The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 842 The Secret Technique.

At this time, another group of people had already arrived. Logan and Liam rushed over.

Liam was startled when he saw Olive and the Mermen. “Father, how did you find out that Olive and the
Mermen were here?”

Logan’s men had always had the fastest information. Two days ago, Olive had taken the Visionary
people away from State Line Gate.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Olive showed up. Logan rushed over with his people. Liam couldn’t help but
wonder where Logan got his first hand information from.

Logan waved his hand and said mysteriously. “Liam, you don’t have to worry about this. Now, we can
just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers light”

Liam stared at his father, and then he inquired, “Father, what are your plans? When the battle between
Visionary and the Mermen is over, we will take the opportunity to wipe them out, right?”

Logan nodded, his eyes lit up, “Yes, this opportunity is once in a lifetime.”

Liam’s gaze fell on Olive’s pretty figure in front of him, “I’ve dealt with this Princess Olive a few

alone times, but now. I look at her as if she’s in a losing situation, but since she dares to come a
tonight. It’s obvious that she’s here to meet the Mermen army, she must have a trick.” Liam informed
Logan of his observation.

Logan responded, “That’s why I said that you shouldn’t act rashly. Let’s wait and see first.”

Liam felt that his father had suddenly become smarter, and he did not know which expert was hiding
behind his back.

In front, the Mermen princess looked at Olive, her eyes lit up, as if Olive was already in her net..

“Princess Olive, what are you waiting for, hurry up and let Molly go.”

Olive’s clear eyes shone brightly, “Okay, I’ll let her go if you want me to.”

Olive let go of the rope.

Molly quickly walked behind the Mermen Princess and whispered, “Princess, there’s something. weird
about princess Olive, I’m afraid she’s up to something.”

The Mermen princess disagreed, “Molly, why have you become so less courageous? Now that
Princess Olive is alone, can she still resist our Mermaid army?”


The Mermen princess ignored Molly. She looked at Olive and said, ‘Princess Olive, hurry up and
surrender now, so that I won’t make your life more miserable.”

Olive’s bright gaze slowly passed over the princess and Molly’s face, and landed on the army. She
slowly rajsed her red lips and smiled, “It seems that everyone has arrived.”

The Mermen Princess paused. “What do you mean?” She asked.

Olive took a step back. She suddenly winked playfully, and then whistled.

Olive was actually whistling.

The whistle was light and sweet, as if it had penetrated the entire forest.

In the next second, a deep voice sounded.

Molly’s eardrums were filled with the deep sound, “What is this sound?” she asked anxiously.

The mermen princess also froze. The voice seemed to be… that of a wolf!

It was the low cry of a wolf.

“Wolf! The woll is here!”

The Mermen Princess and Molly quickly raised their heads and saw a wolf suddenly running from the
depths of the dark forest. A wolf as tall as a human, with golden hair all over his body, his eyes emitted
a fierce beast light.

“Oh my G od”” Logan’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but take a step back.

Liam narrowed his eyes, and after a few seconds, he said in shock, “Secret Art of Wolf Training!”

Logan looked at Liam, and then, he looked at Olive. A violent storm had already erupted in his heart.

Years back, Logan had not yet been born, but he heard from an old man that the ancestors of Visionary
were amazing, and could train wolves.

Later, the secret technique of training wolf was lost.

He never thought that Olive would be the girl who would train the wolf a hundred years later.

Everyone backed away in fear, afraid that the wolf would attack them. In the next second, they were all

Because the wolf came to Olive’s side, as he slowly crouched down,

The ferocious wolf was obedient in front of Olive like a pet.

Olive rolled over and rode on the wolf’s back. Tonight, the moonlight was as white as water. She was
dressed in a long white dress.

The Mermen Princess opened her mouth in shock. “Princess Olive, actually…”

Molly’s heart sank. Her initial hunch was finally confirmed. Olive had come prepared.

Olive rode on the wolf’s back and looked down at the Mermen. Her voice was like a big pearl falling
from the sky,

“I, Olive, as the eighth queen of the ancient Visionary country, inherited my ancestor’s last wish and
once again led the wolf’s iron cavalry to expedition to drive away the humiliation and restore the
mountains and rivers!”

At this moment, the moonlight was as clear as water, making Olive’s lustrous fade more thrilling

The Mermen princess forgot how to speak. She didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Olive took out a flute. She placed it beside her red lips and began to play. Soon, the
melodious sound of the flute reverberated throughout the forest.

One wolf came out of the darkness, then the second one came out. Three wolves, four wolves….
hundreds of wolves came out.

These wolves walked behind Olive with graceful and ferocious steps. They proudly seized the
mountain and let out a long cry.

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