a whole new experience for you.”

Josie couldn’t recollect anything about Rivodia, so she quipped, “Pop, your memories are playing tricks
on you again.”

Paul brushed it off, faking a pout. “Did Dexter give you a hard time about that thing the other day?”

Upon hearing that, Josie shook her head with a soft smile. “Don’t worry about me.”

Paul took her hand, holding it in his own, giving it a gentle pat while a hint of sadness flickered in his

“I understand being Mrs. Russell comes with its challenges. As long as you’re genuinely happy in it, I’ll
be content.”

Josie’s tone turned earnest. “It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but for him. I’m ready to face whatever

Paul seemed to recall something, hesitant. He motioned toward the children playing nearby. “So,
when’s the plan for you two to have a little one?”

Oops, Pop’s diving into family planning….

Josie was caught off guard by the question; her cheeks instantly flushed. “Dad…”

Paul chuckled, a twinkle in his eyes. “It might be time to consider it. Welcoming a new member to the
Russell clan would surely bring joy to Henry and Dexter.”

Josie wasn’t entirely sold on the idea. She suddenly asked, “What about you? Would you be happy
about the prospect?”

Paul hesitated, his smile wavered, “To be honest, happiness might not be the first thing that comes to
mind. Having a child means navigating challenges. I’m not so keen on that.”

In this world, genuine parental care comes from the heart, whether they are biological or not.

Josie felt a warmth spread through her chest.

The sea breeze danced, and Paul brought up, “You know, that news about the Olsen family finding
their daughter? I looked at those pictures later at home; they looked so much like that person. Turns
out, it wasn’t you. Goodness, I was quite mixed up.”

His thoughts had settled now, and Josie sighed, “You’re right. It was a misunderstanding.”

Paul studied Josie’s face seriously, and his aged eyes tinged with a hint of sorrow,

“But how on earth can I be confused about…

The sea breeze picked up, drowning out his words. Josie asked him to repeat, but Paul waved his hand

After a bit, Josie guided her father back to the car. Before heading home, she still hadn’t heard back
from Dexter.

Then, an idea struck her.

“Hey, Pop, I’ll be right back in fifteen minutes. Can you wait in the car?”

Paul nodded obediently, “Oh, okay.”

With a nagging worry at the back of her mind, Josie locked the car and paced a short distance away.
Yet, a sudden change of heart urged her to double back and undo the lock.

She needed a breather.

And conveniently, a construction project by the Russell Group was nearby.

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