That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 707 You Know How to Control a Man

Heather was shocked when she came in and saw Summer’s reddened face and the coffee spat on the
floor. “Sum…”

Summer shook her head, grabbed Heather’s hand, and pulled her out.

Dexter closed his eyes and made an intercom call. “Send someone to clean my office.”

“What happened?” Heather held Summer’s hand and asked anxiously after entering the lift.

Summer stared fixedly at her, trying to glean something from her expression. Then, she took out her
phone and started typing. ‘Dexter is very nice to you.

Heather frowned. “Y-Yeah. But that’s only because of the past…”

“You know how to control a man.

Heather lowered her head and didn’t answer.

Summer smirked and continued typing. I verified his feelings for you at the cost of my voice. Are you
happy now? It must feel good to be protected.

Heather shook her head immediately, afraid of annoying Summer.

“Shall we go home?”

‘Go to the hospital!”

Summer was exasperated.

Temperatures bounced back as spring arrived. Paul just couldn’t stay at home any longer and insisted
on heading out for a walk.

Josie was worried about his safety, so she instructed the servants to bring him for a stroll in the

Paul complained sulkily, “I’ve been walking around the neighborhood every day. I even know the
number of trees here. It’s so boring.”

Josie was amused. She glanced at the draft on her laptop and said, “I’m free tomorrow. Let’s go to the
beach, shall we?”

Paul pushed for more. “Can’t we go today?”

“It’s getting late now, and the seaside will be cold.”

Paul sat down pitifully and mumbled, “Okay. You have to bring me there tomorrow. Promise?”

Josie continued working on the laptop and readily agreed.

At night, Dexter sent a message saying he needed to stay overnight in the office to finish some work.
Then. he sent a video of his empty office.

Josie didn’t require him to report everything to her but was pleased when he did.

She replied by text. ‘Mr. Russell, do you feel lonely? If you’d like your wife to come and accompany
you, please press I

Dexter replied immediately. ‘1111111″

Josie chuckled and took a picture of herself working. I can only accompany you virtually!

She only finished her work and went to bed before the break of the day. At one in the afternoon, she
was woken up by a call from Alice.

“Hey Jo, remember I told you the Russell Group was going to restructure its design department? I saw
Claire’s job application.”

Josie was jolted to her senses. Claire was the one who framed her numerous times. Why is she still at

“She’s blacklisted by the company. I doubt her application will be successful.”

“That’s hard to say. The company has a complex organizational structure. There might be a new batch
of staff in the department by now. Besides, they plan to set up an individual construction company. It’s
possible for Claire to sneak in. I’m just giving you a heads-up so you can be cautious.” Alice explained.

Josie understood her intention. After hanging up the call, she couldn’t fall asleep again. So, she went to
wash up and made a call to Dexter.

However, no one answered.

She called again, and it was picked up this time, but a woman’s voice emerged. “Hello.”

Josie was startled. “Who is this?”

“Oh, I’m from the secretary’s office. Mr. Russell is in a meeting.”

Josie was relieved, thinking that made sense. “Please ask him to call me back after the meeting.”


Just then, Paul knocked on Josie’s door. “Hey Jo, it’s past noon already. Quickly get up and take me to
the beach.”

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