Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 1441 How She Met Him

Alice smiled and replied, "Well, I know. There's so much I can learn from you in the future, Eugene."

However, Eugene responded coolly, "With General Bleu's presence, my role is quite redundant."

She noticed his impassive expression and surmised that conversing with him would be challenging.
Still, she couldn't help but wonder how Olivia had managed to win him over. Then, she leaned in
toward Olivia and smiled mischievously. "Why don't you enlighten Godmother and me on how you
ended up with Eugene?"

Olivia's gaze shifted to Eugene, her discomfort evident. She wondered how she was supposed to
explain this without resorting to embarrassing details.

She couldn't divulge that she had slept with him in a daze and eventually gave birth to his child. Later,
her child indirectly facilitated their relationship. Then, she chose a more reserved approach and said
vaguely, "There's not much to tell. He was quite persistent in pursuing me. Eventually, I gave him a
chance because his persistence was annoying."

He was speechless at her response. He reached out and playfully pinched her cheek. "Could you be a
bit more modest, perhaps?"

Alice chimed in and said teasingly, "Yeah, Olivia. You're just giving a perfunctory response." She turned
to Doreen and asked, "Godmother, don't you agree?"

Doreen responded with an affectionate smile. "Yes."

Olivia swatted Eugene's hand away, feigning annoyance. "Wasn't I just stating the facts?"

"True, true. I fell head over heels for you and pursued you relentlessly." He stood up and continued, "I'll
leave you ladies to chat. I need to discuss something with Shannon."

She exchanged a quick glance, and he ruffled her hair affectionately. "Don't badmouth me while I'm

She protested, "When did I ever do that?"

Eugene smiled. "I'll be back soon."

Once he departed, Alice voiced her puzzlement. "Why did he leave so abruptly? Is there some sort of
secret between you two?"

Olivia smiled and glanced toward the door. "Perhaps it's something he'd rather not hear. The story of
how Eugene and I got together is quite the drama. Our first encounter was at the airport. I witnessed a
thief snatching a little girl's phone. Despite my desire to avoid trouble after returning to the country, I
emulated the thief's technique and returned the phone to its rightful owner. Little did I know, Eugene
was silently observing the entire scene, and somehow, he ended up thinking I was the thief." Then, she
continued, "Later, when I went for an interview at their company, Eugene had seen a post about me
rescuing his younger brother. Unfortunately, someone falsely accused me of stealing his brother's
phone. Eugene promptly jumped to conclusions, branding me as someone with character flaws, and
showed me the door. You won't believe how furious I was with him then!"

Alice couldn't help but burst into laughter. "What happened next? With such a colossal
misunderstanding, how did you two end up together?"

Olivia joined in the laughter. "Well, as it turns out, his grandfather fell seriously ill and was searching for
Doctor Bailey. Unbeknownst to Eugene, I was the one whom he was looking for. Ironically, he remained
clueless about the offense he'd inadvertently committed against me."

"Did you save his grandfather?" Alice inquired, her tone laced with amusement. "Oops, I suppose that's
a redundant question. You obviously did, or else you wouldn't have ended up together, right?"

Olivia nodded, a playful gleam in her eyes. "Indeed, I saved his grandfather, but I wasn't shy about
charging him a whopping 7.5 million for the treatment..." Then, she went on to recount the tale of how
she and Eugene ended up together.

Even before the DNA test results were in, and despite their limited meetings, as Alice described it, an
undeniable bond had formed between them. It was as though they had been acquainted for an eternity,
a connection so deep that they could openly discuss their innermost musings without any reservations.
Perhaps the enchantment of shared blood played its role.

In the meantime, Alice was even more amazed after hearing the story. "I had no idea North was so
capable. He managed to find his birth father?"

Olivia beamed with pride. "Absolutely. All four of my sons possess remarkable abilities. I'll gladly
introduce them to you when there's a chance."

Alice's enthusiasm bubbled over. "I can't wait. Why don't you bring them over? Or shall I arrange for
someone to pick them up?"

Olivia waved off the suggestion. "No need to trouble yourself. The children are unwell, and I can't stay
here too long either. Let's focus on Godmother's treatment for now."

Alice concurred, "Albert mentioned your exceptional skills. With your acupuncture treatment,
Godmother will recover her ability to speak fluently again."

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