Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 1443 Do You Like Me?

But Shannon and Everett didn't move.

Beatrix pointed at them and spoke arrogantly, "Both of you should leave as well."

Hearing that, Shannon smiled. She then replied calmly while giving Beatrix a defiant gaze, "Princess,
we only listen to Mr. Nolan's orders!"

"Is it something that shouldn't be heard by others that requires clearing the scene? Are you going to tell
me or not? If not, I'll leave," Eugene responded.

Seeing that Eugene was determined not to let them go, Beatrix didn't insist. After hesitating for a while,
she spoke, "Eugene, as long as you leave Olivia, I can spare her. Otherwise, you will be implicated by
her if you continue being with her." As soon as she finished speaking and before Eugene could react,
Shannon couldn't help but laugh. Are princesses brainless? Do they think that just because they have a
high status, they can have whoever they want?

It's ridiculous!

She doesn't even consider whether she's worthy of the man in front of her!

Eugene won't spare her easily.

However, what surprised her was that Eugene didn't scold Beatrix. He even smiled with his head tilted
and gazed at Beatrix teasingly before asking, "Do you like me?"

Beatrix blushed uncontrollably at his words, and it felt as if a thousand horses were galloping in her

chest. She pursed her lips and didn't dare to say it directly, but her shy expression had already
revealed everything.

However, Eugene didn't want to let her off so easily. He raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "What
about after I separate from my wife?"

His gaze was deep and irresistibly attractive. Beatrix couldn't take her eyes off him and stared at him

This man really had a fatal charm in every aspect. Even an unintentional curl of his lips or a raised
eyebrow was irresistible.

She subconsciously took two steps toward him and said sincerely, "You can be with me after you
separate from her."

Hearing that, Eugene let out a sarcastic and mocking smile, "Do you think you are beautiful?"

Beatrix frowned upon hearing that. Although the words were unpleasant to the ears, she understood.
Thus, she tried harder to persuade him, "Eugene, I know you have feelings for each other after being
together for a long time, but you are a man. A man should have his career. And I am the princess of
Eurosia. I can help you. Why waste your time on a thief?"

"Do you think I need to rely on a woman to develop my career?" Eugene looked at her disdainfully.

Beatrix looked a little confused and wondered why he came all the way with Olivia to earn a meager
amount of consultation fee if he had the ability.

"Mr. Nolan, maybe you didn't understand what I meant by a career. It's not just a few companies or
making some money from somewhere. It's the whole Eurosia. If you are willing, the whole Eurosia can
be yours. Do you understand?"

Eugene remained expressionless, and there wasn't a hint of greed in his eyes upon hearing that. "I
don't quite understand. I'm not a Queen, so how can Eurosia be mine?"

Beatrix was taken aback upon hearing that. She looked around and saw that there was no one else
there besides Shannon and Everett, who were one meter away from Eugene. With that, she took a
step toward Eugene and deliberately lowered her voice as she spoke, "You are not, but I can be. As
long as we are together, what's mine will be yours too."

"But you are not."

"Sooner or later, I will be."

"Are you planning to seize the throne?"

"Don't put it so harshly. In this day and age, those with the ability take what they want. You have seen it
today in the palace. Alice couldn't even control her bodyguards. Do you think she can remain on the
throne given this level of power?"

Noticing Eugene's hesitation, Beatrix continued, "To tell you the truth, Alice can't argue her way out of
this matter. My father has the information that she used to be an assassin in Double Dragon Court.
Once this information is made public, Olivia will undoubtedly die."

"How did your father get this?" Eugene asked.

Hearing that, Beatrix finally became a little cautious. She took a step back and replied, "Don't worry
about that. I just came here today to tell you. If you leave Olivia, I can save you and won't release the
new evidence. I will let Alice clear Olivia's name. But if you persist, then you will end up like Olivia.
According to the laws of Eurosia, stealing national secrets is punishable by life imprisonment or the
death penalty. The necklace is an heirloom, and it is more important than any confidential document.
It's hard to say whether you will survive or not. Think about it carefully."

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