The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 843 Are you ready?

When the Mermen saw this scene, they were already scared to the core. “Escape! Hurry up and

Everyone threw their helmets and armor away, as they turned and ran.

The Mermen princess was horrified. Now that she saw her men retreating without a fight, she panicked.
She shouted, “Stop! Don’t run away, not a single one of you, you can’t be deserters!” However, no one
listened to her words, and the scene had become chaotic.

Olive rode on the wolf’s bark. The sound of the flute went from slow to urgent, and then it became
violent. All the wolves were humring, their eyes emitting, a green light.

Soon, the sound of the flute stopped, and Olive’s bright eyes suddenly became fierce. ‘Kill them all!”
she ordered.

As soon as her words were uttered, the wolves instantly chased after the Mermen

The Mermen princess only felt a strong wind attacking her. She looked back and her pupils suddenly
shrank. Now, there was a voice ruaning in her ear! The voice was telling her to run!

The mermaid princess ran away.

However, a human’s leg was destined to not outrun a wolf’s leg. The wolf king under Olive flew over
and directly pounced on the Mermen princess. The wolf king’s sharp claws stabbed at the Mermen
princess’s heart….

Logan and Liam had been dormant in the depths of the forest. They watched the scene in shock. They
had never seen a more spectacular or thrilling scene in their lifetime.

Tonight, Olive rode the wolf to the north and took the legendary wolf cavalry to conquer the city of the

On this day, in the Imperial City, Elvis and Iris were in the imperial garden. They soon heard a few
powerful people discussing.

“Do you know what the hottest news in the past two days is?”

“Of course, it’s about Visionary!”

The few dignitaries were excited to gossip, “Olive, the daughter of Visionary, rode the wolf away at the
dawn of the morning and became famous all over the world.”

“She’s a woman from Visionary who has been living amongst us for a long time. She had hidden so
well that we didn’t know about her until now.”

“I just don’t know what she looks like,” one of the men said aggrievedly.

A powerful individual immediately took out a painting and slowly opened the scroll. It was a pair of
carefully sketched artwork.

“All of you, come and see, this is Visionary’s daughter, Olive!”

Elvis raised his narrow eyes and looked at the blue ink in the hands of the powerful man. That night, he
was not there,

However, in the past two days, he had heard news about her. He heard that on that day, she had led.
the wolf away. The galloping wolf pack resounded through the sky. The same way, countless famous
people came to imitate her stunning appearance at that moment.

Elvis looked at the painting. The sky had just dawned, and the sky in the distance opened a gap. The
rising sun was emitting a golden light. Olive rode on the wolf magically.

She led the wolf’s iron cavalry, and the iron cavalry ran wildly behind her.

This scene was engraved in the artist’s colorful pictures. In the future, no matter how time passed, this
would not be dimmed.

From that night, Visionary’s daughter, Olive, has been included in the legend.

Elvis looked at the painting, his cold and narrow eyes were calm, but he stared at it for a long time.

On her birthday, he kissed her goodbye in the taxi. In fact, there were too many things that he didn’t

He knew that he was already Elvis Theodore.

And she was already Visionary’s daughter, Olive.

Iris also looked at the picture. Even though she was also a woman, her eyes flashed in surprise. It
turned out that this was Olive.

This was the lady whose Marvin’s heart belonged to,

In fact, Iris had thought for a long time about what it would take to make such a cold and handsome
Marvin fall in love with a girl. Now that she saw Olive, she really understood.

Iris also deeply understood that in the future, no one would be able to enter Marvin’s heart again,
because the person he met in the green and beautiful times was Olive, and it was difficult for anyone to
make his heart move again.

At this moment, there was a coughing sound behind them. It was Logan.

Iris looked back, “Master.”

Logan walked over, “Elvis, Iris, you Two must have heard about what happened in the past two days.
This Visionary girl, Olive, is really extraordinary. She alone can defeat thousands of troops. She directly
leveled the merpeople, and the merpeople were wiped out.

Elvis slowly narrowed his narrow eyes, “So?”

“So, we’ll just wait for Olive to come to us. She will definitely enter our ancestral temple in Greenland to
take out the sword!” Logan laughed.

Elvis looked at Logan. He felt that in the past two days, Logan was radiant and confident. He was
completely different from before.

Logan took two steps forward and came to Elvis. He smiled mysteriously, “Elvis, do you know who can
pull out the sword?”



Elvis raised his eyebrows, as he urged him to continue.

In front of Elvis, Logan often had the illusion that he was being ordered.

“Elvis, no matter how famous Olive is in the world, she can’t pull out the sword, only the person with the
blood of a child can pull it out.’

Elvis was silent for a few seconds, “Then are you not afraid?”

“Afraid? Elvis, are you saying that I should be afraid that you would help Olive pull out the sword?”

“Whosoever pulls out the sword, his entire body will be ruined, and his muscles will be broken, and his
life will not be long.

This was the price for pulling out the sword!

There was no emotion on Elvis’s handsome face, and he did not say anything.

“Elvis, Olive will be here soon. Think about it for yourself.” With that, Logan left.

Logan returned to his study. He pushed open the door. There was already a cold and glowing figure
waiting for him in the study

Logan walked in and said, “Hello, Doctor Augustine.”

In front of him was Marvin!

Marvin suddenly appeared in Logan’s study.

Today, Marvin wore a black suit, which made him more handsome. He quietly stood in front of the

“Are you ready?” he asked.

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